Neoen company batteries store can the project is obtained 35.5 million bay yuan loan

  Industry news     |      2023-02-02 16:51

China store can net dispatch: The intermediary outside occupying reports, firm of banking of the sources of energy of Australian country cleanness (CEFC) was batteries of a 100MW/200MWh a few days ago store the project provides loan and can realize financial settle accounts.

This company is already affirmatory the business of clean energy development that is located in France to headquarters and business of production of absolute electric power (the Capital Battery of IPP) Neoen company store can the project is offerred 35.5 million bay yuan (add up to 23.06 million dollar) loan, this project is in Australian capital is feudal (ACT) undertakes building.

Neoen company is in the Capital Battery of deploy batteries store can project

The person that still found a collective loan in this one process -- company of Infradebt of business of infrastructure fund management, this company will be as clean as Australian country firm of banking of the sources of energy (the investment of CEFC) matchs. This is firm of banking of the sources of energy of Australian country cleanness (CEFC) make this kind of arrangement first in project financing.

This is firm of banking of the sources of energy of Australian country cleanness (the 3rd when CEFC) provides loan large batteries store can system. Two before this store can the project is Neoen company deploy and of operation store can project: Be in south the Huoensidaier of Australian city operation store can system and the Victoria Big Battery in Victoria city operation store can system, these two projects are bay two batteries with big profit the largest scale store can system.

Neoen company announced a few days ago, capital Battery store can the system has finished financial settle accounts, pushing go up especially the photograph that shared a piece of construction site. According to the report of industry media, neoen company is going annual bottom issued an advice note to construction and company of technical partner Doosan Heavy Industries, requirement start working builds Capital Battery store can project.

Neoen company passed the emulative invite public bidding that government of district of Australian capital directly under the jurisdiction of holds to win the bid 2020. And as but second birth the sources of energy is retrorse on sale one part, this is this kind of invite public bidding the 5th of area of Australian capital directly under the jurisdiction of.

The project value that invite public bidding awards achieves the history new low, achieve 50 bay yuan / MWh. Neoen company wins the bid acquisition contract includes to be in south the Goyder of Australian city but wind-force of 100MW of deploy of project of division of second birth energy generates electricity establishment and store can systematic contract.

Although win the bid at that time, is batteries of a 50MW store can system, but Neoen company thinks, to batteries store can the demand increase sharply of system and the service that its can provide, accordingly this company decides this one store can the deploy dimensions of the project enlarges one times.

The rapid growth of this kind of demand is in this company got confirming in the financial outstanding achievement first half of the year 2022. According to this financial report, neoen company store can the income of business achieves 39.3 million euro, basically come from its Australia deploy store can the income of the project, with the look of 13.4 million euro first half of the year is 3 times closer than growing 2021.

AGL company " fictitious batteries " contract support is long-term income

Deploy Capital Battery store can the project basically is to be based on Neoen company and basically generate electricity shopkeeper AGL company signs the name is " fictitious batteries " contract. According to the industry media coverage in April, AGL company and Neoen company sign 7 years period contract, will use Capital Battery store can the 70MW/140MWh in the project store can the electric power that the system provides.

This is brushstroke " fictitious " trade, because AGL company plans this store can systematic electric power inputs Xin Nawei an electrified wire netting of Er person city, will share market of Australian state electric power (NEM) , and Er person city is apart from Xin Nawei this batteries store can the position of project deploy and operation is very far.

Neoen company emphasizes, after signing this contract, this store can system besides can use for AGL company besides, the electrified wire netting that still can offer government of as straight as Australian capital area under administration to decide serves. This store can project plan was thrown first half of the year 2023 use.

Firm of banking of the sources of energy of Australian country cleanness (Ian Learmouth of CEFC) presiding apparitor says, "Make new target raise implementation federally as Australia clean 0 discharged great ambition, we must pay close attention to the energy technology with crucial to succeeding development more. Batteries store can the key that the system is decarbonization of implementation of our energy industry. These projects need the investment solution with many quantity custom-built body, the cost of the capital that start that reflected them to hold high and burgeoning and the income mode without the test "

Learmouth expresses, firm of banking of the sources of energy of Australian country cleanness (3 when CEFC) is Neoen company store can the project provides loan, also proved large-scale batteries store can systematic economy and the value that stabilize operation of electrified wire netting.

Neoen company is in at present Australian operation or in the batteries that build store can systematic total installed capacity is 576MW, plan to make more battery store can system, the 1GW/4GWh that includes construction of the closest draw up among them store can project, this project is in deploy on the west a community of Australian city, this community and coal industry are having close connection.

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