1.2 billion yuan cast build distributed Guang Fuhe store can the project quickens transition comfort to be able to accuse: Store can project construction cycle is half an year

  Industry news     |      2023-02-02 16:51

China store can net dispatch: Money couplet company on June 8 dispatch (reporter Zhang Liangde) comfort can accuse (001896.SZ) " with great quantity " invest 1.228 billion yuan, march store can power station project raises the price of the commodities distributed smooth hot season invests. Reporter of money couplet company calls company know with investor identity: "Projects of afore-mentioned new energy resources are company analysis grinds the investment that sentences yield to just be made in datum line above is decision-making, current company is in transition period, prospective centre of gravity also is met more consideration grinds on Xiang Xinye condition sentence. Prospective centre of gravity also is met more consideration grinds on Xiang Xinye condition sentence..

Evening comfort will accuse an announcement to say on June 7, company holding company plans to invest Qi of crane of construction crane wall to center type electrochemistry external store can network of distribution of increment of power station, treasure mountain store can project, construction dimensions is 100MW/200MWh and 6MW/18MWh respectively, total investment 422 million yuan. In the meantime, many subsidiary of company plan to invest construction external 5 housetop are distributed project of smooth hot season, total construction installs machine dimensions 203.50772MWp, total investment 806 million yuan.

This is comfort can accuse invest first store can project. To this, company personage says: "The company is right this store can the project grinds sentenced very long, develop store can the project also is the form of a course of study that develops place of new energy resources to need. " the other side expresses, afore-mentioned store can project construction cycle is shorter, left and right sides of half an year can build.

And comfort of project of distributed smooth hot season can dominate house top there already was position before this. In August 2021, comfort can accuse ever announced subsidiary to invest construction to press down Pingyan housetop of the area austral Shi Xiaozhen first phase is distributed project of Guang Fufa cable, construction dimensions is 5.99MWp, use BIPV light volt board replaces tile of traditional colour steel to serve as housetop directly, invest twenty-five million three hundred and thirty-eight thousand nine hundred yuan.

As we have learned, henan province hair changes appoint print and distribute " Henan province accelerates advance housetop program of action of development of Guang Fufa report " (abbreviation: "" action program " " ) in, distributed smooth hot season develops housetop of entire county of affirmatory Henan province pilot list is 66 counties (city, area) , plan to build dimensions to be 15 million kilowatt. This plan puts forward clearly, should have used " 1+1+X " construction management pattern, develop natural resources of company of company of dominant position of financing of bank of sex of advantage of technology of large energy company, policy and apanage platform, mainstay adequately to coordinate an advantage, implementation advantage is complementary, force contention influences time 3 years, save distributed Guang Fufa completely electric dimensions rises considerably.

" action program " show in the file, henan complete province shares 66 counties (city, area) begin housetop light development of volt entire county is pilot and full after building, can develop housetop face effectively to accumulate 240 million square metre, build Guang Fufa report to make an appointment with 15 million kilowatt, direct investment makes an appointment with 60 billion yuan.

And save as Henan exclusive the province of industry of power of a layout belongs to an enterprise, comfort can accuse in provincial distributed Guang Fufa has larger dominant position on electric project. Company Dong Bi ever interacted in investor express on platform, the company belongs to the enterprise of the sources of energy as the province, will be striven for actively and participate in entire county (city, area) distributed smooth hot season develops housetop pilot construction works.

In addition, comfort can accuse Ceng Yuhua signed agreement of strategic collaboration framework for the company last year, both sides talks things over to build platform of cloud of the sources of energy jointly, in entire county housetop the respect such as the investment of project of distributed smooth hot season, construction, operation management begins collaboration, plan to begin project of much setting energy to cooperate.

Although comfort can accuse an investment that already enlarged projects of pair of new energy resources, but short-term inside income of igneous cable project is occupied than 70% above. Current coal price still is resided do not fall high, squelched ability of profit of igneous phone company. Coal China benefit cleans out director of center of coal net market conditions is stingy to express to reporter of money couplet company in, 2 quarters coal is long assist the price rises with photograph comparing is small first quarter.

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