" Guangdong province the sources of energy develops " 945 " program " release build store can above of 2GW of project outfit machine

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China store can net dispatch: On April 13, print and distribute of general office of government of Guangdong province people " Guangdong province the sources of energy develops " 945 " program " announcement, the program points out 2025, construction generates electricity side, change electric side, user side and independent frequency modulation store can project above of 2 million kilowatt, strive power demand side answered ability to achieve highest bear 2025 5% the left and right sides.

Store can list of technical demonstrative major project: Power source side builds maritime wind report and form a complete set of smooth hot season store can, side of electrified wire netting builds Dongguan station of station of shellfish of goosefoot of 2 2 0 kilovolt, end of 110 kilovolt alley store can project, user side builds Fosan 100 power cut a peak to fill form a complete set of base of property of number of division of big bay of cereal, southern electrified wire netting to wait store can project, build independent frequency modulation store can power station project.

Accelerate advanced store can industrial assemble develops. Advance advanced store can set an example in electric power domain application, make store can project cost reclaims mechanism, innovation store can mode of project battalion carry, aggrandizement store can standard system construction, drive an industry to develop. Rely on store can enterprise of batteries production bibcock, make " bibcock industry takes the lead, swim up and down industrial catenary develops in coordination " industrial assemble platform, core of report of promotion new material, batteries, inverter, system is compositive with the industry such as energy management assemble changes rate, drive " reclaim high capacity, low cost, macrobian life, high security, easily " store can batteries is made. Active position high capacity store hot (cold) , physics store can wait for other innovation store can industry. Advance city of Guangzhou, Shenzhen, benefit, cause to celebrate Chu Nengsheng to produce go to, assemble of catenary of industry of scientific research innovation develops.

Build promote new energy resources to develop new mechanism. Excogitate a stage to encourage " store can + but second birth the sources of energy develops " policy measure, drive stage by stage but second birth the sources of energy participates in the market to trade, perfect but system of green card of second birth the sources of energy, accelerate make chemistry store can, much can complementary the standard system that waits for condition of new job of the sources of energy and mechanism of system of form a complete set.

Other support policy: Research makes natural gas generate electricity electrovalency of whole mechanism of attune of online electrovalency trends, aiguille, store can policy of electrovalency equivalence standard, promote the policy such as electrovalency of perfect summit cereal, difference electrovalency.

Guangdong saves people government general office about Guangdong of print and distribute

The sources of energy develops " 945 " the announcement of the program

Government office of another name for Guangdong Province does 〔 2022 〕 8

Government of people of city of above of each district class, province government is departmental the door, each directly underOrgnaization:

Agree via saving bureau of energy resources of people government, nation, now will " Guangdong province the sources of energy develops " 945 " program " print and distribute gives you, ask serious organization to carry out. The problem that encounters in executive process, ask radial province to develop innovation appoint (bureau of province the sources of energy) report.

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On March 17, 2022

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