Pump water harbour can: "945 " approve 219 projects, always invest 1.6 trillion yuan

  Industry news     |      2023-02-02 16:51

China store can net dispatch: Catenary of the industry that take labor is longer, include construction of design of investment, reconnaissance, construction, equipment to make, any segment issues a problem to be able to cause an effect to whole project. Current, what the industry that take labor grows is short board main concentration is designed at reconnaissance and equipment is made.

The propulsion that bureau of national energy resources will hold on June 10 pump water harbour can (the following abbreviation " take labor " ) requirement of conference of video of project development construction, accelerate the project that take labor to develop construction, advance development of the high quality that take labor, had done catenary of the industry that take labor to coordinate, as a whole investment, design, construction, move, equipment is made wait for each link. The conference puts forward, ahead of schedule plan power facilities makes structural adjustment, raise unit equipment to make produce can, contented and current reach future to take labor extensive go into operation builds need. Developing the large project that take labor energetically while, adjust measures to local conditions advances development actively medium or small take labor, clutch start demonstrative application.

The reporter is in know from personage of authority of bureau of national energy resources, omit a report according to each, "945 " the project taking labor that has approve requirement basically in all 219, total dimensions amounts to 270 million kilowatt, among them already approve 11, in all 14 million kilowatt.

Inside course of study the personage looks, accelerating development to take labor is large-scale, high proportion develops safeguard new energy resources, on the safe side replaces the principal mechanism of traditional the sources of energy, be " after standing first, defeat " serious content. "This year is the first year when start development of the high quality that take labor, the task is onerous. "

"945 " approve 219 projects

As we have learned, taking labor is the main component of system of the sources of energy, was brought into the State Council is accelerated push detailed account of major investment project, "945 " want sanction 219 projects, always invest 1.6 trillion yuan, requirement of relevant director branch can be cast cast, can build build, aggrandizement infrastructure is built. Up to now, take labor in carry installed capacity makes an appointment with 38 million kilowatt, "955 " predicting start working 80 million kilowatt, "965 " predicting start working 40 million kilowatt, total investment makes an appointment with 280 million kilowatt.

"Try hard through each, major project already made clear owner in 270 million kilowatt. " Zhang Jianhua of director of bureau of national energy resources is in video expresses on the meeting, with respect to the approve target this year, total courtyard of organization of the classics and investment company, trade that take labor, water and electricity is coordinated for many times, each province of collect the job of approve planned detailed list to show 2022, plan approve project this year 52, 64 million kilowatt, involve 19 provinces. Current, the majority had finished these projects to be able to grind beforehand the job, entered can grind level, other item can grind beforehand the job also is about to finish, from the point of current condition, the much in these projects before the end of the year can be finished can grind, have approve requirement.

The reporter understands, the country is in charge of sectional requirement, to having the project of approve condition, want to accelerate approve, take the incentive step of link up with of development of project of the follow-up that take labor and photograph of configuration of natural resources of new energy resources, encourage a project to clutch start working. Bureau of national energy resources is clear, had not made clear the project of owner, want to accelerate plan to be made clear as soon as possible, branch of director of each province energy clutchs make reach this year " 945 " the executive plan of approve project, make clear each requirement, fulfil each responsibility.

Those who not allow to ignore is, "945 " project of the minority in 219 projects that approve plans may as a result of a variety of reasons cannot on time approve, even cannot mount a horse, need is so a few more compensatory the site that has a requirement. The reporter learns, near future of bureau of national energy resources was finished " pump water harbour can be medium long-term development plans (2021-2035 year) " since releasing the pay plan that adds an item newly first, 8 projects of Shanxi crimson county were brought into in the key that plans for a long time implements a project, other the province that item pay plan needs sue for peace to adjust requirement is clutching begin the work. In addition, total courtyard of relevant province and program of water and electricity is in periphery of desert, desert, desert begins resource to investigate the work, solve project of new energy resources and the problem that take harbour site amount not to match.

Equipment is made, reconnaissance design is short board

Catenary of the industry that take labor is longer, include construction of design of investment, reconnaissance, construction, equipment to make, any segment issues a problem to be able to cause an effect to whole project. The reporter interviews know, department of new energy of bureau of national energy resources organized total courtyard of program of trade organization, water and electricity to have thorough research last year, undertook to industrial catenary integral judgement is mixed evaluate. From evaluate a result to look, investment link question is not big, enthusiasm of look forward to of center of each great energy resources is very tall, local enthusiasm is very tall also, investment main body presents diversity. In the meantime, the construction force of our country is very powerful, be helpful for pulling move obtain employment and economy.

What take labor industry development now is short board basically be reconnaissance design and equipment are made, workload is big and high concentration. Smoke harbour reconnaissance to design an unit to basically include Chinese report to build a system at present 7 survey design an academy, the northeast courtyard of irrigation works system, Guangdong courtyard, design unit capacity is in about annual 50 million kilowatt. The reporter learns, the project taking labor that designs an unit certainly currently has 214. Among them, chinese report builds subordinate designing institute to be in charge of 184 projects, occupy than about 80% , basically center in Hua Dong courtyard, medium south courtyard, northwest courtyard, Beijing courtyard.

Chinese report builds Zhou Jianping of group chief engineer to ever expressed to the reporter, develop quickly to promote health of the industry that take labor, chinese report is built already built flow to change further, standardization, modular design system, improved manufacturing efficiency and design achievement quality considerably.

Besides reconnaissance design task heavy, time is tightened outside, particularly notable is to smoke labor unit to equipment is made and remain to rise for goods ability. Current, the whole nation takes labor unit the biggest produce per year ability to be controlled in 80 probably, make an appointment with 25 million kilowatt, concentration is in east report and haing report. As a result of the construction that take labor cycle needs 6-8 year, "945 " during after large-scale approve start working, pressure of equipment production consign basically is in " 955 " during. Inside course of study the personage looks, at present still time considers how to answer this question, "Should have the market only not anxious does not have equipment. "

Medium or small on the high side of the cost that take labor

Chinese waterpower project learns Chen Dongping of former deputy secretary-general to express to the reporter, this video conference puts forward, adjust measures to local conditions, couple is real, be aimed at different domain and object, active exploration and practice are medium or small smoke harbour, small miniature to take the innovation item such as harbour, to taking harbour trade development is a very good complement. With the mainstream photograph of the large power station that take labor is compared, medium or small the power station that take labor has a site resourceful, layout is agile, flood a loss diversity of small, aircrew, accept the dominant position that the system goes to the lavatory and builds cycle weak point, development is so medium or small the prospect that takes labor is very capacious.

The reporter understands, since last year, how does department of new energy of bureau of national energy resources accelerate development in research all the time medium or small the construction that take labor. Current, the province such as Zhejiang, Hubei, Hunan also is being begun medium or small the job that takes labor.

Particularly notable is, medium or small taking the main issue with current harbour is cost on the high side, every kilowatt is as high as 10 thousand yuan or so, because this wants to be made clear further medium or small the functional fixed position that takes labor, e.g. the attune from the tradition peak, fill cereal, frequency modulation, phase modulation, Hei Qi to move, lash-up reserves wait for inherent function change to be specific function; Optimize a design, research is defeated by underground water to generate electricity the system mentions the ground to come up; Study appropriate construction craft and fixture, reduce cost, further exploration suits medium or small the commercial pattern that takes labor and gain space.

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