Store can batteries price tall look forward to Australia is fictitious the power plant develops suffocate suffocate

  Industry news     |      2023-02-02 16:52

China store can net dispatch: Australia is fictitious power plant (VPP) operation business already must accept user side store can project scope is far plan at first not as good as level. Tesla announced its are located in 2018 south when the VPP of Australian city, the price of Powerwall 2 batteries is 8, 000 bay yuan (close 5, 980 dollars) . Up to this year in March, price of Powerwall 2 batteries already rose to 12 thousand bay yuan. The batteries price house of tesla etc supplier does not fall high, this causes sales volume under expect a level.

Finance and economics of new energy resources is in Peng Bo to was forecasted 2018, chu Nengcheng is reduced originally will drive capacity of user side accumulative total to grow to 2022 to 2.1GWh, and actual size estimation amounts to 1.6GWh only. Store can the system is less, this limitted the size that VPP can register in its project badly. When announcing VPP of the Australia austral construction first 2018, tesla target is to cover 50 thousand households. And to September 2021, tesla comes true only enclothe 1, 100 families.

VPP is seeking new technology to expand the capacity beyond batteries. Car of new energy resources is regarded as the potential growth source of new agile capacity especially.

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