100MW/200MWh! Hunan Province Huai Huatang is strong store can the power station is successful put into production

  Industry news     |      2023-02-02 16:50

China store can net dispatch: Recently, the pond of hundred made of baked clay class that is located in Hunan Province to conceive churchyard of autonomous county of the Dong nationality of the passageway that turn city is strong store can the power station is successful put into production.

The pond is strong store can the power station greets a peak to spend a winter as Hunan Province major project, power station put into production can alleviate tight situation is supplied during Hunan Province greets a peak to spend winter and Spring Festival. This store can the power station invests 430 million yuan, installed capacity 100MW/200MWh, install cabin of batteries of container type of 1.25MW/2.5MWh of 80 monomer capacity, 40 PCS hand in dc to change cabin of an organic whole, batteries chooses batteries of environmental protection of lithium of phosphoric acid iron. Can come true year charge discharge above of 100 million kilowatt hour, it may be said is super giant " charge treasure " .

Project since start working, construction just holds to " slender acanthopanax 2 " " Bai Jia is black " working mode, grab catch construction to have effect construction window period, efficient and safe and high grade, orderly advance a project to build, the time of 5 months when be being used only finishs total capacity satisfactorily and net task, formal devoted production moves.

"100MW/200MWh pond is strong store can the casts carry to be Hunan electrified wire netting flexibility of the power station increased strength, in the times that sends greatly with new energy resources, raised the disappear pay level of Hunan new energy resources, those who raised Hunan electrified wire netting is agile bring into play degree. " the bosom changes a channel store can say of Liu Dongwen of power station technician.

According to introducing, 100MW/200MWh pond is strong store can the put into production of the power station, indicate report joins a state Jiangxi company succeeds in Hunan area start shooting hundred made of baked clay course is independent store the first gun that can commercialize operation to explore, the independence that effort exploration gives to be able to develop continuously is shared store can commercial pattern, for company of Hunan Province, Jiangxi store can development of construction of industrial high quality provides demonstrative example. In the meantime, store the building that can stand can promote this county effectively cleanness the sources of energy and but scale of pay of disappear of second birth the sources of energy, optimize area power structure further, implementation is energy-saving decrease a platoon, to driving cleanness the sources of energy develops, stimulative carbon amounts to peak carbon to counteract have important sense.

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