50MW/100MWh! Honeycomb the sources of energy aids force Hubei gold to open new energy resources stone head is shared store can power station and the net generates electricity

  Industry news     |      2023-02-02 16:43

China store can net dispatch: Recently, hubei gold opens new energy resources stone head is shared store can the power station is formal and the net generates electricity, this project leaves subsidiary by honeycomb energy division ' honeycomb wisdom store ' offer one-stop systematic design, make, canal of dimension of installation, carry accuses to wait for a service. 50MW/100MWh of capacity of aircraft of this project general assembly, cover an area of 5000 square metre, deploy 20 1500V large store can system of cabin of batteries cabin, an organic whole of 20 PCS step up and EMS energy management, for honeycomb wisdom store first finished 100MWh shares type electrochemistry store can power station.

The honeycomb the sources of energy that held in December 2022 on news briefing of day of the 3rd batteries, honeycomb the sources of energy was released formally " motivation + store can " strategy of double round drive, guanxuan make one's bow store can domain. Honeycomb wisdom Chu Zheng is honeycomb energy division falls store can company, bear the weight of strategy of drive of double round of honeycomb the sources of energy, with electric power store can, business is used store can, family store can be major servicing unit, provide complete set for new energy resources and new-style power system store can solution.

Honeycomb wisdom store 1500V is large store can have characteristic of high security, tall reliable, tall intelligence, can realize 100% report core, can light gas, circumfluent real time to monitor, can achieve intelligence of electric core class lukewarm accuse, frequent promotion can effect, have intelligence to charge discharge government at the same time, intelligent early-warning function, all-around the security that enhances a system to move, even if is in - weather of 30~45 ℃ extreme also but calm is used.

In addition, to serve a client better, honeycomb wisdom store provide service of 24 hours of long-range clients, share in promotion store can accrual of power station operation while, bring safeguard of complete lifecycle function for the client, obtain a client to be approbated consistently with height reputably.

"Professional, serious, responsible " also be a client the choice is honeycomb wisdom store main reason, honeycomb wisdom store it is safeguard to produce pay plan to administrator from operation of technical research and development, production, make concerted effort captures epidemic situation is affected, scrupulously abide by acceptance to guarantee delivery, with high quality, efficient the action is explained " honeycomb speed " .

Current, honeycomb wisdom store already accumulative total results counts a hundred watt-hour store can project order, for many provinces city, enterprise is offerred store can solution, finish in much ground large-scale store can item pay and net.

Rely on advantage of oneself technology innovation, executive power cell + store can strategy of drive of double round of Wu of two great undertaking, the motivation of honeycomb the sources of energy and store can business hopeful carries class to rise archives in global market in pairs quickly.

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