Mail store the bank aids batteries of force Dalian current store can move demonstrative project of country of peak power station to build

  Industry news     |      2023-02-02 16:51

China store can net dispatch: Recently, mail store the bank is participated in establish silver-colored group and extend the level of first state of our country that loan supports is large and chemical store can set an example project -- Dalian current batteries store can move country of peak power station to set an example the project is finished and net, official investment is commercialized move.

This project uses the domestic own research and development, Quan Fan that has own intellectual property current batteries store can technology, be " China is made 2025 " 2016 year project of sex of 15 great symbols " ' Internet + ' technology of key of system of wisdom the sources of energy equips " compositive project, also be Liaoning saves 2018 year focal point to build a project.

Mail store tripartite of branch of Dalian of bank of development of bank Dalian branch and branch of Dalian of national development bank, agriculture establishs silver-colored group to support, extend for the project loan 1.5 billion yuan. After investment of this power station moves, economy of safety of electrified wire netting of the power supply dependability of main to raising Dalian southern part negative charge, power source composition that improves Liaoning electrified wire netting, safeguard moves have main effect.

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