Center look forward to appears on the market the company is accelerated again conformity of high grade asset raises financing pace fast

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China store can net dispatch: On October 10, place of group of shipping of China of center look forward to is belonged to appear on the market announcement of science and technology of the boat in the company says, plan to reach the way that pays cash through issueing share, the assets of new energy of report of high grade wind such as outfit of sea of report of wind of the boat in buying division of Chinese shipping group to fall, China, trade evaluate 9.198 billion yuan. Trade after finishing, boat science and technology will achieve the diversity progress of field of new energy resources in, promote integral asset quality and gain capability further.

Drafted infuse large stockholder 2022 / the center look forward to of real assets charging a person appears on the market company (beforehand case announce line of action)

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Center look forward to appears on the market of the company carrying qualitative synergism is national endowment appoint one of key jobs this year. National endowment appoint this year May of print and distribute " raise center look forward to to accuse appear on the market program of company quality work " put forward, each center look forward to should appear on the market with the advantage the company is core, recombine through asset, a variety of means such as equity displacement, add course of study of three-year institution of higher learning to change integrated strength, drive more and high grade resource up city firm gathers together.

Shanghai negotiable securities signs up for reporter statistic, since 2022, already 31 center look forward to accuses appear on the market company exposure is added surely beforehand case, draft infuse to control a partner / the case of high grade asset is not in effective control person a few, the high grade asset of center look forward to is being quickened up city firm platform gathers together.

High grade assets rises to appear on the market platform

National endowment appoint vice director Weng Jie bright will be in on September 26 national endowment appoint appear on the market jointly with the central enterprise that hands in place to hold express on working informal discussion, central enterprise wants play to appear on the market the company is in specialization the main body action in conformity, adopt issue share to buy asset, blame to issue a share publicly, change absorb amalgamative wait for means, promote high grade capital fund up city firm concentration, cogent promotion specializations integrated job effect.

Since this year, 5 mine group is belonged to appear on the market place of division of cable of new material of the Le Kai below division of group of group of smelt metal of company individual plant, spaceflight science and technology, China belongs to electron of the porcelain in the company, China to believe division place to belong to company the Yangtse River place of group of energy-saving environmental protection of communication, China belongs to a company.

With in the newest case of boat science and technology is exemple. Company the wind report of one of Chinese sea outfit that recombine mark is overall design and crucial technology are in domestic banner level, international advanced level, the 2MW class that owns completely own intellectual property, 3MW class, 4MW class, 5MW class, 8 reach to 10MW class more technology of key of group of electric machinery of high capacity wind, have platform of research and development of two states level, among them " maritime wind-force delivers the state research center of technology of electrical engineering Cheng " academic committee presents as leading role by 6 academicians.

Chinese cable division is advancing place of infuse of high grade asset actively to belong to appear on the market of electron of the porcelain in the company trade. In porcelain electron will be announced in August, draft the 73% equity of Bo Wei company that to China electric division issues share 13 times to buy its hold, nitrogen to change gallium assets of business of chip of radio frequency of communication radical station and indebted, and to electric division the much name inside 13 places trades to just buy a nation couplet millions of people 94.60% equity, aggregate evaluate 3.83 billion yuan. Trade after finishing, in porcelain electron will add nitrogen newly to change gallium place of chip of radio frequency of communication radical station and parts of an apparatus, microwave is bit righter business of module of power of chip of communication radio frequency and parts of an apparatus, carborundum and its application, company business structure gets be extendinged further.

The group of Chinese building materials that Xin Jincheng invests a company for state-owned capital is this year around appear on the market the company undertakes capital runs the most frequent center look forward to, group place is belonged to in share of He Tianshan of ability of group of check of material international, country, triumphant Cheng Ke all undertook asset conformity this year or capital is run. Among them, the Hefei courtyard that material international drafts division of group of infuse China building materials to fall in 100% equity. As we have learned, hefei courtyard predecessor is academy of cement of total bureau of industry of national housing materials, it is group of Chinese building materials subordinate and important high end equipment creates platform, in cement technology research and development and major production domain enjoys high reputation.

Chief researcher Li Jin is accepting Chinese enterprise academy when the reporter is interviewed, express, the interior that predicts state-owned company specializations recombine will become henceforth the key task of a phase, with the specializationing of the central enterprise that platform gives priority to body essence of life allows conformity to will be carried fast, look in him, the big data of industrial Internet, content shedding, air-freight construction that develops platform in coordination and conformity also hopeful is carried fast.

Add frequency to obtain large stockholder subscribe surely

" raise center look forward to to accuse appear on the market program of company quality work " clear, center look forward to should guide the function that appears on the market to company of service of market of capital of company cogent play grows and optimize resource to configure, battalion and capital operation confluence develop implementation industry classics, promote each other, aid force to do make choice by force advocate course of study, and need of development of give attention to two or morethings and market situation begin equity or debt financing. The reporter notices, around do do greatly strong appear on the market company advocate course of study, many center look forward to has acted somewhat.

Newest case is place of middle forest group is belonged to appear on the market the company always installs forestry. Night announcement will weigh the company on September 30, plan to be not stock of fair development travel collect endowment does not exceed 300 million yuan, use at Baoding city living things to be able to be used circularly character wait for 3 projects, accuse a group of partner middle forest secondhand all subscribe. Not come singly but in pairs, traditional Chinese medicine is modern this year June add surely also be accused secondhand a subscribe of sum of group of partner traditional Chinese medicine.

Titanium of the vanadium that involve steel more after the name is vanadium titanium share add surely first, also got group of steel of solid saddle charging a person support energetically. According to exposure, vanadium titanium share drafts collect endowment 2.28 billion yuan, use 60 thousand tons at Pan Gang / year project of titanium white of law of frit salt chloridize, kapok vanadium factory 5 oxidation 2 vanadium are carried upgrade character transform a project, and the project such as preparation of industrialization of vanadium batteries electrolyte and applied research and development, saddle steel group drafts subscribe 300 million yuan.

As we have learned, vanadium current batteries store can serve as burgeoning industry, domestic and international relevant technology and standard all are in active exploration phase. Vanadium titanium stock represents, preparation of industrialization of vanadium batteries electrolyte reachs project of applied research and development, do not produce economic benefits directly, but in view of the project relevant technology is vanadium one of core technologies of production company of product of high additional cost, to company business development and competition ability promotion have main effect.

In regarding as, small size shows the bibcock company of industry of domain face plate, the collect of A of dark sky horse cast a project to obtain fact of center look forward to to accuse support of your kind effort. The announcement that will announce in September according to the company, protocol of A of dark sky horse adds collect endowment not to exceed 7.8 billion yuan to be used at new-style the project such as product line of indication model group, solid international of the boat in charging a person drafts subscribe 980 million yuan. After be being added surely, company general construction is new-style product line of indication model group, Che Zaisheng produces line and IT product line, be helpful for a company seizing the development opportunity with downstream industry, drive downstream industry to develop, product of aggrandizement key industry and business distribution, enhance the technical level of the company and product engineering capability further.

Occupy reporter statistic additionally, there still is national new health, China to publish since this year, Dong Hang of Chinese country boat, China, beautiful inferior the center look forward to such as machine of Shenyang of Bai Ke, *ST accuses appear on the market of the company add the subscribe that got a partner or fact charge a person ending look forward to accuses surely.

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