When American California 60MWh is long store can the project obtains 31 million dollar to give a paragraph to aid financially

  Industry news     |      2023-02-02 16:51

China store can net dispatch: The intermediary outside occupying reports, when what American California plans to combine vanadium current batteries and zincic batteries to mix deploy for is long store can the project offers 31 million dollar to aid financially, this is this city the brushstroke in package plan gives 380 million dollar the money.  

This capital will offer small electrified wire netting to develop company of business Indian Energy, use at deploy the batteries when a 60MWh is long store can project. This project will is below the situation that encounters electric power to interrupt be located in south the Viejas of the aborigines Kumeyaay tribe of California goes vacationing the village is offerred reserve electric power.

California bey Gavin Newsom announced to be deploy in January this year store can the system is offerred aid financially for a long time

According to the document that California energy commission offers, when deploy of mixture cathode batteries grows the cell of current of 10MWh complete vanadium that uses company of Invinity Energy Systems to offer and a zinc that supplier of zincic radical batteries offers store can system, and deploy a distributed solar energy generates electricity establishment.  

According to the report of industry media, company of Invinity Energy Systems is in a few Zhouqian announced this one financing decides. This company will go vacationing to the Viejas near dagger of California emperor alternate the village offers batteries of current of 44 Invinity VS3, predict first batteries 2023 carry comes first half of the year the spot.  

And the name of zincic batteries supplier did not disclose external, may be supplier of batteries of a few zinc among them, the most possible is company of Eos Energy Enterprises, this company applied for to invest taxation to touch to American energy department recently avoid, make scale in order to enlarge what its are in the United States.  

Other company still includes ZincFive, Zinc8, Exceptive Energy, Urban Electric Power, E-Zn, Redflow, Enzinc, Enerpoly, ZAF Energy Systems, AEsir Technologies and Imprint Energy.

This company still is batteries of another large mixture deploy store can project (British Oxford the sources of energy is super hub project) offerred vanadium current batteries.  

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