Does peaceful heart times hold water store can does this company business have many sweet?

  Industry news     |      2023-02-02 16:51

China store can net dispatch: On November 21, weather eye checks App to show, recently, ning Deshi is acting store can develop limited company to hold water, register capital 120 million yuan, scope of operations includes to generate electricity business, transmit electricity business, for (match) electric business and store can technical service, this company You Ningde age is wholy-owned hold.

The near future, lithium of peaceful heart times, 100 million abb can, the enterprise such as Xuan Gaoke accepts the nation fell many store can large sheet, store can business already became dynamical cell company the 2nd business grows a curve, entire industry quickens enlarge to produce, meet the market requirement of fast dilate.

Hold water store can company

The data shows, ning Deshi is acting store can develop limited company legal representative to be Yu Dongxu, register capital 120 million yuan, scope of operations includes to generate electricity business, transmit electricity business, for (match) electric business; Store can technical service. This company takes the place of for Ning Deshi wholy-owned hold subsidiary.

In recent years, store can business already work up makes Ningde times outstanding achievement curve of the 2nd growth, in Ning Deshi acting income forms medium proportion to promote ceaselessly. Data shows, 2021 year end, store can systematic income is occupied than for 10.45% ; To 2022 metaphase, store can systematic income is occupied come than promotion 11.27% .

Before the raw material cost such as lithium mine rises greatly, store can cell of power of prep above of level of wool interest rate. Half an year signed up for peaceful heart times 2021, annals data showed 2021, company store can wool interest rate of the system is respectively 36.6% , 28.52% , and the wool interest rate of dynamical cell is respectively 23% , 22% .

The personage inside course of study expresses, this year 3 quarters, store can business wool interest rate drops, rise in price with the upriver material such as lithium mine on one hand about; On the other hand as a result of store can the price adjusts a mechanism to move price mechanism relative to dynamical cell slower, to producing company profit the respect can cause certain effect. But conduct smoothly downward as the price, overlay market demand lasts exuberant, end of Chu Nengying benefit will get repair quickly.

Store can demand is fervent

The near future, lithium of peaceful heart times, 100 million abb can, the lithium power plant such as Guo Xuan Gao Ke store can large sheet is ceaseless.

On October 18, peaceful heart times announces, will be bend over of American Gemini light to add store can the project supplies batteries solely. On September 21, peaceful heart times and United States store can FlexGen of supplier of technical platform and solution reachs collaboration, will supply 10GWh for its inside 3 years of time store can product. Up to now, peaceful heart times and FlexGen are in store can the collaboration of systematic project respect already exceeded 2.5GWh.9 month, peaceful heart times returns as smooth as this world power source to sign strategic cooperation agreement, deepen both sides to be in further store the whole world that can wait for field of new energy resources cooperates.

Ceng Yuqun of president of peaceful heart age expresses, the company is in store can the respect develops a client actively, cast in report of home and national energy group, state, group of Chinese China report, 3 gorge, China can be built wait for head energy company to reach strategic collaboration; Before the international such as overseas and Nextera, Fluence, Wartsila, Tesla, Powin 10 big store can demand client deepness begins business collaboration.

Lithium of 100 million abb will be released on October 20 brand-new generation store can batteries LF560K. According to introducing, LF560K batteries is used exceed technology of big batteries CTT(Cell To TWh) , face TWh level namely store can the technology of electric core innovation of dimensions, the cost that can achieve electric core and systematic layer level double fall, predict to be in 2024 consign of whole world of open of the 2nd quarter. Lithium of 100 million abb can plan, will achieve electric power to 2025 store can 100GWh is produced can.

On October 20, the country highs tall division announcement says, country of wholy-owned subsidiary Hefei highs limited company of energy of tall division motive force wins the bid below the banner Xin Yuanzhi store 2022 year store can equipment project of invite public bidding of the 2nd frame -- store can batteries prefab cabin 2, order dimensions is 300MWh-600MWh. Xuan Gaoke still is in the country to will sign strategic cooperation agreement with Sumeida on October 9, push country store can the project cooperates, future the add up to inside 3 years cooperates store can the project predicts 10GWh.

To satisfy the market demand of rapid growth, dynamical cell business is intensifying producing can extend.

On September 28, announcement of peaceful heart times says, plan to visit Luoyang town in Henan project of base of production of cell of new energy resources of Luoyang of construction of investment of Yi bank area, total investment does not exceed 14 billion yuan. Peaceful heart times represents, as the rapid development of industry of global new energy, in the near future dynamical cell is reached store can batteries shipment volume will be stridden " TWh " times, to seize the historical opportunity that new energy industry expands quickly, perfect manufacturing base layout further, the company plans to undertake corresponding yield can invest.

On October 8, batteries of a small room of appropriate spring country 2 period 20GWh project announces start. This project is Guo Xuan 10 big batteries of tall family home produce one of base, project of first phase 10GWh already at formal this year in May put into production, predict will build implementation entirely in October 2023 and put into production, it is domestic and international top-ranking and truckload enterprise and store can domain head enterprise supplies lithium battery product.

Letter negotiable securities expresses in, 2022 second half of the year, home store can the project turns dimensions fall to the ground, abroad store can demand increases quickly. Predict to did not come 5 years, the whole world store can the market year compound increase rate will maintain in 60% above.

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