Israel solid store hot company lands Nasidake, global head home!

  Industry news     |      2023-02-02 16:52 Israel solid store hot company lands Nasidake global head home!

China store can net dispatch: On May 25, israel solid store Brenmiller Energy of provider of hot technology solution lands Nasidake, stock code is BNRG.

This company has been Israel before this play dimension husband stock exchange especially appear on the market company, land Nasidake to will conduce to its gaining the attention of global capital, widen financing channel, its also areThe solid that at present foregone global head home appears on the market in Nasidake store hot company.

Develop brief history

Brenmiller Energy held water 2012, headquarters is located in Israel, appeared on the market in Israel mainland 2017.

The father Avi Brenmiller of this company is one of former father that heat of solar energy collect is in charge of Solel of precursory company Israel, after Solel company was bought with 418 million dollar by Xi Menzi 2009, its establish Brenmiller energy company at was being initiated 2012.

The company establishs initial stage, business is main focusing generates electricity in solar energy heat domain. After a few years, this company begins dedicated at solid store the research and development of hot system and promotion.

Core technology

The core technology BGen of this company? It is a kind of economy is efficient store hot solution, with home's commonly used magnesia brick store hot material is different, Its are used more cheap the solid state that can get (clastic rock) material is material of accumulation of heat.

BGen? Of the system store grow when heat can amount to 3 hours above, highest storage temperature can amount to 750 ° C. Have low cost (can use trough phone or abandon wind to abandon light to wait but second birth the sources of energy) , service life is long (can be as long as 30 years, implementation charges several times / discharge circulates) , safeguard modularly, less, easy control, 0 carbon are discharged wait for an advantage.

BGen? The system is used modular child unit configuration, can make different scale according to needing gather store hot system, the heat that can absorb a variety of forms or report (use embedded electric heater) will store heat energy, next the basis needs with vapour / the form of hot water is released, use at generating electricity, the domain such as industrial vapour, clean heat addition.

Can ▲ use report of smooth hot season, wind or trough report to be BGen? Charge

▲ project example (use raw material fuel)

▲ project example (use power station more than heat)

BGen? System by3 crucial component form: Accumulation of heat implement, heat exchanger and vapour generator. This company says, use clastic rock serves as store the method won't cause an effect to the environment, raised durable sex of the system, although charge to circulate with discharge through several, also do not need to change store material, because this is planted,store material is nonexistent function attenuation problem.

Commercial pattern

This store can the system can be outputted different savoured vapour, with the setting that waits for different temperature demand with heat addition at generating electricity, because this has extensive potential client.

Current, the business mode of this company still is given priority to with product sale, but itsConsidering to use the commercial pattern that the sources of energy serves, be about to equipment rents tripartite client, in equipment of client field assembly, offer operation and defend a service. Offer the sources of energy to the client with decided price next (vapour, hot air) , some are similar to contract the sources of energy of home to manage mode.

But those who deserve attention is, Since the company holds water, its still are in deficit condition, cash shedding is negative. Up to on December 31, 2021, its manage deficit to be eleven million and sixty-six thousand dollar. And can prop up its to continue the capital of operation comes from the support at the stock market and partial venture capital investment. This also explained Na Sida overcomes security market to be opposite the support of innovation technology company.

If do not have the support of capital, brenmiller Energy may is less than alive today. Watch home market instead, the industry measure that pursues business of solid accumulation of heat is not little already also, but our market does support endowment to do strong even greatly. This cannot of market of capital of all ascribe home not perfect, what a flank also reacted enterprise endowment original idea knows great majority is thin.

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