Zincic batteries store can company of systematic provider Eos obtains commitment of financing of 200 million dollar

  Industry news     |      2023-02-02 16:52

China store can net dispatch: The intermediary outside occupying reports, batteries of American zinc air store can company of provider Eos Energy Enterprises showed a few days ago, invest acceptance through signing an agreement to sell share acquired 200 million dollar. This company is dedicated to product implementation commercializes operation and expanding its scale of production.

Eos company hopes to realized income of 50 million dollar 2022, it is the 10 times above that gained income last year. This company is in at present Pittsburgh of the factory around produce per year can enlarge 800MWh, invest 25 million dollar for this.

Jennifer Granholm of American energy minister saw the installation of research and development of Eos company last year, this company will achieve American the sources of energy as battery manufacturer the ministry borrows money

Eos company showed a few days ago, a of company of Yorkville Advisors of its financing partner not company of correlation of sign one's name already agreed to buy Eos company common stock to reserve with the price of 200 million dollar equity.  

Yorkville company president holds father Mark Angelo concurrently to express, with Eos company collaboration lets his the group is continueing to be located in industry front row to the middle of the process of transition of clean the sources of energy.  

The stock of Eos company will in order to buy when increase advantageous position 3 days the discount price of 97% releases average share price, should trade to still allow to borrow money to Eos company at the same time 50 million dollar.  

Eos company developed technology of batteries of a kind of zinc through zincic oxidation and reductive principle. It makes the duration of the Znyth brand batteries of Eos company amounts to 3 hours, and these batteries module are OK overlay is together, the batteries that compose builds store can systematic duration is as long as 12 hours.  

This company was in new York in November 2020 stock exchange (NYSE) appears on the market.  

Eos company is very clear, the road that leads to gain needs ability of period of time to finish, and need respect of pair of technologies, production dimensions and business development activity have a large number of investment.  

This company is in the market prise 2021 slightly under 140 million dollar, but the order form that completed last year is 150 million dollar. Up to at the beginning of April, its market prise is 211 million dollar, and Eos company still will obtain American energy department (the loan of DoE) makes dimensions dilate with driving its.

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