Match store 60MW/120MWh! Wind of A Youqi 200MW store unifinication project and the net generates electricity

  Industry news     |      2023-02-02 16:50

China store can net dispatch: 222 years on December 30, wind of 200MW of west division of A of company of Ba Yin new energy store unifinication project first fan and the net generates electricity. This project obtained approve document on December 31, 2021, started formalities to deal with in January 2022, inside year successful and net hair brush became new time limit for a project of construction of project of new energy resources of Inner Mongolia company is the shortest new record.

This project is located in A of A Lashan west division to pull Teng Ao to hire a guard, distance A pulls urban district of alliance of be apt to to be apart from 190km point-blank, cover an area of an area to be 120km2 about, 200MW of total installed capacity, configuration 60MW/120MWh electrochemistry store can device, charge discharge 2 hours, install 5.0MW of 40 Jin Feng group of electric machinery of wind of half straight drive, receive bus bar of 35kV of step up station through road of 8 collect electrical wiring, repass two 130000kVA advocate change step up comes 220kV, send to transformer substation of A Lateng Ao Bao 220kV through growing about 33 kilometers 1 times to send a circuitry.

Wind of A Youqi 200MW store unifinication project is the Nei Monggol Autonomous Region ensured a gender 2021 and report of wind of net concentration type generates electricity project, also be Inner Mongolia company one of projects of major project of put into production are maintained inside year. This project in July 2022 start working is built, the attune in be being finished between the 4 climate after will sending circuit cable frit to connect on December 24 and area move all business to debug the job, on December 29 06 when station of 58 minutes of step up pours power transmission to succeed, on December 30 12 when 36 divide first fan and the net generates electricity, total on December 31 capacity and the net generates electricity.

After the project joins movement, can carry clean the sources of energy every year to restrict 600 million kilowatt hour more, managing mark coal 180 thousand tons, reduce discharge capacity of 2 oxidation sulfur 8000 tons, reduce carbon dioxide discharge capacity 440 thousand tons, will improve composition of local the sources of energy greatly, raise blame fossil the sources of energy to consume scale, bring distinct social benefit and environmental benefit for place, promote transition of area the sources of energy and economic society development, have good society, environmental protection and economic benefits.

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