The smooth hot season that sea day stock invests store can company interest is not little: Appear on the market at present in coaching

  Industry news     |      2023-02-02 16:51

China store can net dispatch: Appearing on the market coach promote store Inc. of century science and technology (the following abbreviation is promoted store century) greet Wu of a water to appear on the market the company buys a share.

Recently, sea day stock (SH603759, share price 10.99 yuan, market prise 5.1 billion yuan) announcement says, company and promote store the century is signed " increase endowment spread agreement " , with own reserves 50 million yuan of subscribe are promoted store century part is added endowment issue share, add endowment hold of the company after finishing is promoted store century the share of 1.59% .

" daily economy news " the reporter notices, sea day stock is company of Wu of a water, began plan last year multivariate development, extend solid to abandon board piece business. And add this endowment of mark promote store the century is a smooth hot season store can enterprise, and promote store century and communication of resurgence of manufacturer of equipment of domestic news report (SZ000063, share price 24.25 yuan, market prise 114.8 billion yuan; HK00763, share price 16.98 HK dollar, market prise 80.4 billion HK dollar) origin is quite deep.

The historical partner of mark includes resurgence news report

According to exposure of announcement of sea day stock, this increases endowment spread the agreement is signed on June 2. The reporter is being promoted store century official net sees a relevant news, besides sea day stock, the investment that participates in this financing still just includes Sichuan innovation to develop investment management limited company, Chengdu limited company of poineering investment of new and high new economy, triumphal capital.

Attract numerous investment to be promoted just store the century is in smooth hot season store can the actual strength inside the domain is uncommon. According to exposure of announcement of sea day stock, from the point of industry position, promote store the century is business of service of country's biggest from net smooth hot season EPC and carry thought, mature group is had in and other places of Pakistan, South Asia, middle east, already made brand of the IPP of smooth hot season with the biggest Pakistan, the biggest smooth hot season, the biggest light store product equipment provider.

From the point of outstanding achievement expression, up to 2021 end, promote store century capital total is 4.317 billion yuan, net assets is 1.686 billion yuan, battalion closed 2021 it is 1.139 billion yuan, net profit is 185 million yuan.

" daily economy news " the reporter sees from net of official of bureau of Sichuan card inspect, promote store the century appears on the market at will be being handed over this year in April coach put on record report, the plan is in 8~10 month undertakes stop work for the day of summary, test is made training this year.

Promote store the century held water 2007, at the beginning of holding water, the name is resurgence energy limited company, till last year November just more the name is promote store century.

The company's former name is unavoidable the communication of resurgence of communication equipment manufacturer that allows a person to remember home, actually resurgence communication also is to promote store the virgin partner of the century, the resurgence of other city of Shenzhen of a few large stockholder when holding water limited company of Wei Xiantong equipment (Wei Xiantong of resurgence of the following abbreviation) , Hou Weigui also related to resurgence communication.

Resurgence dimension tells limited company of hold resurgence new news report first the share of 49% , latter is resurgence communication control a partner, the legal representative Hou Weigui that resurgence dimension connects first ever assumed the president of resurgence communication.

The treasure that start a letter shows, up to now, resurgence Wei Xiantong is reached directly hold a scale come secondhand 26.86% , to promote store the century is the biggest partner, hou Weigui assumes the legal representative of the company and president.

The reporter notices, resurgence communication is sending field of force number energy all the time. At the beginning of this year, guan Wangxiang of senior vice president, chief strategy is accepting resurgence news report " economic reference signs up for " when the reporter is interviewed, express, resurgence communication entered the strategy to surmount 2022 period, originally steadily in the CT business that faces the first curve this at the same time, increasing what wait for a domain in digital the sources of energy to extend strength ceaselessly, make a company actively grow 2 curves, implementation company can grow continuously.

Besides resurgence communication, manufacturer China is the another communication equipment that serves as home to also be in business of energy of the number that send force, still established army group of intelligent smooth hot season last year, established site and module energy army group, site energy army group this year.

Cross a bound to invest smooth hot season from water Wu store can

Regard Wu of a water as the company, the major servicing of sea day stock is water supply and sewage disposal business. In recent years, market of industry of water Wu environmental protection shares principal part more multivariate, industry conformity is bought, shuffle recombine trend aggravate, brought about speed of dilate of business of sea day stock to be affected certainly.

For seek multivariate develop, sea day stock and Inc. of environment of Shanghai health constant established the Hai Kanghuan in controlling share company to protect Inc. of science and technology jointly last year (the Hai Kang in the following abbreviation) , the plan extends company firm to abandon board piece business, main with " rubbish burns generate electricity + solid useless danger is useless deal with " give priority to, participate environmental protection and clean energy industry further thereby.

On June 9, respect of sea day stock is opposite through small letter " daily economy news " the reporter expresses, next companies plan the Hai Kang in passing to extend rubbish to burn generate electricity business. Early days business begins means to be given priority to with be being bought, as business development and experience are accumulated, also can consider to participate in new project to bid (can consider combine to bid means) . This business board piece receive contribution to will follow a purpose to advance to the battalion of the company reflect stage by stage.

And this sea day stock is added endowment of mark promote store century, basically be engaged in construction of power station of smooth hot season and operation, smooth Chu Ni becoming product production and sale, new the business such as sale of load of the sources of energy. "This second invest external be helpful for a company to store can, the exploration of circuit of clean the sources of energy and extend, the mark is worn the company is mixed towards 0 carbon the sources of energy store can the determination that the domain develops. " sea day stock represents.

Water Wu and smooth hot season store can be united in wedlock, sound resembling is a be totally unrelated. But actually home has many sewage treatment plant already built or building power station of smooth hot season. " daily economy news " the reporter also finds a relevant practical and new-style patent from inside the book of raise capital by floating shares of sea day stock, the name applies at the unit of Guang Fufa cable of industrial sewage disposal for a kind.

To the advantage that sewage treatment plant has smooth hot season generates electricity, wuhan of group of Wu of Wuhan town water 3 towns are industrial accuse a chief of branch of Inc. green industry Zhou Xuhui ever was being accepted " daily of the Yangtse River " when interviewing, mention, "Smooth hot season + sewage plant " this one mode can produce the natural advantage with huge space of sewage treatment plant adequately, reduce sewage treatment plant to use electric cost.

He points out further, on one hand, sewage treatment plant is having the water treatment pool of large area, and year all power consumption is bigger, project of Guang Fufa cable uses the part such as pool of the housetop of sewage treatment plant, sedimentation basin, biochemistry, in its upper part increases the hot season that install light board, having advantaged dimensional advantage; On the other hand, the smooth hot season of upper part of sewage treatment plant board can keep out is point-blank the sunshine of cistern, restrained the green alga that often should clear originally inside the pool effectively to grow.

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