Store can market demand lasts exuberant! Board piece the accumulative total inside the month goes up even more 8 %

  Industry news     |      2023-02-02 16:51

China store can net dispatch: Since October up to on October 20, store can board piece exponential look forward to is firm pick up, its whole accumulative total goes up 8.17% , run win on card index (during accumulative total goes up 0.35% ) . Among them, 100 concepts during accumulative total goes up more than 10% , world accumulative total goes up during fine science and technology a to lead, achieve 45.41% , division far wisdom, south force of agitate of net science and technology, short for Shaanxi Province, new view, wait for 5 concepts with flying share during accumulative total goes up all exceed 30% .

The near future, order of production company of cell of much home power is ceaseless, for store can board piece rise offer help strength. On October 18, cloth of Ning Deshi Dai Xuan and American public utility and distributed smooth hot season + store can develop operation business Primergy SolarLLC to come to an agreement, for Gemini smooth hot season + store can the project supplies batteries solely, this project total investment amounts to 1.2 billion dollar, after the project is finished, will become the United States' oldest smooth dog days store can one of projects; September, south power source and limited company of engineering of international of smooth high group, Pinggaoji is round store can limited company of science and technology signs 380 million yuan store can project, transition of structure of the sources of energy of stimulative project place.

To this, accept " negotiable securities daily " the division of the network that discharge a platoon that the reporter interviews issues wisdom of be in harmony to invest researcher Peng Ronghui to express, in the whole world exuberant demand is driven, store can industrial hopeful is greeted continuously fast growth, predict to was compared 2025 2020 store can industry dimensions grows 10 times above. On one hand, occupy as new energy resources than taller and taller, the disappear accept pressure of electrified wire netting will be very great, need store will move peak frequency modulation, promote new energy resources to generate electricity but disappear accept sex and economy; On the other hand, as the fall after a rise of technical progress and raw material price, chu Nengsheng produces cost hopeful to drop gradually, conduce to drive store can industry permeability promotion.

In the sources of energy nervous setting falls, overlay is about to enter winter heating peak period, store can the market is greeted develop quickly. Europe store can association discovers through research and analysis, europe arrives to needed deploy to make an appointment with 190GW 2030 store can system. This is meant, in future inside 8 years, the 60GW with arrange of European eye forehead store can systematic dimensions photograph exceeds 200% than will increasing. If Germany is in deploy 250MWNetzbooster (Grid Booster) project, this project is known as the biggest on the world those who be based on batteries store can project.

In addition, home market store can demand also lasts exuberant, peaceful negotiable securities grinds in newspaper data shows, september home 36 new-style store can project open sealed tenders, total capacity 6.05GWh, general power 2.63GW, win the bid on average monovalent 2.11 yuan / Wh; The corresponding period 44 new-style store can project invite public bidding, 12.59GWh of dimensions of add up to.

China negotiable securities expresses on the west, last in transition of the sources of energy thorough, store can project economy shows those who wait for an element to drive, store can the market will enter circuit of Gao Jing bearing. Technical iteration the lays pattern of explore, trade continuously ceaseless exploration of newer, cost, store can of the industry inside unripe growth and outside the rapid development that gives birth to motivation to will promote industry whole jointly.

Be based on right store can of market prospect value, since this year, lithium of peaceful heart times, 100 million abb can, Biyadi, Xin Wangda appear on the market battery business undertakes yield thick and fast can extend, one billion four hundred and ten million and sixty-five thousand four hundred and eight yuan of class invest a project to appear again and again, there still are many 20 to appear on the market since this year the company crosses a bound to invest store can industry.

Store can board piece appear on the market company outstanding achievement lasts to good. Straight flush data shows, be in 282 store can board piece appear on the market in the company, 158 companies realize profit of net putting in a mother 's charge to grow compared to the same period first half of the year this year, occupy than nearly 6 into. Additional, up to now, 6 companies showed outstanding achievement of before 2022 3 quarters, 5 domestic companies realize profit of net putting in a mother 's charge to grow compared to the same period inside report period; Besides, still 40 companies showed outstanding achievement of before 2022 3 quarters premonitory, 39 companies outstanding achievement is fond of beforehand, occupy than even more 9 into.

To store can board piece investment opportunity, chen Li of director of chief economist, institute is opposite plain money negotiable securities the reporter expresses, suffer effect of European energy crisis nearly two years, european electrovalency is climbed continuously litre, installation amount of smooth hot season and door with store can the market rises quickly, industry dimensions presents rapid growth trend, relevant company profit is good. Domestic side, current view large base 2 period construction is being advanced continuously, relatively at first phase, 2 period pay attention to more " scene store " unifinication, to store can form a complete set is having higher demand, because home is new-style since this this year store can number of project invite public bidding and dimensions promote steadily, industry dimensions hopeful enters phase of fast to the limit of one's capacity, achieve profit growth then, the configuration value with the higher existence of relevant mark.

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