China can build labor of first pump water can autograph of project of power station investment is made an appointment with

  Industry news     |      2023-02-02 16:52

China store can net dispatch: On April 28, china can build first, also be China can build investment limited company (the following abbreviation " investment firm " ) the harbour of first pump water of investment can agreement of cooperation of power station project is signed formally, the mark is worn business of power of investment firm energy resources again " break out of an encirclement " , pump water harbour can business distribution is carried fast.

This project is harbour of national pump water can " 945 " program emphasis implements a project, be located in Hubei to save Qi spring county, countryside of the implementation that help strength is revitalized, old quarter of the belt of economy of the Yangtse River, big revolution that fasten hill promotes the national strategy goal such as development. The project designs installed capacity to be 1.2 million kilowatt, electrified wire netting basically is assumed to move a peak after building, fill cereal, frequency modulation, phase modulation, store can, the accident reserves and Hei Qi is moved wait for the task.

Win the bid according to the project announcement, investment firm wins the bid for the project person. Serve as China to be able to build investment business flagship and core platform, of this project agreement sign, harbour of pump water of position of mark investment firm can business strode new step. Next, carbon of Da Feng of carbon of travel of will active carry out counteracts investment firm, old quarter of the big revolution that fasten hill revitalizes belt of economy of development, the Yangtse River, countryside wait for a country major strategy, accelerate advance project early days to work, for " development of high quality of give somebody a new lease on life can be built newly " contribute force continuously.

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