" the flexible division that start offer " obtain financing of 10 thousand yuan of thousands of A1 annulus, report of hair force natrium, super capacitance is diaphragmatic at the same time circuit

  Industry news     |      2023-02-02 16:50

China store can net dispatch: Recently, 36 krypton learn, domestic new energy resources store can parts of an apparatus is diaphragmatic development business " the flexible division that start offer " obtain 10 thousand yuan of thousands of A1 annulus to invest, investment just is golden vessel capital, astral contain capital and big capital hold the position of financial adviser. It is reported, epicycle financing basically is used at super capacitance diaphragmatic the spread that produces a line is produced reach automation to upgrade, sodium ion batteries is diaphragmatic in try a line to perfect reach quicken 100 tons of downstream client attestation, step the consign of order for goods of equipment of Fu of bag of gas phase of grain of small accept rice.

This is soft achieve Nakenian inside obtain capital the 2nd times to add hold. The flexible this year in August division that start offer announces to obtain financing of 10 thousand yuan of thousands of A annulus, up to now, the flexible division that start offer is finished four-wheel financing, amount of accumulative total financing is close 100 million yuan.

The flexible division that start offer held water in October 2016, dedicated Yu Gaogong is rate, macrobian life store can parts of an apparatus uses accept rice fiber diaphragmatic homebred change, it is company of production of research and development of film of function of fiber of an accept rice. Diaphragmatic product basically uses the accept rice fiber of the company at ion of super capacitance batteries, natrium batteries, store can lithium battery, half / the domain such as batteries of whole solid state.

In recent years, new energy industry grows quickly, the popular topic that skyrocket of lithium report product is this year. In the meantime, the burgeoning circuit such as batteries of ion of mixture batteries capacitor, super capacitor, natrium also gains quite much attention.

These electrochemistry store can parts of an apparatus cannot leave a crucial composition -- diaphragmatic. Introduce according to unriddle of CEO of the flexible division that start offer, current lithium battery is diaphragmatic the market is relatively mature, but ion of its and super capacitor, natrium, solid state / batteries of half solid state new-style store can what place of parts of an apparatus needs is diaphragmatic not 100% compatible.

Batteries of traditional lithium ion is diaphragmatic applicable at sodium ion batteries, but existence lyophily is checked, ion of difference of the ability that protect fluid, natrium transmits speed to wait for blemish slow, affect the circular performance of batteries; At the same time batteries has taller interfacial resistance, make negative pole surface produces sodium branch any crystalline substance easily thereby, the growth of sodium branch brilliant will be piercing diaphragmatic cause short circuit of sodium ion batteries, affect the safety performance of sodium ion batteries.

The flexible division that start offer shows, accept rice fiber is diaphragmatic in hole rate, lyophily, protect respect of fluidity, thermal stability, wide lukewarm area to have larger dominant position, can satisfy batteries of ion of super capacitance, natrium, solid state better / batteries of half solid state new-style store can the requirement of parts of an apparatus.

"Accept rice fiber is diaphragmatic use wet copy make technology, build the fiber of small accept rice of different sort through each other receive form a piece of poriferous film; Lithium battery is diaphragmatic more resembling is a kind plastic, be extended with dry farad or wet detached means make it is diaphragmatic. This is two kinds of completely different technology method, the product that different material and technical method bring has very different character. " unriddle introduction path.

For example, core of sodium ion report because positive electrode material is basic tall, stuff of hard carbon negative pole is older than expressing an area, divide water difficulty, but control of manufacturing environment humidity should achieve 30% less than. Lithium battery is diaphragmatic and general a temperature removing water that ability suffers 85 degrees, because of water of this a lot of crystallization hard eliminate. And accept rice fiber is diaphragmatic the electric core of make it can be able to bear or endure those who suffer 140 degrees is roast, the efficiency that remove water increases greatly, reduce dry degree.

Before crossing this, accept rice fiber is diaphragmatic rely on Japanese entrance. Introduce according to unriddle of CEO of the flexible division that start offer, soft the accept rice fiber that starts development is diaphragmatic can realize an entrance to replace, its product broke through material of accept rice fiber multidimensional fiber of rice of the preparation that spends tall flux, small accept is compound shape, tall hole leads diaphragmatic small structure can accuse adjusting control to wait for technical difficult problem, it is the supplier of super capacitor qualification with domestic not much number. The company has begun batch to offer money from 2022.

Current, include peaceful heart times, Ning Dexin the sources of energy, medium art of science and technology of division sea natrium, numerous natrium, Hai Chen, dimension, day closes store can, astral constant, day can wait for numerous natrium report to produce business, what had checked or checking the flexible division that start offer is diaphragmatic.

In addition, the flexible division that start offer still is developing whole solid state / electrolyte of batteries of half solid state is diaphragmatic. This technology basically uses accept rice fiber diaphragmatic as framework, use fiber diaphragmatic big aperture distributings and high interstitial structure undertakes online macerate Tu Bu, solid state electrolyte oar makings fill arrives diaphragmatic interior, the semisolid that in lithium battery with what have diaphragmatic surface besmears electrolyte of Fu solid state is formed is diaphragmatic put have distinction.

Altogether, the flexible division that start offer is diaphragmatic mart branch 3 board piece: The first, super capacitance is diaphragmatic board piece advocate hit an entrance to replace, be development of company future business is basic dish; The 2nd, accept rice fiber diaphragmatic enlarge sodium ion batteries and lithium of iron of large phosphoric acid store can batteries domain, this is prospective 1-2 year the market that sends force mainly; The 3rd, be aimed at batteries of half solid state, the company throws force of partial research and development lithium ion conductor diaphragmatic domain, await the market erupted 2025.

Unriddle expresses, at present diaphragmatic crop is in every company month basically to produce condition completely. From 2022 soft achieve already began construction to produce per year the 30 million yield of smooth rice line, predict 2023 put into production. At the appointed time, produce a line newly to basically will be used at satisfying existing and super capacitance the partial requirement of diaphragmatic market; Original 3 million smooth rice is produced can will turn batteries of the ion that it is sodium is diaphragmatic in try a line.

Company plan began to build 300 million smooth rice batteries 2024 diaphragmatic produce a line, basically be lithium of iron of batteries of contented natrium ion, large phosphoric acid store can batteries is diaphragmatic the market. Because corresponding equipment all is a country,decided at the higher level but not officially announced is made, fixed assets investment is traditional lithium battery about diaphragmatic 1/4, hand in period it is a half about. Accordingly, the cost hopeful with accept rice diaphragmatic fiber achieves lithium battery diaphragmatic level is lower even, enlarge produces rate faster.

He Fuchang of copartner of golden vessel capital expresses: Below new-style power system, electrochemistry store can reaching material of its upper reaches is one of circuit with prospective growing sex and highest determinism undoubtedly. Golden vessel capital invests to have distinctive technology value already only, the market of acumen understands thoroughly ability, cogent the high grade enterprise that solves industry pain spot to have long-term creed mind again. The flexible division that start offer is that kind of enterprise that we invest layout sturdily. Jin Ding because oneself and appear on the market the distinct advantage that company deepness cooperates, can endow with to what already cast an enterprise to bring whole industry catenary can with conformity. Believe the flexible division that start offer can rise abruptly quickly certainly, those who be Chinese data industry is homebred replace make distinctive contribution.

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