Collect endowment 1 billion yuan, hua Zike ability plans to cast establish many independent formula store can project

  Industry news     |      2023-02-02 16:52 Collect endowment 1 billion yuan

China store can net dispatch: The near future, ability Inc. releases Hua Zike to not specific target to issue can change debenture beforehand case (edit 2 times draft) , the plan issues 1 billion yuan to be able to change debenture to be used at many store can the project invests development.

According to the news that Hua Zike ability announces, 2 independent type that included to be located in Hunan among them store can power station, from the project the plan invests amount to look, average unit investment achieves 2.17-2.32 yuan / Wh.

Unit: 10 thousand yuan

Be in store can domain, hua Zike ability basically pursues energy management system (EMS) , store can converter (PCS) , the production of the crucial equipment such as protector makes the island that prevent Gu. According to Hua Zike ability annals shows, 2021 Hua Zike ability store can equipment and systematic battalion receive amount to amount to 106 million yuan, occupy battalion to receive proportion 4.68% . This collect endowment, hua Zike ability is extended store can the intent that the project develops already very apparent.

Before this, ceng Can of Hua Zike ability and construction Hunan electrified wire netting 2 period batteries store can set an example project site -- level ground of Chen city leek store can the development of the power station; Bear build the Internet of the sources of energy that by the country company of power supply of bound of net Zhang Jia takes the lead to set an example project.

Hunan is independent store can power station market is seen without exception

Hunan is Chinese independence store can the type that the power station develops represents province, hunan Province is integrated the sources of energy takes the lead, its first phase is independent store can the power station already joined movement entirely, 2 period store can power station project is being built stage by stage in, 3 period was to plan more 800MW/1.6GWh store can power station. Hunan Province part store can what following watches show the power station.

First phase store can in the operation of the power station, integrated energy company passes Hunan Province to sign the form of agreement of relevant power supply with company of Hunan Province power, get income of charge of electricity. Component of income of charge of electricity is accrual of accrual of capacity charge of electricity, n charge of electricity two parts.

Accrual of capacity charge of electricity, by year obtain, the standard is 600 yuan / KW · year;

Accrual of n charge of electricity, according to store can the discharge of the power station measures computation, the standard is 0.45 yuan / KWh;

Additional, with other province likeness, the independence of Hunan Province store can the power station still can obtain a capacity to rent accrual, stand through renting the capacity field of new energy resources, can obtain the certain expenses that rent.

Current, social capital invests store can project, Hunan Province is integrated the sources of energy 2 period and 3 period store can project, whether can achieve earnings of afore-mentioned charge of electricity, not affirmatory. Assist the relevant regulation that serves the market according to Hunan Province, independent store can the power station can participate in tone peak to assist service market. Move the relevant provision of the peak according to deepness, unit price of the compensation that move a peak is decided by market contest price, quote upper limit is 0.5 yuan / KWh. According to store can understand with power market, the real compensation level of deepness attune peak is located in 0.2-0.3 roughly yuan / between KWh, year when moving a peak, grow to be decided by the market, look with historical experience, with a day one fills discharge to consider circularly relatively actor.

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