8 bureaus build in: Plan to invest batteries of natrium of 2 billion chip in

  Industry news     |      2023-02-02 16:52

China store can net dispatch: Afterwards after 3 gorge group, new player of look forward to of center of resurgence of industry of sodium ion batteries.

Recently, 8 bureaus are built to invest university of development company and sea area of Ou of Wen Zhou city, Shanghai in carbon of university of key laboratory of Ministry of Education of project of control of organic and compound pollution, lukewarm state counteracts technical innovation academy, the agreement of framework of all directions strategy of project of system of batteries of ion of a concerned natrium.

8 bureaus are built to invest introduction of net of development company official in the basis, zhang Jian of minister of ministry of members of standing committee of lukewarm state municipal Party committee, organization, wang Zhenyong of deputy mayor of lukewarm state city; Ou sea area appoint clerical Ceng Ruihua, ou sea area appoint Yun Feng of Liu of vice secretary, warden; Wu Minggong of members of standing committee of Party committee of university of academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering, Shanghai, vice-president; Secretary of Party committee of lukewarm state university thanks tree China; 8 bureaus are built in Chu Xiaobin of vise general manager, gu Haiqing of secretary of Party committee of firm of general manager of 8 bureaus assistant, investment, president is built to witness an autograph to make an appointment with jointly in.

So medium what setting is building 8 bureaus to invest development limited company? Public data shows, 8 bureaus are being built to invest development company in Shanghai is our country's biggest international project contractor, world the 4 class of Inc. of building of China of 500 strong companies are wholy-owned subsidiary. The group is established in China of industry of main above city builds Inc. (stock code 601668.SH) develop management activity for platform, have appear on the market company 8, 2 class control share company more than 100.

Among them, 8 bureaus are built to held water 1952 in, asset dimensions exceeds 200 billion yuan, room of key development high end is built, business of operation of infrastructure, landed development, investment, innovation " Wu of 5 great undertaking board piece " . Investing a domain, 8 bureaus are built to serve national strategy actively in, invested a batch of major projects, "935 " dimensions of accumulative total investment exceeds 500 billion yuan.

8 bureaus are built to invest development limited company to be in in industrial and commercial register the full name that go up to be " 8 bureaus are built to invest development limited company in Shanghai " , it is belonged to in build 8 bureaus the wholy-owned subsidiary that Dong Fu of wholy-owned subsidiary Shanghai invests a company, it is medium build 8 bureaus responsible and integrated the market extends kind of investment business to manage with operation specialization company, end by 2019 year dimensions of accumulative total investment exceeds 330 billion yuan, systematic van is built in developing a level to be in.

Carbon of university of one delegate, lukewarm state counteracts cooperative Fang Zhi thunder of art of of dean of technical innovation academy discloses, the group is established in will contributive 2 billion yuan cast system of batteries of the ion that build sodium to invest a project, predict to come the project was amounted to 2026 postpartum, annual produce amounts to about 2.25 billion yuan; Year mu all production value 16.66 million yuan.

According to media coverage, these 4 strategies just draft investment to build Chu Nengquan of batteries of 5 natrium ion automatic product line and establishment of relevant form a complete set, material of key of batteries of ion of natrium of low cost of production of research and development, high security, macrobian life, realize industrialization of product of batteries of high-powered natrium ion.

In September 2021, government of people of sea area of Ou of lukewarm state city and autograph of lukewarm state university are made an appointment with, build carbon of lukewarm state university to counteract lab of batteries of ion of technical innovation academy and natrium of lukewarm state city in all, the whole world is brought high thunder of art of of talent of tip of domain of batteries of ion of natrium of scholar, international and its group, it is chance settle lukewarm city with this, professor of art thunder holds the position of a dean, group core personnel 15 people.

Public data shows, art thunder holds the position of Wen Zhou since July 2021 college professor, carbon is held the position of to counteract dean of technical innovation academy since September 2021, ever held the post of superconduction of university of tribute of Australian Wu Lun and electronic institute professor. 2003 and Yu Na opened great credit to obtain bachelor and master's degree 2007, was graduated from university of tribute of Australian Wu Lun to obtain a doctor's degree 2010.

He basically devotes oneself to electrochemistry store can batteries is relevant the research of electrode material, drive industrialization of sodium ion batteries, own property right for a long time to change. Publish the paper such as Science, Nature Chemistry more than 270, the article is brought to exceed 15000 times by him, among them 21 ESI that be labelled are brought high article, h index 65, 2018-2020 year successive 3 years selected whole world is brought high scholar; Application and patent of accredit international home more than 20, assume Australia but arrange of second birth the sources of energy (ARENA) major project 7, obtained Australia 2014 young scientist award.

According to media coverage, he counteracts a technology in carbon after innovation academy, very rapid development went a kind of single crystal big grain, low cost, measure adjustable Prussian blue anode without crystallization water, specific volume material, realize the production of ton of class reaction boiler, captured material of anode of sodium ion batteries eliminates the crucial difficult problem such as water.

From January 2022 portion production gives mainland after sample of batteries of ion of the first natrium, in sodium ion batteries was being finished again after two months, try produce a line, cylindrical sodium ion batteries is rolled out, predicting the end of the year is begun formally commercialize production, can solve after put into production large store can safety and cost bottleneck.

Public report did not announce 4 strategies to just cooperate in sodium batteries project the information of company principal part that go up, nevertheless " new-style store can capital " consult discovery of industrial and commercial data, under one's name of art thunder has to register the limited company of science and technology of cable of Zhejiang sky natrium in Wen Zhou. The held water 2018 natrium that this company holds the position of trustee by art thunder is ionic hold of company of phone of natrium of sky of cell company Liaoning 70% share, art Lei Chi has 30% share.

As a result of current what 4 strategies just reach is strategic framework agreement only, so in the investment that builds 8 bureaus to invest development company, did not reflect in the equity of company of science and technology of cable of Zhejiang sky natrium.

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