Global head covers iron of million made of baked clay class - chromic current batteries store can set an example the project is finished debug

  Industry news     |      2023-02-02 16:43

China store can net dispatch: Recently, the suddenly Lin He that casts construction of company of group Inner Mongolia by national report circulates economy " source - net - carry on one's shoulder - store - use " iron of demonstrative project of innovation of research of technology of much can complementary key - chromic current batteries store can the system is built and, the mark is worn iron - chromic current batteries store can technical course strides million to cover with tiles class uses a period, the whole world most high capacity record be about to again refresh.

Iron - chromic current batteries store can fasten altogether installation to cast group company own research and development 34 times by national report " look and a ® " of batteries caboodle and composition of quadruplet storage tank store can system, caboodle all comes from 34 stage batteries to produce line production at automation, the system can offer those who be as long as 6 hours store can when long. Iron - chromic current batteries store can the product has store can time long, safety performance tall, environmental suitability is admirable wait for a characteristic, will set an example in this get be revealinged adequately in application.

Economy of loop of suddenly Lin He " source - net - carry on one's shoulder - store - with " much can complementary project is join Inner Mongolia company with national report in Huo Lin group of industry of economy of loop of aluminium of report of coal of Guo Le city is basis, the innovation that in Huo Lin Guo the key that force city advances sets an example applied project. Project store can invest more than yuan 4600 partly, build 1MW/6MWh iron respectively - chromic current batteries store can battery of lithium of liquid cooling of system, 1MW/2MWh store can system and 1MW/0.2MWh flywheel store can the system differs 3 sets system.

As upgrade of economy of loop of river of edition Huo Lin " new army " , store can after the project blends in industrial catenary, can be not only store can the technology considers to set an example provide data of reliable a case of a physically strong patient running a high fever or suffering from such disorders as stasis of blood, for preferred henceforth choose appropriate store can systematic tamp foundation. Develop effectively at the same time " cut a peak to fill cereal " action, implementation stores the purpose of n of have more than needed and fill power separation, circulate for suddenly Lin He economy is large-scale receive offer new development thinking with the sources of energy of take in the fresh-take in new Party members of large proportion disappear, increase a city effectively to traffic charges and make the agile negative charge using phone such as hydrogen, promote green of catenary of industry of economy of loop of suddenly Lin He, loop, clean development further.

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