Chu Nengji gold invests England money newspaper shows business GRID company first half of the year its asset net value grows 53.5%

  Industry news     |      2023-02-02 16:51

China store can net dispatch: The intermediary outside occupying reports, in the Gresham House Chu Nengji that London stock exchange appears on the market gold invests a company (GRID) is in its are announced in the money newspaper first half of the year this year, the asset net value of this company (NAV) grew 53.5% first half of the year, reach 785 million pound () of 879 million dollar.

Asset net value (this one growth of NAV) is the implementation on the foundation of the 511 million pound on December 31, 2021. Meanwhile, its total return rate also increased 27.2% .

The batteries of GRID company deploy store can one of systems

GRID company claims, the addition of its asset net value cost of profit from project weighs appraise, these projects from with cost rate change is the value that is a foundation with net present worth. Such doing mirrorred its to buy store can the potential and in-house yield when the project (IRR) .

Of this company development and deploy store can systematic dimensions predicts 2023 end will achieve 1GW/1.2GWh first quarter. Predict to 2024 the investment combination in year will exceed 1.6GW/2.1GWh.

Does John Leggate of GRID company president express: ? Unplug cheek embeds Yu RID company to be in the outstanding achievement expression first half of the year is satisfied this year, because we continue the batteries of deploy key store can infrastructure, provide the total get one's own back of prep above target to partner. No less than anticipates in that way, we had begun to reduce debt arrangement. Combine us to raise money from partner the share of 150 million pound, we predict these capital have delivery program project for the most part in, make GRID company arrives 2023 first quarter of deploy store can systematic installed capacity achieves 1GW above.

Our plan expands in England and other country store can systematic deploy dimensions, realize Xiang Jing the low cost of 0 transfers, supply in natural gas short-term energy security sustains below fluky circumstance continuously, help at the same time will but of second birth the sources of energy yield the biggest change. "

Up to on June 30, 2022, the investment of GRID company has 17 in combination store can operation project, total installed capacity is 425MW. Up to on August 31, 2022, 19 store can the total installed capacity of operation project has grown 500MW.

Up to on June 30, 2022, 11 when already had 602MW store can the project is in deploy, up to had grown on August 30, 2022 to 527MW. This company affirms a month returns tomorrow will again deploy 90MW store can system.

The Ben Guest of general manager of company of subsidiary Gresham House New Energy of GRID company says, "Our next the project already entered later period to build phase. Predict to will be in the investment inside 6 months uses future 9 projects. Besides, we planned 2024 store can project installed capacity will exceed 500MW.

To 2030, batteries of above of 20GW of British need deploy store can system, this proved store can the system is right the importance of transition of the sources of energy. We are in England and more of overseas investment deploy store can system. "

GRID company is by May announce to match carry out new hind, this company raised 150 million pound. This was promoted store can the growth that deploy estimates.

The cell of a 747MW that this capital is used at be this company to be about to buy store the project fund that can set, this project includes the item in England and Irish deploy and operation.

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