500MW/2GWh! GridStor company is being bought in California store can project

  Industry news     |      2023-02-02 16:51

China store can net dispatch: The intermediary outside occupying reports, those who obtain Gao Cheng company to aid financially store can develop business GridStor company bought the battery that developing in California city from inside hand of Upstream Energy company a few days ago store project combination, total dimensions is 500MW/2GWh.

The batteries that headquarters is located in Portland store can develop business and operation business GridStor company will announce to be bought this on October 26 trade, claim these projects will come 2024 line operation goes up between 2026.  

These batteries store can the system is located in district of city of big los angeles, vicinity shows some transmit electricity lines and transformer substation. Among them a batteries store can the project has opened operation, these store can the utility company that the project will be this city provides a service, be in but below the condition that electricenergy production of second birth energy adds in order to ensure dependability of electrified wire netting. And this year in May, california came true to be in one day inside 100% use but the milepost of electric power of second birth the sources of energy.  

In this project combination store can systematic duration is 4 hours, this makes they can pass resource adequate frame provides electric power to utility company, this frame is business of operation of California only system (CAISO) uses cell store the system satisfies electric power requirement and can offer reserve capacity. Business of operation of California only system (CAISO) did not undertake like business of operation of British electrified wire netting the capacity is auctioned centralized in that way.

GridStor company holds water this year, got the capital of company of Horizon Energy Storage supports, and this fund invests group management by the Infrastructure Investing that contains asset management company high.  

Chris Taylor of GridStor company presiding apparitor expresses, "California has pressing demand to electric power dependability, batteries store can the system is will clean the sources of energy bring into a kind of when decrease to be depended on to fossil fuel electrified wire netting, optimal way continuously. Transfer of the sources of energy continuously as Xiang Qingjie, these store can the dimensions of the project and strategic position will make GridStor company becomes California store can the main participator of the market. "

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