Qinghai: 1-7 month is shared store can accumulative total trades 4208 exploration are shared store the market mechanism that electric energy trades and can assist a service to trade

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China store can net dispatch: Will hold on August 12 2022 " one belt all the way " clean the sources of energy develops forum " clean energy development and resource allocation of new-style power system coordinate development " on special subject forum, company of power of net Qinghai province releases the country " year of level of development of Qinghai green power analyses a report (2022) " , from source, net, carry on one's shoulder, store wait for each link to build transition of low carbon of cleanness of new-style power system, stimulative the sources of energy to make to compose look into, to table a proposal.

Net Qinghai electric power accelerates the country compose builds new-style power system, building firm intelligence electrified wire netting, strengthen innovation to set an example, enhance source net to carry on one's shoulder or back store the respect such as interactive ability sends force continuously, transition of exploration the sources of energy implements method, to make national cleanness energy industry upland contributes force.

Build strong intelligence electrified wire netting to support upland development

Clean the sources of energy is the advantage resource that Qinghai saves, also be the advantage seat that high quality of Qinghai economy society develops. In July 2021, qinghai province government and print and distribute of combination of bureau of national energy resources " Qinghai makes plan of action of upland of industry of national cleanness energy (2021 ~ 2030) " put forward, to 2025, upland of industry of national cleanness energy takes shape, construction of base of the sources of energy of cleanness of Yellow River upper reaches is advanced steadily, machine of outfit of clean the sources of energy is occupied than, electricenergy production is occupied than, energy consumption is occupied than rising further, the whole nation that clean the sources of energy develops precedes the position promotes further.

On July 21, grand of Guo of 750 kilovolt Qinghai, project of road of the 3rd loop-line builds Gansu Province Wu Sheng join movement. "Qinghai electrified wire netting much big channel of contact of time of a province, assemble of new energy resources ability of aid of complementary each other promotes ability and province border further. " Chen Yun of head of department of plan of development of net Qinghai power says the state. This project is limited company of national electrified wire netting " 945 " project of circuitry of first when period builds in northwest area 750 kilovolt, also be Qinghai electrified wire netting and northwest advocate the passageway of the 7th electric power of net contact.

Electrified wire netting of play of net Qinghai power supports the country the hub platform effect that new energy resources develops, build new-style power system to assist construction of upland of industry of energy of force country cleanness with compose, measurable lead builds electrified wire netting, perfect Qinghai 750 kilovolt electrified wire netting, drive compose to build storied of thing partition, inside and outside stereo backbone net is worn, promotion new energy resources generates electricity send an ability, high quality of service Qinghai the sources of energy develops.

1 ~ in July, qinghai electrified wire netting 6 major projects on schedule put into production, promotion of power transmission ability reachs 9.5 million kilowatt outside. Next, net Qinghai electric power still will accelerate the country advance project of 25 electrified wire netting to press plan put into production, on schedule start working project of 58 electrified wire netting, to this year the end of the year is initial form Qinghai southeast department " day " glyph, western " 8 " glyph advocate the net wears a structure.

Meanwhile, country net Qinghai electric power plans as a whole power source, electrified wire netting develops, finish " 945 " electrified wire netting plans to repair make up, 750 kilovolt red flag is defeated become electrical engineering the start working before arguing the end of the year builds the strength of project of form a complete set of new energy resources such as Cheng, the Qinghai that prop up project of base of bend over of large wind light produced by electricity builds nation of first 10.9 million kilowatt and net.

Innovation demonstrative go ahead of the rest aids transition of power energy resources

The desert desolate sands with boundless beach is pulled in Qinghai Hainan tower, into piece smooth Fu Banmian is delayed to distance, as if a blue is marine. Hainan city is here area of garden of industry of Guang Fufa cable, it is the course of kilowatt of two ten million that Qinghai already built but one of base of second birth the sources of energy.

Up to by July, qinghai electrified wire netting generates electricity total installed capacity amounts to 43.42 million kilowatt, among them clean the sources of energy generates electricity installed capacity 39.5 million kilowatt, occupy than 90.97% ; New energy resources generates electricity installed capacity 26.89 million kilowatt, occupy than 61.9% , maintain countrywide clean the sources of energy, new energy resources to generate electricity continuously outfit machine is occupied than highest. 1 ~ in July, electricenergy production of provincial and clean energy amounts to Qinghai 51.3 billion kilowatt hour, 85.8% what take total electricenergy production; New energy electricenergy production 24.9 billion kilowatt hour, 41.6% what take total electricenergy production. Qinghai sends n of clean the sources of energy to amount to 12.75 billion kilowatt hour outside accumulative total of electrified wire netting, among them n of new energy resources is 7.5 billion kilowatt hour.

Grow quickly to serve new energy resources, net Qinghai electric power offers the country " orderly development, quantity leads unified, measurable lead " train of thought, publish power station of new energy resources and the net accepts administrative idea, unified program generation builds assemble of new energy resources to send a project, strong those who propped up 1 ~ to will save 1.608 million kilowatt completely in July is new add new energy resources and net.

Serving new energy resources and net while, net Qinghai electric power strengthens the country " great cloud content moves wisdom catenary " wait for a technology to use research in the confluence in power system, drive Qinghai to visit center of big data of the sources of energy to " double carbon " big data center upgrades, make " number + the sources of energy " new engine; Be in " green report 5 weeks " during, innovation compose builds complete province dimensions above enterprise is exclusive " report - carbon " model, the enterprise that help strength is energy-saving extract effect, for 114 enterprises managing one-time investment exceeds 150 million yuan; Aid force green report to trace to the source with big data service, production of implementation cleanness energy, transmit, trends of consumptive entire chain traces to the source.

On January 23, the new energy resources with world the largest scale is distributed city of Hainan of Qinghai of be born of phase modulation a group of planes, release generating capacity of new energy resources 3.5 million kilowatt. First half of the year, electricenergy production of new energy of form a complete set of green comfort dc increases compared to the same period 47.9% . Construction of net Qinghai electric power uses the country new generation attempers system, new energy resources sends electric power to forecast precision to promote 2.1 percent.

Net Qinghai electric power will join the state construction of new-style power system, farther promotion " new energy resources + machine of distributed phase modulation + store can " develop pattern, use trends not to have merit compensation net of device, compose store can the technology, raise new energy resources to support ability actively, service compose builds green mild the sources of energy to guarantee a system.

Source net carries on his shoulder or back store interactive in all achieve green is handed in noisy

Qinghai cleanness the sources of energy develops a condition integratedly to occupy countrywide first place. Net Qinghai electric power digs the country greatly provincial power load latent capacity, synchronism is advanced store can, pump water harbour can be built.

On August 25 11 ~ 14 when, in Haixigeermu the Min of environs goes store can power station advocate accuse indoor, administrator fulfils dimension of power station carry electrified wire netting attempers instruction, adjust charge rate, store can the power station undertakes charging with the full power of 32 thousand kilowatt.

Net Qinghai electric power digs the country to adjust neatly resource, Exploration is shared store the market mechanism that electric energy trades and can assist a service to trade, carry on his shoulder or back with commercializing means to promote source network store interact in coordination. This year 1 ~ in July, share store can already accumulative total trades 4208, add n of hair new energy resources to exceed 120 million kilowatt hour.

Arrive from supply side demand side, two-way hair thrust moves transition of the sources of energy, gift of natural resources of utmost activation energy. Net Qinghai electric power holds to the country " provincial Gao Shuiping changes disappear offer + outside the province large-scale carry " double round drive, dig adjustable bear latent capacity, play store can system two-way optimize adjust action, main construction is new-style power system is provincial demonstrative area.

In June, qinghai electrified wire netting is new-style bear manages a system to go up formally line. The system is lost accuse ability to achieve 946 thousand kilowatt, occupy provincial 8.4% of peak load. This system classifies management, scroll with uniting the newer, online means that monitor, realized bear essence to grant control and government of normalization demand side.

The Qinghai that the plan builds at next year start working is expensive south let pump water harbour can the power station is a country " 945 " program priority discipline. July 13 ~ 15 days, project of this power station finishs 3 three-year institution of higher learning to inscribe evaluation, job of project approve application was stridden ahead solid one pace. Net Qinghai electric power accelerates the country formalities of conduction project early days, strive the project wins sanction inside year.

"945 " period, qinghai new energy resources generates electricity outfit machine will carry rapid growth state continuously. Net Qinghai electric power robs the state seize opportunity, accelerate construction of new-style power system, much arrange develops simultaneously promote adjustment of electrified wire netting capability. Current, this company is considering to drive new energy resources to bear the weight of model green hydrogen industry grows, optimize large-scale green hydrogen and position of new-style energy industry; Save a government according to Qinghai " 4 unified " mode, accelerate construction large-scale electrochemistry store can, start provincial first 3 " 4 unified " electrochemistry store can early days works, ensure inside year on schedule and net.

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