Company of power supply of net Wu Zhong starts the country in the round store can power station and net early days works

  Industry news     |      2023-02-02 16:52

China store can net dispatch: On April 15, country company of power supply of net Wu Zhong against a rainy day, in a large number of store can the power station receives design phase, begin to comb receive Wu Zhong electrified wire netting store can the position of the power station, dimensions, accept method, receive the crucial information such as means.

Serve as as we have learned " peaceful report enters Hunan " facilities of principal form a complete set, store can the power station will regard electrified wire netting as side " charge treasure " participate in electrified wire netting to move, offer tone peak, Hei Qi to move, demand is answered wait for a variety of services, can realize electrified wire netting effectively to cut a peak to fill cereal, alleviate pressure of height power supply, promote offer of disappear of new energy resources, for safety of electrified wire netting stability moves offerred new approach, also provided firm safeguard to send outside electric power.

According to power system requirement, the setting that move a peak should be when negative charge is small can the electric energy with disappear accept redundant electrified wire netting, electric energy can increase to supply when bear height, establishment should be had agile, start wait for a characteristic quickly, the power supply that can move a peak for power system at present has: Pump water harbour can peak of aircrew attune peak, generation set attune, store can the power station moves a peak. Generate electricity user of company of enterprise, carry out phone, power, report store can the investment such as the enterprise builds cable store can establishment, can generating electricity the cable that side builds store can establishment, or participate in auxiliary service market to trade as independent main body; The cable that perhaps builds in user side store can establishment, can regard nearby of distributed power source as to sell to power user, regard independent market as main body, deepness moves a peak. Store can advantage of peak of power station attune is to cover an area of an area little, disappear peak fills cereal effect apparent, reaction time is fast.

The country is encouraged in collect Chinese style new energy resources generates electricity base configures report store can establishment, participate in tone peak to assist a service, the report of 10MW above store can establishment, accept electric power to attemper the orgnaization is unified attemper, construction is in of power plant store can establishment (store heat addition of report, report store can) , can participate in tone peak jointly with power plant, OK also and independent main body participates in tone peak.

In national policy guidance falls, store can the construction of the power station is just as emerge, company of Wu Zhong power supply continues store can power station and net project already exceeded 10 above, decorate respectively in board bridge, wait for 330kV transformer substation with kiln of benefit, the mouth of spring, Lu Jia all round. Because policy is how-to, store can power station and net time is pressing, working face of project early days, construction faces very great pressure.

Next, company of Wu Zhong power supply checks progressively platoon accept interval of transformer substation, transformer substation and form a complete set complete, mature store can the concussion that the power station may bring electrified wire netting and danger, strict accuse a project to be able to grind plan, make a series of special measure reduce flow of project early days, strive for a project to invest capital ahead of schedule, for store can of the power station and the net offers strong condition, for " peaceful report enters Hunan " the force that contributes oneself. (piece health)

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