The Hydrostor company compression in Australian deploy air store can the project is obtained 45 million bay yuan support

  Industry news     |      2023-02-02 16:51

China store can net dispatch: The intermediary outside occupying reports, australia but arrange of second birth the sources of energy (ARENA) expressed a few days ago, will be in for Hydrostor company Xin Nawei of Er person city advanced compress air store can project (the development fund support of A-CAES) .  

This large store can the project is located in the Broken Hill mining area with long history, the patent that aims to pass Canadian Hydrostor company compresses air store can technology, supportive electrified wire netting stabilizes operation, integrated but second birth the sources of energy.  

The Silver City that Hydrostor company plans to build is advanced compress air store can project effect graph 

Australia but arrange of second birth the sources of energy (ARENA) expressed a few days ago, conditionally approval is used at Hydrostor company SilverCity store can 4 of project deploy, 5 million bay yuan (2, 8.42 million dollar) capital, this project will be built on a deserted mine.  

The premise that Hydrostor company obtains this fund is this company can be in the financial settle accounts that the end of the year completed a project 2023. Predict total investment is 652 million bay yuan.  

If build, this project will become the biggest compression on the world air store can one of systems, can provide the electric power that is as long as 8 hours. Hydrostor company shows, its " advanced " the technology means what will compare a tradition to compress air store can the system is more efficient.

And other compress air store can be unified appearance, advanced compress air store can (A-CAES) use electric power compresses air, store air rise, generate electricity gas through dynamo of turbine expander drive next. However, curtis VanWalleghem of Hydrostor company presiding apparitor is expressed when the beginning of the year accepts industry media to interview this year, this company undertook improvement to its technology.  

Advanced compress air project to be judged to be by transmit electricity provider " when first selection is long store can solution "

At present the 400MW tradition of operation compresses the United States and Germany air store can the system can produce carbon to discharge really, in because be in,discharging Cheng, need uses fossil fuel to use pair of air to undertake warm-up before compressing air to expand.  

VanWalleghem says, "What so we install is a very simple and reliable heat management system, when compressing air, in discharging quantity of heat atmosphere no longer, store these quantity of heat in hot water however, hot water is used to undertake warm-up to air before compressing air to expand. "

He states this is planted store can the technology still has a profit, can discharge with will be being filled efficiency from 40% the left and right sides rises 65% the left and right sides.  

Another main distinction is to store the space that air place needs. The tradition compresses air system to use natural and sealed subterranean salt hole normally, this is Hydrostor company compresses air system to be able to use the subterranean grotto that is full of water, this means its to build space more extensive.  

Gao Cheng is obtained in Hydrostor company after the investment of 250 million dollar is affirmatory before long, industry media interviewed the presiding apparitor Curtis VanWalleghem of this company. VanWalleghem introduced this company at that time a few in build a project, include Broken Hill among them advanced compress air store can project, and two scale that California of this company plan constructs are larger advanced compress air store can system.  

This year in May, silverCity Energy is advanced compress air store can the project strode one stride ahead again, be chosen to be by company of Transgrid of supplier of transmit electricity system for Buluoken rare Er city is offerred reserve the first selection plan of power source. After build, the Chu Nengrong quantity of this project will achieve 250MWh.  

Transgrid company shows, silverCity Energy is advanced compress air store can the project is the length that accords with its client interest when store can solution, can let more capacities enter market of Australian state electric power (NEM) , offer for electrified wire netting more but second birth the sources of energy.  

OK will compress air to store in subterranean grotto

Transform bankroll for establishment of accumulation of heat of fossil fuel plant

Australia but arrange of second birth the sources of energy (ARENA) expressed a few days ago, use fund at exploration to be in south deploy of power plant of fuel of a fossil heats up Australian city store can the feasibility of the project.  

Tuolunsi the island is Australia at present the seat that AGL of shopkeeper of dynamo of main the sources of energy owns the power station of large natural gas with operation, the large batteries that and operation is worn company of made of baked clay Ceylon offers store can system (BESS) .  

Australia but arrange of second birth the sources of energy (ARENA) will be thrown 422, 582 bay yuan, undertake transforming be heatinged up with deploy to the one part of natural gas power plant store can system. Hot store can the electric power that the system can use electrified wire netting charges, pass Tuolunsi next the 200MW turbine of insular power plant outputs electric power.  

The MGA Thermal company of Kraftblock company of Germany and Australia is heated up twice this store can technical development business wins the bid into travel by a definite date the feasibility of 12 months studies. Kraftblock company use metal reclaims the synthetic metal material that material makes can heat to 1300 ℃ . And the alloy of clearance of the photograph that mix dissolve that MGA Thermal company developed a kind to have patent (MGA) material, have tall thermal conductivity, can heat to highest 760 ℃ high temperature.  

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