Investment of new energy resources obtains capital market to chase after hold in both hands

  Industry news     |      2023-02-02 16:51

China store can net dispatch: As field of A stock market steadily get warm again after a cold spell, appear on the market the enterprise adds enthusiasm to upsurge surely. Negotiable securities opening a source is in newest in pannikin is added in send and buying monthly magazine, point out, will release in July add hair beforehand case announcement amount amounts to 52, predicting collect capital makes an appointment with 63.7 billion yuan. Cross meeting and the project that win batch of language to mix 41 for 34 respectively.

Many analysis orgnaization thinks, the near future increases market supply and demand surely two flourishing, issue rhythm to be quickened continuously, add surely issue with approve article daytime to lie between fall after a rise. Supply end appears on the market the company issues apiration to rise as market get warm again after a cold spell, more high grade project is issued thick and fast, demand carries project subscribe requirement exuberant. From the point of capital program, "Double carbon " below the target, traditional business quickens transition of professional work of Xiang Xinneng source, but new technology of position of company of second birth energy, a capital of company place collect basically is used at the project related to new energy resources.

■ ■ the enterprise crosses a bound to quicken layout green industry

In Chinese smooth hot season Wang Bo of guild reputation director China look, in carbon the carbon that amount to a peak counteracts strategic guiding to fall, more and more new entrant invest smooth hot season to create a field. For instance China lights gas to enter the bureau is distributed market of smooth hot season, zhuhai harbor layout store can, smooth hot season, hydrogen can wait for new energy industry, hill coal international also crosses group new energy resources, emphasize reserve but technology of second birth energy.

And add surely becoming A the important financing route that the enterprise crosses bound raise the quota to develop new energy industry. At the beginning of August, path dark share releases announcement to say, the company plans to be not specified number of capital of collect of fair development travel to spend do not exceed 1.5 billion yuan, basically use at equipment of whole set of high end of cathode copper foil to make project and Copper Foil product and new material research and development.

As we have learned, the research and development that path dark share basically pursues oil, natural gas and shaly pneumatic drill adopting device, production and sale. Since 2020, profit of net of path dark share is serious and atrophic, mixed 2021 this year appear even first quarter deficit. Since June, capital of path dark share is run frequent, was to buy limited company of science and technology of Hong Tian of enterprise of lithium report Copper Foil first, march new energy industry, hope to pile up relevant business through increasing surely again subsequently.

Path dark share says, the company plans to come true through buying by the strategic layout of transition of manufacturer of equipment of intelligence of the sources of energy of Xiangxin of manufacturer of equipment of conventional oil energy resources, cut the equipment of intelligence of new energy resources with industry good prospect to make a trade quickly.

Ji Xiang share also hopes to pass industry of battery of the lithium that cross a boundary to realize transition. Ji Xiang share basically pursues the production of molybdenum product, treatment, sale and business of movie and TV originally. In January, ji Xiang share is passed buy business outspread to lithium battery domain. By July, ji Xiang stock represents, total of fund of market drafting collect does not exceed project of material of new energy resources of report of He Li of project of salt of 1.867 billion yuan of devoted lithium, deepen business of layout lithium product, grasp the opportunity that new energy industry expands quickly, dilate is produced can.

■ ■ new technology of research and development of investment of new energy company

Accelerate development but second birth the sources of energy already made global trend. International Energy Agency is forecasted, to 2025, the whole world but second birth the sources of energy will be amounted to in the portion in electric power 90% . Come from 2021 2050, the whole world but place of second birth the sources of energy needs year to invest amount to be able to amount to nearly 1 trillion dollar. Not only more and more enterprises cross a bound to cut new energy industry from other sphere, new energy company also hopes to increase farther promotion through deciding burgeoning low carbon technology.

On August 10, circle in the air aigret tungsten industry says, the company plans to be not total of capital of collect of stock of fair development travel not to exceed 766 million yuan, use at project of research and development of fine tungsten filament of smooth Fu Yongchao to wait. Circle in the air aigret tungsten course of study thinks, in iteration of policy guiding, technology the collective drive such as progress falls, industry of smooth hot season grows quickly, grow continuously to demand of link of silicon chip cut. The company begins generatrix of tungsten filament of research and development with industry of contented light bend over fall this demand.

As we have learned, what at present industry of smooth hot season basically uses in link of silicon chip cut is cut of King Kong line. Compare with photograph of King Kong line, means of tungsten filament line is finer, in the development that chip changes big trend falls, can cut smaller silicon chip, accord with industry development. Li Zhe of analyst of negotiable securities of the people's livelihood is in the report of share of the annulus in citing calculate data to say, every decrease silicon chip thin 10 micron, correspondence of cost raw material can drop 2.5% .

Numerous peaceful car plans to borrow add item of car of couplet of network of intelligence of development new energy resources surely, the company will aim at automobile industry to develop new trend, advance carry out " dynamoelectric change, intelligent network couplet is changed, share change, drive automatically " " new 4 change " development strategy, promote new energy resources and technology of general character of intelligent network couplet to develop ability.

Numerous peaceful car thinks, right truckload the enterprise, promote research and development capability ceaselessly only, master core technology, ability realizes a company advocate the health of business Wu can develop continuously. To satisfy the development trend of industry technology, the company must increase the devoted strength of technical research and development further.

"Carbon amounts to peak carbon to counteract the development that will promote low carbonization technology and change. Product of new energy resources expands what using upright market space ceaselessly, promoting the diversity that makes way of research and development of upright industry technology. " Wang Bo China says.

■ ■ catenary of hydrogenous energy industry obtains development new opportunity

Notable is, add surely in what the near future releases beforehand in the case, the project related to hydrogen appears again and again.

On August 10, sail science and technology releases announcement to say, the company drafts about 240 million yuan to distribute stock collect fund to specific target, use at Hefei high pure and hydric project. sail science and technology thinks, gas of tall purity industry is one of decisive material of new material domain, use the property of new and high technology such as car of Yu Guangfu, new energy resources extensively. Nevertheless, gas of our country industry starts time is later, put in supplier of tripartite gas relatively dispersive case, and country is increasing ceaselessly to hydric demand, the aeriform demand of downstream manufacturer still cannot get partial area be satisfied adequately. This second collect casts a project to be able to alleviate the electronic gas demand of production industry of downstream high end.

By July, division new Electromechanical expresses, the hope does not exceed 581 million yuan through issueing amount of stock collect capital to specific target, can reach with Yu Qing special project of construction of center of material research and development. Division new Electromechanical points out, the company is passed build hydrogen can center of research and development, shift to an earlier date layout hydrogen can industry, cut make segment of hydrogen, Chu Qing, hydrogenation, the key is aimed at solid the direction such as pry of device of hydric step up, hydrogenation has technology of Chu Qing project, hot power research, develop Chu Qing high end to equip mainly.

In east Wu Zheng certificate looks, develop continuously as hydrogenous energy industry, cost is reduced ceaselessly, hydrogen can the industry is in tall boom, prospective market vacuum is giant. The division is new Electromechanical criterion cite " 2022 hydrogen can the industry considers to report " say, hydrogen can be one of effective grasper that our country realizes carbon to amount to peak carbon to neutralize strategic goal. Our country hydric demand made an appointment with 33.42 million tons 2020, hydric 2030 year demand will rise 37.15 million tons, will add 2060 reach about 130 million tons. Predict to came 2020 between 2025, our country hydrogen can industrial production value will amount to 1 trillion yuan, came 2026 production value hopeful achieved 5 trillion yuan 2035.

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