Store can hot! Investor plaints however: The project does not make money

  Industry news     |      2023-02-02 16:51

China store can net dispatch: Although store can the space is very large, but investing angle, store can the project is cast very hard however. On one hand safety and cost issue need solution; On the other hand, from the point of poineering angle, do harder also.

" division achieve board daily " on October 9 dispatch (reporter Chen Mei) the closest period of time, store can board piece domain fire. Not only occurrence harden of 2 class market is wet, comprehensive also end grabs orgnaization of VC of one class market store can.

Face hot store can domain, have investor excitement, also have investor sober: Although store can the space is very large, but investing angle, store can the project is cast very hard however. On one hand safety and cost issue need solution; On the other hand, from the point of poineering angle, do harder also. Because the project does not make money, perhaps say to rely on a relation to make money, make its make blame market trade.

Store can fire

Recently, the market was fallen in love with store can. 20 % harden appears one day before be the same as flying share red-letter day, environment of new view, Shen Ling ever also went up exceed 15% , on one class market, alone horny animal also is born subsequently. Hua Baoxin can Sun Zhongwei's couple takes the next store can IPO, market prise exceeds 20 billion yuan, it is Chu Nengtian again a fire.

Recently, investor of field of a new energy resources is accepting when interviewing hind tell " division achieve board daily " reporter: Smooth hot season regards the whole world as the jumped-up main force of the sources of energy, to it of form a complete set store can the system is deciding dimensions of industry of smooth hot season to turn fall to the ground, make its are paid close attention to. But before 2 years, chu Nengcai because of the country the net steps on slam the brakes on, be infiltrated " limbo " . To a new force suddenly rises store can, this investor also is thinking: Store can hot logic.

"Look from the technology, store there can be distinction completely before the technology follows two years, especially a few decisive technologies were not solved. No matter be the rate that charges discharge, still be the density of batteries, did not produce revolutionary change. Return glazed bend over, also did not produce major change, but everybody is being contended for namely grabbing cast store can. "

tripartite data shows, below the rising enthusiasm of 2 class market, in September store can territory of one class market produces 13 financing in all, there is no lack of among them the form of famous VC. By September, abb scene store can finish number annulus to exceed 400 million yuan of financing, the orgnaization such as capital of tall banyan capital, loose standing grain is gotten cast, this is dedicated at class of electrified wire netting new-style store can the company of batteries technology research and development.

Same, de Lanming sea also will be finished in September successive many rounds of financing, total amount amounts to several yuan, source capital, roc is smooth the far, money that amount to morning wisdom and famous head industry appears a body inside the industry. In addition, lithium battery reclaims business Heng Chuangrui can, and can achieve in business of research and development of heterogeneous knot cell also finish nearly 100 million yuan of financing in succession.

One looks store can the investor of the domain is right " division achieve board daily " the reporter expresses, store can hot, it is policy and occupation standard come on stage often; 2 be, store the doorsill of field of new energy resources that can be in is enough low, everybody is understood. "Recently, the friend of market of very much class chats with me, what to cast now? It is to cast semiconductor to still see new energy resources, or intelligent car? "

"Want or cast new energy resources: Intelligent car looks so that understand partly to be not understand, semiconductor domain looks completely not to understand. " investor of field of a new energy resources is opposite Shenzhen the reporter says, new energy resources has store can mix operation concept, need professional skill only: Or is rich, or has resource, or has a technology, or has operation government ability, can share in the market of this a few class a cup of a thick soup, 2 class market is best report. And store can regard an industry as, acting very important role again. So, nature is welcome. "

Li Yin of chief inspector of investment of capital of gram of the name of a river in Shaanxi and Henan provinces is faced accepting " division achieve board daily " when the reporter is interviewed, express, store can be a very big circuit, cent is generate electricity side of side, electrified wire netting, be defeated by the application such as distribution side and user side to carry setting, still have distributed smooth hot season store can, fictitious power plant, store can be forecasted and adjust systematic software to wait; Go toward upper reaches again, still have lithium battery store can, lithium nickel cobaltic raw material, mineral products resource...

"VC throws lithium battery with respect to insanity before store can, and sodium batteries store can, they belong to electrochemistry kind. The batteries that cast lithium store can logic is very plain, result from lithium battery price is expensive, continue to value rise in price logistic; The batteries that cast sodium store can, depend on thinking lithium battery is too expensive, another kind of technology also has replace an opportunity. " but Li Yin is faced point out, the problem of sodium batteries depends on energy density too low, below same quality, course of boat of add of sodium ion batteries is only 67% of lithium battery.

Below the case that does not leave high in house of price of carbonic acid lithium at present, in the output of production enterprise is being carried to did not plan in so big, what create the supply and demand in the industry accordingly is lopsided. From this, generation gives a chance.

Hot under, investor plaints however " store can not make money "

But store can hot while, investor plaints however: "Store can not make money. "

In interviewing, investor is opposite " division achieve board daily " the reporter expresses, no matter be the person that do poineering work or investor, want to gain super profit, but batteries and store can the project is cast the hardest. "Above all, industry tycoon has existed, the outside investment that does not have any resource just dare not enter the arena casually. Even if circuit is again sweet, do not have resource to also do not have a law to make money; Next, upriver business is done in industrial catenary, want to do batteries and store can project; Downstream truckload the factory also considers outspread industry chain, do batteries and store can project; Middle reaches manufacturer is dilate is produced more can, this makes whole circuit very involute, industry competition cans be imagined. "

Involute force upper reaches runs so that investor must go to: "They are willing to cast carbonic acid lithium to abstract manufacturer mostly, gross profit of company of this one part is controlled in 15%-20% , but because turnover is rapidder, product sale not anxious. And join mineral products resource company, need capital at every turn a few yuan, this is to achieve congenial compose to cast what do not rise, accordingly also nobody looks. And what we cast is lithium battery reclaims enterprise, the person that this circuit does poineering work is orderly competition, because need license plate resource, not be to want to do can do. Gross profit is so higher also, can achieve 30% above. "

As to other fractionize circuit, this investor also does not catch a cold. "Even if has distributed smooth hot season store can, and store can forecast adjust wait for systematic software, downstream market also is popularized hard. " investigate its reason, this investor says, downstream client is not willing to draw out money so, the market still is in the phase that the client is taught.

Disclose according to afore-mentioned investor, although a lot of policy come on stage, but distributed smooth hot season store can enterprise, be in however " mat endowment " promotion project. "These infrastructure because the price is high, initial stage of the large family that use phone is more careful, to distributed smooth hot season store can equipment is hesitant also. But for promotion, equipment business people can fill up first only endowment, let clients experience those who use electric cost to drop, look to whether buy it again. "

But this one " experience " in, the condition that meets occurrence client be not satisfied. Additional as a result of cost issue, the large family that use phone people cannot accept the one-time installation that draw out money distributed smooth hot season store can equipment. Even if is willing to install, also can adopt the way that parts with charge of equipment business electrovalency to cooperate mostly. This makes store can the capital that business early days needs greatly prep above anticipates. "As a result of this kind of uncertainty, the orgnaization when seeing a project people very careful. "

To this, 1000 by capital virgin copartner rebukes Wei is opposite " division achieve board daily " the reporter expresses, store can have a variety of kind, no matter be hydrogen store still can be lithium report store can, have an opportunity very much. But the problem depends on: Now store can generating electricity side gross profit is extremely small, and compulsive configuration. Below this one setting, china store where is the opportunity that can you come?

Look in Xiong Wei, the great opportunity with real future still is commercialized in carry out report. In because be commercialized in whole electric power,be being reformed, store can be cornerstone.

"Why should be Chinese power market reformed? Because need to achieve balance of electrovalency of wave crest trough, solve generate electricity, the question that does not match with report, let whole electrovalency commercialize. But electrovalency is administration changes a price now, after commercializing a price only, ability closes to the end of set out report, end that use phone produces resource advantage severally better, store can serve as among them most the cornerstone of core, be benefited naturally. "

"If can be accomplished, store can commercial pattern is successful. Commercial pattern succeeded, commercialize had draw the power that use, relevant opportunity also arises accordingly. " Xiong Wei continues to speak of, before this 1000 by had looked a lot of store can project, but had not moved to now, one of the most primary reasons did not see the closed circuit of commercial pattern namely.

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