The net austral Heibei form a complete set of first new energy resources store can bring into electric power to attemper

  Industry news     |      2023-02-02 16:51

China store can net dispatch: Recently, 2 hours of the 2.2 million tile that form a complete set of power station of smooth hot season of the lake in Heng Feng power plant of Heibei of national energy group builds, electrochemistry store can the project finishs 72 hours of full power try move, turn to move formally. This is Heibei south electrified wire netting brings into form a complete set of attempered new energy resources first times store can project, the mark is worn the net austral Heibei " new energy resources + store can " enter practical change level.

Power station of lake smooth hot season serves as in judge water urban district ensures a gender exclusively and net project, use " integrated processing + store can + forage grass is cultivated " mode, build a capacity 22 million are made of baked clay, cent centers type inversion phalanx for 6, can carry green electric energy every year to exceed 26 million kilowatt hour for electrified wire netting. Power station store can the system is main by store core of system of converter, batteries management, energy management system, report, can lukewarm accuse system and composition of fire extinguishing system, use means of electrical wiring of collect of smooth hot season transformation of classics of 35 kilovolt voltage and inverter change control dc and batteries storehouse for 1150V batteries group join. The report that through light of energy management system volt power station issues but by transformer, controller, be deposited to be in the batteries box that the core of report of lithium of phosphoric acid iron that is 3.2 volt by 24 rated voltage forms finally, series connection of 280 batteries box can store 4429 degrees of electric energy, be equivalent to a family two years with n.

In debugging a process, this factory coordinates equipment manufacturer and construction technology personnel, overcome equipment communication safety, the instruction allots allocate wait for a problem, with water chief of new office technology is communicated, firm statement optimizes plan, use the monomer that distinguish lot to debug after finishing, again overall debug, the progressively equipment that finish is debugged finally and bring into electrified wire netting smoothly to attemper, when need, the electric energy that store can output electrified wire netting, eliminate difference of cereal of peak of day and night effectively, implementation is flowing output, contented Guang Fufa n is firm, safe the demand that accepts electrified wire netting.

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