Monovalent 1.52 yuan / Wh, culmination science and technology wins the bid beforehand in 50MW/100MWh of energy-saving Sha Ping high this world store can project

  Industry news     |      2023-02-02 16:51 Monovalent 1.52 yuan / Wh

China store can net dispatch: Recently, 50MW/100MWh of Sha Ping project centers energy-saving Chong Yang in type (share type) store can the system is purchased release win the bid announcement, inc. of Jiangsu culmination science and technology with total quoted price one hundred and fifty-two million one hundred and forty-eight thousand one hundred and fifty yuan, amount to is monovalent 1.52 yuan / Wh, become the first win the bid candidate. Tianjin luck source is electric limited company, medium car individual plant continent limited company of institute of electric power engine is respectively the 2nd, the 3rd win the bid candidate, unit price of quote amount to is 1.6 yuan respectively / Wh, 1.61 yuan / Wh.

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