Quality money changes: Store can systematic usability

  Industry news     |      2023-02-02 16:51

China store can net dispatch: How does the poor dissimilation map product and service quality arrive price space? Through the market that spends quality money provider of regulation guiding plan quantifies the product inside complete lifecycle and service the value to the client. Indemnity clause of systematic usability break a contact is pretty good train of thought.

Graph 1 England store can market gains evolves into origin: MODO

Graph 1 2022 year England store can year of accrual of the market for 130, 000 pound / MW, according to exchange rate 8.07 considerations, year accrual makes an appointment with 1049 RMBs / KW. Average usability is the market A α , the usability that actual project measures is A β , so below the circumstance that hypothesis usability and gains affect into simple direct proportion, usability is ± to the influence of accrual | (A α - A β ) / A α | , it is α of A β =A namely, the project acquires the market average income anticipates, a β > market of prep above of accrual of A α project anticipates on average, accrual of project of α of A β

=99% of hypothesis A α , a β =95% , so project year accrual anticipates on average under the market make an appointment with 1049* (A α - A β ) / A α ) =42 RMB / KW) , to the project of a 40MW, year accrual expects a month on average under the market 1, 680, 000 RMBs, is in charge of simple principle of compensation according to the loss that who causes, press 365 days of considerations one year, damage leads the lowest that does not contain other tax cost to break a contact of responsibility one party to be 2.87 yuan of RMBs about / KW/ day, the damage rate of the one party that earnings achieves to having right after taxation and other charge considering in actual project should be met be more than this value.

The execution that changes in real quality money still needs to refine such as in the process: Index of year system usability, the computational method of usability, the cost rate that break a contact compensates for, upper limit and pay, escape clause is waited a moment.

Still have a few complement:

Graph of 1 store can accrual basically comes from DC(Low) and FFR (Monthly) fractionize, plan sex stops machine the sensitive degree to fractionize of these two kinds of accrual is different, the DC with random stronger sex understands to should be met on small Liu intuition right real time systematic usability index is more sensitive.

Home store can understanding of market small Liu is very few, do not know to also have the indemnity clause of break a contact of similar systematic usability? To but second birth the sources of energy is compulsive of form a complete set store can, if store can systematic profit is ambiguous, the cost that so specific break a contact recoups leads not quite may good also estimation. The market lacked what quality money changes to guide, the quality management estimation of specific project falls very hard also to real point.

Reasonable damage rate still can be used at middling pressure switchgear overall equipment aircraft or machine parts or tools kept in reserve are proportional estimation and delay the design that defends a service. Although the probability of catastrophe failure of middling pressure switchgear is not tall, but fault correcting time is very long, very big to systematic usability influence, the middling pressure switchgear with right choice is overall usability of effective to ensuring a project system and balance project cost have equipment aircraft proportion greater help.

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