Peaceful heart times, go Xi'an delivered strange place the sources of energy

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China store can net dispatch: This, peaceful heart times moved in Xi'an.

Investment group learns, inc. of the sources of energy of Xi'an strange place (abbreviation: Strange place the sources of energy) the A+ that finish annulus financing, it is advisable to cast those representing capital fund of industry of new energy of guest morning talk and peak and capital. This brushstroke looks be like common financing backside, the industry of new energy of talk of morning of form appropriate guest that we saw Ning Deshi is acting again fund backside is contributive person, just about " peaceful king " .

Liu Wei adds author of strange place the sources of energy is 70 hind, one's early years is graduated from Xi'an traffic university. By 2018, liu Wei is added initiative group was established to found in Xi'an strange place the sources of energy, took the lead in offerring distributed energy piece wisdom store can systematic solution. Calculate go up one round this, strange place the sources of energy already finished financing 5 rounds at present, the division in investing a battle array to there is no lack of achieves the famous orgnaization such as capital of star, IDG, source capital, Maigemite.

Pass through strange place the sources of energy, the new energy industry that we see Xi'an is in a new force suddenly rises. 2017, xi'an cries piece make " of good science and technology " target, before beginning to attract a batch to approve VC/PE orgnaization to form a delegation, go to see a project, each is hard nucleus horny animal gallops and come alone. At present, sweep across the whole nation when new energy resources, this chiliad ancient capital not only ran grand of one billion two hundred and fifteen million seven hundred and fifty-two thousand one hundred and ninety-two tycoons base green can, still be in stealthily army group of new energy of Xin Yibo of be pregnant with.

44 years old big doctor end is handed in to do poineering work on the west,

Peaceful heart times just was cast

Liu Wei is added, one's early years is graduated from electrician of Xi'an traffic university Cheng institute, supplier of solution of global energy facilities was joined to become electrical engineering especially in October 2004. Liu Wei is added accomplish dean of academy of new energy resources all the time from the engineer, in core of new energy resources domain of equipment research and development works is more than 10 years.

(author of strange place the sources of energy holds CEO concurrently Liu Wei adds a doctor)

During this, liu Wei is added continue to take advanced courses on major at the same time, took the doctor's degree of Xi'an traffic university. Across, he is durative technology of domain of electron of thorough electric power studies and innovate, main product direction is special high pressure is flexible technology of dc transmit electricity, flexible communicating road of the sources of energy of small network of technology of transmit electricity SVG, intelligence by implement technology, all research achievement all realized industrialization. 2017, liu Wei adds research and development of the success that head a group global head stage covers ± 800kV special maximum pressure is mild change continuously banish a powerful person, got demonstrative applied in the item sends outside report of cloud of southern electrified wire netting.

Industry of ascend body energy and domain of electric power electron 10 one's remaining years, liu Wei is added accumulated product of many technology research and development, project to change, the experience of market control. Add when Liu Wei in seeing industry is produced energy-saving the demand that reduces a platoon, see market of new energy resources " abandon wind " " abandon light " phenomenon and the demand of the frequency modulation that move a peak, more important is cleanness is replaced, trend of new energy resources is not reversible turn. In November 2018, liu Wei adds pitch on become electrical engineering especially another circuit besides business store can, resolutely open poineering road.

"Below global climate crisis, clean the sources of energy replaces fossil the sources of energy to become the mankind to realize carbon to counteract the basic method of the target, store can can solve scene cleanness the sources of energy is spatio-temporal distributing lopsided problem, stability of security of safeguard electrified wire netting moves, it is the inevitable demand that human implementation can expand continuously. " grasp supporting this one idea, liu Wei is added strange place the sources of energy held water in Xi'an, decided distributed store can technical course, own research and development gives distributed energy piece wisdom store can system.

Need complements here dot of a knowledge: Traditional batteries store can the system is electric core series-parallel connection forms a cluster for batteries, comprise batteries container by each batteries bunch again. This kind of means needs batteries excessive concentration is together, can be whole store can the system brings very big safe risk. In the meantime, batteries series-parallel connection can affect whole system efficiency later. And what strange place the sources of energy puts forward is distributed energy piece wisdom store can system, can solve security and economy these two problems.

Along course of this one technology, strange place the sources of energy used 18 months time to complete research and development of generation product, at the same time consign side of the first user store can project Shenzhen vasts female industrial garden is smooth store power station, the project moves up to now safe stability runs above 2 years. From this situation with emerge, pulled open strange place the sources of energy to be in area of Hua Dong, Hua Na many user side store can the consign of the project joins movement.

April 2021, strange place the sources of energy won the bid country net Hunan put together can side of electrified wire netting store can project always city leech pond store can power station 2 period, this is the side of the first electrified wire netting that consign of strange place the sources of energy joins movement store can project, also be home introduces new generation the first times modular the side of large electrified wire netting of shunt-wound and compositive plan store can project. The Spring Festival just passed 2022, strange place the sources of energy with respect to consign the user side electrochemistry with the biggest southwest store can Yan Jia of long life of power station Chongqing store can power station. Follow closely ever since, strange place the sources of energy consign side of the first power source store can base of the sources of energy of second birth of project Ji Beike store can power station, capacity 20MW/40MWh, can assist the frequency modulation that move a peak, flowing hair electric power wave motion, reduce abandon wind to abandon smooth rate, improvement electric energy quality, drive new energy resources to stabilize output and dimensions to turn disappear offer.

Be in eve of complete a business transaction of A+ annulus financing, the Ningxia 100MW/200MWh that strange place the sources of energy wins the bid is shared store can project first delivering goods, the first this is consign of strange place the sources of energy hundred made of baked clay class is shared store can project, pulled open strange place the sources of energy formally to side of large source net store can what item pay joins movement is prelusive.

Current, surprise energy piece EBlock is in wisdom of bit of the sources of energy report of national electrified wire netting, southern electrified wire netting, state is cast wait for side of numerous source net and user side store maturity can be moved toward quickly in project application, used outstanding achievement tamp " distributed store the person that can lead " industry position.

Accompany store can circuit rises abruptly, strange place the sources of energy begins the eye shot of VC/PE. By 2020, strange the angel that the division in nodding the sources of energy to finish achieves a star to participate in annulus financing, finished financing many rounds again subsequently, invest capital of the square Mu Chunjin that it is water, Maigemite, IDG and source capital. Nod the sources of energy to surprising, each investment orgnaization gave out energy resources of very consistent evaluation strange place is own of research and development distributed modular new generation store can system, accomplished truly store can project translate into standardizes a product, defined store can the system is compositive new standard.

Very fast, new round of financing also came. Investment group learns, in April 2022, morning talk invested a group to extend olive branch to group of strange place energy. Be in first of the meeting below the line that day, the other side invested a group to reach an abecedarian to invest intent with strange place the sources of energy, subsequently exchange visits of bilateral high level was started a series of the job that use up tone.

"Investment group around move control of ability of innovation of product efficiency, group, cost, commercialize promotion to wait for dimension degree, made careful research and investigation. " after finishing shift, the fund of industry of new energy of talk of appropriate guest morning with peaceful heart contributive times and peak and capital participated in strange place the sources of energy jointly A+ annulus financing. Future, strange place the sources of energy will increase investment of product research and development further, begin more thorough business collaboration with investment orgnaization.

One establishs the company that is less than 4 years, by what can you attract one numerous famous VC/PE? Presiding and financial officer holds strange place the sources of energy concurrently Dong Bi Fu Guoli expresses: Electric power of drive of double carbon target supplies structural transition, drive but accept of disappear of electric power of second birth the sources of energy and electrified wire netting assist service demand promotion, new-style store can be investment popular, policy support strength is great, store can have completely already in economy respect can invest a gender. Traditional store can the safe risk that plan exists low, economy differs efficiency of tall, system wait for pain spot, and bit stranger distributed energy piece store can plan is reduced substantially store can cost per kilowatt hour of the electricity generated by WECS, simplified design installation difficulty, avoided the capacity loss that dc side paralell connection brings already, also ensured systematic on the safe side truly, difference is had to change competitive dominant position in the industry. "

Add in Liu Wei look, innovation ability mixes persistent technology to always explore spirit without what cease, it is the core competition ability that high speed of the sources of energy of drive strange place develops. Disclose according to insider, at present still many investor fly to Xi'an to visit group of strange place energy, discuss participate in financing arrangements below one round.

VC/PE forms a delegation go Xi'an, cast new energy resources

Just grabbed project of a nuclear fusion

Strange place the sources of energy is not an exemple, it is industry of Xi'an new energy is rising quickly rear.

"What do we cast in Xi'an? Green. " Wang Shuguang of chief of department of bank of investment of Inc. of China International finance achieved the meeting that cast a peak to divulge in 2022 whole worlds a few days ago, what Jin Hezhong oil holds water jointly in is medium the first carbon counteracts oil division start fund, choose be born Xi'an, "Be counteracted in carbon and green domain, xi'an is to go in special a city in front. "

Xi'an must be carried here another new the sources of energy is tremendous without bully grand base green can. 2000, orchid the journey that the Li Zhenguo that big physics is graduation began to do poineering work in Xi'an, established limited company of science and technology of new alliance electron, namely grand radical is green can predecessor. Mixed 2006 2010, zhong Baoshen and Li Wen learn Lanzhou university alumnus of Li Zhenguo to join in early or late, one is in charge of strategic program and management, one is in charge of manufacturing operation of whole.

Depending on a monocrystalline silicon, grand radical is green can grow the bibcock enterprise of industry of the bend over that it is light, also be the manufacturer of single crystal silicon chip with the biggest whole world. 2012, grand radical is green can be in hand in place advocate board hang out one's shingle appear on the market, market prise exceeds 360 billion nowadays. As " double carbon " the target puts forward, grand radical is green can also forward hydrogen can march. In March 2021, xi'an grand base hydrogen can limited company of science and technology holds water, be in charge of personally by Li Zhenguo. Up to by 2021, grand radical hydrogen can have had 500MW to electroanalysis the productivity that water makes hydrogenous equipment.

Grand radical is green can be catenary of industry of a long long new energy after one's death. "We visited grand radical recently, the hope understands them the direction of newest attention, both sides is discussed there is what innovation to invest an opportunity in domain of smooth hot season. " copartner of orgnaization of investment of a head of domestic expresses.

Not come singly but in pairs, VC/PE of not long ago is to form a delegation more come Xi'an is contended for grab to be able to accuse annulus of star of nuclear fusion project to get together can. Held water 2021, this is fusion of a commerce can develop a business, dedicated at miniaturization, commercialize, of fast iteration can accuse fusion can the design of device, construction, move and research and development. Astral annulus gets together can father Chen Rui, undergraduate course is graduated from physics of Tsinghua university project to fasten nuclear project and nuclear technology major, the personnel of core research and development of the company all comes from physics of Tsinghua university project to fasten group of fusion of nuclear energy place.

Alleged can accuse nuclear fusion, renown " man-made sun " , this is one overturns sexual the sources of energy gets a technology, hopeful be thinkinged offers approximately infinite cleanness the sources of energy and new the breach of round of Industrial Revolution. Once can accuse maturity of nuclear fusion technology, it will be mixed vapour, electric power, IT is same, bring the change of world-shaking for human society.

This year in June, astral annulus gets together can finish financing of several yuan of angel annulus, by suitable be capital, Kunlun capital, medium division achieve star, far lens cast, with fund of seed of jade capital, Chinese larch, perilous peak evergreen, 9 close achieve cast, the star that associate, Ying Nuo is achieved cast, Yuan He origin and Hua Fang.

All these is prelusive only. Strange place the sources of energy such promising young person, and grand radical is green can, astral annulus gets together can, still have graph slash science and technology, new Ai Dian the smooth hot season such as the sources of energy of gas, Hua Qinxin, store can, lithium battery, hydrogen can, the business such as fictitious power plant is brisk earth is heated up this piece to go up in Shaanxi. "In Shaanxi this heats up earth to go up, hydrogen of whole smooth Chu Li is having remarkable industry to gather. " Wang Shuguang says so. Nowadays, we saw in Xi'an project of increasing new energy resources finishs financing, VC/PE is following one by one.

Why be Xi'an?

Leave in former days " achieve cast desert "

In fact, the new energy industry of Xi'an has prepared seek long already.

As " good science and technology " notional birthplace, xi'an is having deep industrial precipitation. Depend on relatively solid war industry and production resource advantage, xi'an is made in electronic information, equipment of car, aerospace, high end, food and biology medicine, new material is new the sources of energy makes industry of pillar of 6 big advanced manufacturing industry grow quickly.

"New energy resources and new material are typical good science and technology, need to be thrown for a long time, the urban attribute of this and Xi'an special match. " in division achieve a bit Mi Lei of CEO of banquet of virgin copartner, couplet plaints, and the foundation that new material is new energy industry, accumulate advantage and bibcock business modes of life and relation to their environment to drive a dominant position by right of the scientific research in new material domain, the new energy industry of Xi'an is in strong rise abruptly.

A city wants to develop new energy industry energetically, bibcock enterprise is had exceed strong belt to move action. Before early, xi'an serves as the key of capital attraction with respect to car of will new energy resources. 2003, biyadi buys plant of car of Xi'an Qin Chuan, began to build deepness to bind calm relation with Xi'an from this, early or late layout the fractionize industry such as finance of traffic of electron, orbit and car, car. President holds Biyadi concurrently president Wang Chuanfu ever expressed clearly: Xi'an is Biyadi divides headquarters Shenzhen beyond, layout the city with the widest collaboration of the most complete, business, already became northward headquarters base of Biyadi.

"Like Biyadi enterprise of this kind of bibcock is had exceed strong belt to move action, can perfect catenary of industry of automobile of Xi'an whole new energy resources ceaselessly. It is a foundation with this, bred catenary of industry of automobile of new energy resources for Xi'an relevant company, be like batteries, electric machinery, electronic-controlled link and the component that swim up and down, material, reclaim wait for an enterprise. " some Xi'an mainland achieves congenial compose copartner to explain.

In addition, industrial rise also cannot leave a talented person naturally. "Special envy Xi'an takes the other place have rich and high grade college talent resource. " one comes from copartner of orgnaization of Hua Na VC to say frankly. Xi'an microelectronics institute, Xi'an makes division of big, northwest the famous college such as university of industry of big, northwest and place of scientific research courtyard, for Xi'an new energy industry grows infuse more vigor.

"The advantage of Xi'an depended on gathering talented person of electron of much electric power, of military school of industry yellow Bu China for, center of research and development establishs Aimosheng here, equipment educational resource is powerful. And, xi'an hands in labour of big, northwest to wait for major of power cable subclass greatly very strong, can output a talent ceaselessly, drive whole industry development thereby. " Qia of king of source executive trustee expresses.

Among them, xi'an hands in your work to be member of the alliance between first college of our country, managerial history is long, already had managerial history of 126 years. Basis 2022 " major of university of flexible division China is ranked " , xi'an joins science of new energy resources and great energy resources and dynamical project, project, store can the major such as production project of science and project, intelligence, pick the first beautiful of countrywide accomplishment. Among them, xi'an is handed in add greatly store can science and major of project undergraduate course, it is the whole nation first and exclusive store can science and major of project undergraduate course.

"We often come the college of Xi'an looks for a professor to talk about a project, mix to the place of scientific research courtyard of Xi'an deep the opportunity that the lab will come to seek cooperation. " copartner of a famous investment orgnaization of Beijing discloses one place detail. Well-known, new energy industry manages to high end engineering course of the talent depend on degree very big, talent details exhibited the manage engineering course with deep Xi'an to come out now gradually.

After-thought is in Internet times, xi'an ever was regarded as in very long period of time western " achieve cast desert " , however recently 5 years, rise abruptly as good science and technology, what this leisurely ancient capital begins to just become wind to cast is popular ground bussiness trip. Historical experience proves, achieve cast promote an industry, for this Xi'an also do one's best attracts countrywide VC/PE orgnaization.

This year in March, xi'an city comes on stage again " a certain number of measure that develop about promoting equity to invest an industry " , encourage cast early, cast small, pitch science and technology, cast this locality, increase capacity of finance capital prize, increase finance to support hypostatic economy strength. " measure " point out, equity investment fund invests Xi'an enterprise of seminal period, newly established period is full after a year, top award amount can amount to 10 million yuan.

"Previously, xi'an likes to cast capital construction, deliver the sources of energy, cast big, join the project of Pre-IPO, very little to the attention of inchoate project. These a few years, I can feel Xi'an assemble apparently more and more inchoate investment orgnaizations. " edificatory star is achieved cast Liu Bo of partner of general manager, officer to achieve the meeting that cast a peak to be shared in 2022 whole worlds.

In last few years, of Xi'an achieved ringer condition to produce apparent change: Active the investment orgnaization at Xi'an from give priority to with native land orgnaization, present the whole nation to change stage by stage, the characteristic that the head changes. Release this year " TOP20 of a list of names posted up of Xi'an dragon door " in the enterprise backside of 85% has equity to invest orgnaization support; "The astral TOP100 of Xi'an future " in the enterprise of 80% has obtained equity to invest an orgnaization to support, achieve capital of China of Chinese larch thering is no lack of, tall Ling, IDG, greatly rear cast, achieve capital of great exploit, source, Jun Lian together capital, firm amount to capital, medium the division is the capital in achieving star, nation, loose the form of the famous orgnaization such as standing grain capital.

Nowadays, tide of new energy resources sweeps across China earth quickly, xi'an greeted east wind. Time look at the history, wave of each new industry, regular meeting is ecbolic new round city shuffles. Hand in in new history collect a dot to go up, xi'an is in sadly be pregnant with a dark horse of a lot of little-known new energy resources, in a steady stream carries picked troops for battlefield of Chinese the sources of energy ceaselessly strong will.

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