Day family new energy resources obtains financing of several yuan of A annulus, small-sized motivation and Chu Nengshuang annulus drive develops

  Industry news     |      2023-02-02 16:51

China store can net dispatch: 36 krypton learn, company of cell of new recently energy resources " day family new energy resources " obtain financing of several yuan of A annulus, those representing capital includes to be achieved together great exploit, medium the letter builds investment this, Guan civilian is cast, De Daohou unripe capital, Tian Luke ability. It is reported, this is day family new energy resources first-run financing, epicycle financing basically is used at batteries to produce investment of research and development of can outspread, technology and circulating fund complement.

Day family new energy resources held water in December 2018, it is core of report of batteries of a dedicated Yu Li and car of new energy resources (boat) dynamical cell system and store can the company of systematic research and development, production and sale, cover equipment of AGV, robot, medical treatment, houseboat, forklift, the market such as golf cart. Company group dimensions is at present close 600 people, among them 150 people control personnel of research and development.

In recent years, dynamoelectric the serious terrible problem that changing is transition of new energy resources of all trades and professions. For this, day family new energy resources faces abroad and Euramerican market, mix with small-sized motivation store can business double round is drive, established Wu of 3 great undertaking board piece:

It is core of report of ion of lithium of research and development, enclothe lithium of phosphoric acid iron and battery of 3 yuan of lithium two individual departments; 2 it is bag of batteries of compositive lithium ion, provide of all kinds and small-sized power for the client batteries and store can batteries.

3 it is lithium battery store can compositive reach application, dedicated at electrified wire netting store can, industry and commerce store can, family store can, network the sources of energy and business of integrated energy service, offer for the client store can system and integral solution.

In addition, day family new energy resources still is making patent technology exit, joint-stock company establishs in European Slovenian, become a shareholder with the technology occupy plant of acerbity battery of the biggest than 26% forms and Europe lead to build a plant jointly, output lithium battery technology and standard reversely to Europe, collection patent fee is used and supply raw material solely.

Zong Zhe of author of day family new energy resources expresses, euramerican did not imagine in the development speed of industry of fractionize of certain new energy resources in fast. Domain of a lot of batteries still is using plumbic acerbity cell, because this lithium battery is replaced,can have opportunity of very great progress. The business of the domain such as equipment of forklift, robot, medical treatment is so not for instance sensitive to batteries price, can pay attention to product function more, the opportunity of action of lithium battery play is greater also.

Day family new energy resources decides form of model of cell of power of apply the brake graph source government

Accordingly, in domain of small-sized power cell, day family new energy resources is main control technical research and development and production, walk along high end to change, custom-built change a course, offer complete batteries to include the product that stick a card for the client.

As we have learned, day division advocate the columnar report core that makes fold of high energy density, high energy, lithium of iron of its phosphoric acid and 3 yuan of energy density of the system compare industry standard tower above 10% , at present unique capabilities density breaks through core of report of iron lithium cylinder 188Wh/kg, hopeful enters a quantity to produce condition at the beginning of bottom or next year this year. In addition its report core and batteries form product passed a series of domestic and international famous attestation such as UL1673, UL1942, UL2054, UL2580, IEC62133, IEC62619, BIS, KC.

Current, the batteries product of day family new energy resources has cut the world 500 strong and tycoon of fractionize domain industry supplies chain, as contemporary as Korea, smooth treasure group, the company such as Manila electric power all has collaboration.

According to Introduction Zong Zhe, face B to carry a client to offer business of form a complete set of lithium battery product to hold company business centre of gravity 8 into the left and right sides, as in recent years store can the industry is intimate, day family new energy resources also puts partial energy in store can on business.

"No matter home still is abroad, store can the market is belonged to basically now erupt condition. Overseas market basically depends on governmental subsidy to stimulate the desire to buy of consumer before this, but as European energy problem increasingly serious, distributed smooth hot season store can the system can exceed greatly anticipate, below the demand drive of transition of powerful the sources of energy, smooth hot season store can popularize ability extensively to just begin. " Zong Zhe say.

Introduce according to her, day division has begun 2 years ago layout store can, the product covers 0.5 degrees of report - of 1 degree of report portable store can product, 5 degrees of report - the family of 20 degrees of report store can, 50 degrees of report - the industry and commerce between 500 degrees of report store can wait.

Its store can batteries plan can be passed modular the enlarge that flexibility of implementation terminal consumer changes contains requirement, and product tiring-room can be configured neatly, satisfy different setting requirement. Its store can systematic cent is machine of an organic whole and fission machine two kinds of mode, and but according to structure of local electrified wire netting, offer and net, from net and leave and the net differs 3 kinds use mode.

Brand of day family new energy resources " sea emperor " family expenses store can ark pursues source government

Be in for instance family store can, portable store can domain, day family new energy resources also rolled out C to carry a brand " sea emperor " . Nevertheless Zong Zhe expresses to 36 krypton, day division won't cross firm of condition cable merchant to throw medium of communication of line electrify business energetically euqally to the tradition, future still can carry sale mode to reach collaboration with abroad place agency with B. As we have learned, its sell a network to cover 21 countries and area below abroad line.

Zong Zhe explains further: Cost of overseas market hardware holds integral cost only be less than a half, follow-up labour cost includes installation, service, design, sequel and net application, allowance application hold main proportion. So family store not can appropriate sell in electric business platform. Day division already shifted to an earlier date layout channel of the distribute below abroad line, amount to terminal client with be being touched quickly, cut quickly abroad store can the market.

As we have learned, the family of day family new energy resources store the system has been popularized stage by stage in Europe and North America area and can stand firm, small-sized industry and commerce store can the system also is in Australia, United States, Philippine wait for a country in succession be born.

To answer motivation batteries is mixed store can of the industry erupt, this the day before yesterday family new energy resources has been built in Dongguan of Shandong jujube village, Guangdong have 4 production base (contain electric core production and batteries are compositive) . Zong Zhe expresses, 2 period produce can base has been among construction, predicting next year is OK Feburary finishing, new increase production can 2GWh left and right sides, still meet at the same time quadrate aluminium housing batteries brings into manufacturing limits, in future large store can, family store can product line will be more substantial.

"We have a large number of projects to be among collaboration now, but electric core just began go into operation 2020, produce can suffer relatively be restricted. Additional, very much big client is met all over product of test and verify, include small in trying, try, cycle of product be born is relatively so longer. Next year of a lot of items can enter a quantity to produce condition truly. " Zong Zhe expresses.

Be aimed at epicycle financing, the letter builds in invest a He Jiankang to express: "Day family new energy resources advocate make battery of high size power, adopt poor dissimilation to compete, early days focusing is abroad small motive force and home store the market, rectify a line to make a technology to report of abroad output lithium. The company already was built at present powerful and firm abroad sale channel, cut much extraction group successfully 500 mix by force industry fractionize tycoon supplies chain, permeate to home market stage by stage. We value the technical force of the company, product strength and market strength, believe to put forward in double carbon target, the whole world is dynamoelectric change the big background that clear, Chu Nengxing has the tendency to fall, rapid development becomes hopeful of day family new energy resources small motive force and home store of fractionize domain alone horny animal industry. "

Achieve great exploit Li Chao to express together: "Day family new energy resources is the cell of small motive force that goes from Shandong is mixed store can batteries industry a dark horse, be in Shandong and Guangdong two ground layout. 20 years of research and development are devoted, make they wait in fold of high energy density and tall discharge outstanding advantage is had on the respect. The group that the sea puts in setting and this locality 's charge to change is had extremely the commercial touch of acumen, add old deep ploughing overseas market, understand and answer demand of client of country, inside and outside what make a company can faster, gained the favour of numerous high quality client. What highlight particularly is, day division is in supplier of technology of battery of domestic numerous lithium, be regarded as plant of battery of lithium of European this locality to hand in key project to always contract by European client first selection square, came true to export technical accredit to output industrial pattern to upgrade from the product. We special the progress that values day division future, in dynamoelectric change and carbon counteracts big trend to fall, day division can become these domains to provide the participator of characteristic most certainly. "

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