100MW/200MWh! Grand Chu Yuan of wood of Er of Qinghai province case is shared store can power station and the net moves

  Industry news     |      2023-02-02 16:43

China store can net dispatch: Recently, the capacity of Qinghai province monomer that can build northwest courtyard to design by China is the largest share store can power station -- Geermu 100 million of grand Chu Yuan are made of baked clay / 200 million watt-hour is shared store can power station and net, the power transmission that start is successful.

This project is located in Qinghai to save the sea on the west autonomous prefecture of Tibetian of the Monggol nationality inside area of garden of Dong Guangfu industry of city of case Er wood, use cell of lithium of phosphoric acid iron store can system, prefab cabin system is open decorate, install 40 in all store can batteries is prefab cabin and 40 step up change shed cabin of an organic whole, double answer 35 kilovolt circuitry to receive Lu Duoneng of 330 kilovolt Hai Xixin complementary assemble stands.

The project uses system of intelligent temperature adjusting control and advanced system compositive technology, make the power station can get used to high height above sea level adequately (3200 meters) , big difference in temperature of day and night (- ℃ of 30 ℃ ~35) environment, the tall safety that assures a project, macrobian life, high-powered. Qinghai will be taken an active part in after the project joins movement store can the market serves, carry out polymerization of unifinication of station of assemble of new energy resources, field station to attemper reach trade, can pull effectively move local economy progress, accelerate Qinghai to save structural adjustment of the sources of energy, to realizing an industry progress of development, technology has great sense.

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