Always invest 220 million yuan! Peaceful land store can power station and the net tries move

  Industry news     |      2023-02-02 16:51

China store can net dispatch: On December 16, peaceful land store can stand in Nanning city Wu Ming district and the net tries move, this is southern electrified wire netting 5 provinces area (Guangdong, Guangxi, Yunnan, Guizhou, Hainan) first commercializes independence to move high capacity inside limits is shared store can power station, the mark is worn Guangxi takes the lead in entering independence store the new era that can commercialize operation.

Peaceful land store can the power station invests construction by company of southern electrified wire netting, always invest 220 million yuan, can satisfy the area new energy resources such as Nanning, Yu Lin and need of net disappear accept, year the ability that move a peak is in above of 50 million kilowatt hour. Peaceful land store the building that can stand put into production is company of southern electrified wire netting ascertains a state " double carbon " the specific action of target strategy, will promote Guangxi capability of accept of disappear of new energy resources further, enhance electrified wire netting to move capacity of peak frequency modulation.

Peaceful land store the put into production that can stand, the mark is worn Guangxi takes the lead in entering independence store the new era that can commercialize operation. Bridge Lei is photographed

"This second and the independence making the same score land of the net is shared store can the largest window of the power station, depend on the bold innovation on its trade pattern. " senior manager Lin Rui introduces department of burgeoning business of company of electrified wire netting of Guangxi of southern electrified wire netting. This project innovation is carried out " the risk is carried in all, the interest is shared " operation mode, " investment " " operation " " use " apart, give new energy resources the company through renting a capacity, promoted store can power station yield, reduced new energy company effectively to deserve to build cost, aid from time to tome together at attempering the orgnaization is opposite store can of the power station unified call, to share store can operation of power station investment and store can the industry grows exploration to give a new way quickly.

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