4 scientists reduce two hundred and seventy-six million four hundred and forty-seven thousand two hundred and thirty-two markets, hua Weigang just invested

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China store can net dispatch: China joined circuit of sodium ion batteries to kill.

Recently, natrium of sea of the division in poineering company of sodium ion cell produces industrial and commercial change, partner adds Hua Weiqi newly to issue the investment that breath out suddenly, Hai Song the head orgnaization such as capital, aggregate capital. In the meantime, the company registers capital to add reach about 30.95 million yuan.

Division sea natrium held water 2017 in, by place of physics of Chinese Academy of Sciences 4 author such as Chen Liquan academician establish, rely on technology of batteries of ion of physical place natrium, it is domestic head home dedicated at sodium ion cell development and production company.

Go one year, the enters bureau, country policy that takes the place of as Ning Deshi is incentive, make the natrium that horizontal sky is born ionic batteries makes one of the biggest heat, capital " bestow favor on newly " .

In new circuit, those who having background of Chinese Academy of Sciences is medium division sea natrium does poineering work as the scientist of a model company, obtain the angle of capital quickly, chinese parasol is tree capital, medium division achieve star and nation division fine and regard its as in succession of mark of high grade investment.

A professor with the big family that occupy a country discloses, the investor that has much home orgnaization ever requested natrium of sea of the division in his recommend to be in charge of high, the hope can be cast. Division sea natrium already made the investment item with hot circuit of sodium ion batteries in. Investor expresses in succession " already cast do not go in " .

"The father of Chinese lithium battery " Chen Liquan academician ever expressed, the electric energy of the whole world stores with lithium ion batteries essential and insufficient, sodium ion batteries is new battery first selection.

Sodium ion batteries is had easy make, the advantage of macrobian life, wide lukewarm area, tall fold, can achieve low cost and high security, will replace market of plumbic acerbity battery, with lithium ion batteries is formed complementary, in store can the respect produces main effect.

Smooth old negotiable securities predicts, batteries of domestic natrium ion applied the demand of setting to be 123GWh potentially 2025, with price of battery of lithium of phosphoric acid iron metric, the market airspace that correspondence controls 53.7 billion yuan.

Scientist of division sea natrium does poineering work in the opportunity that the group took sodium ion batteries to commercialize, take the lead in cutting plumbic acerbity batteries to replace the market, the distinct advantage of batteries of recycle natrium ion, enter two hundred and seventy-six million four hundred and forty-seven thousand two hundred and thirty-two stage store can the market, go in industrialization of sodium ion batteries foremost along, in also letting, state-owned opportunity obtains the dominant that industry of sodium ion batteries grows to counterpoise.

Poineering state is exclusive a few days ago Tang Kun of CEO of natrium of sea of the division in be being interviewed, what he pays close attention to more is, at present price of carbonic acid lithium is in historical perch, if the price falls low when, whether is the core competition ability of low cost of sodium ion batteries still? As poineering company, how to pass through periodic?

The scientist does poineering work how to make a balance

Regard motivation of car of new energy resources as the important raw material of batteries, carbonic acid lithium is called " white oil " . However Chinese lithium natural resources is limited, the lithium of 80% counts an import. In fact lithium is not a kind of substantial natural resources, the content in the lithosphere has 0.0065% only, and lithium resource distributings inhomogenous, the lithium of 70% distributings in South America area.

Be in early 2011, chen Liquan academician and the introduced from the northern and western nationalities or from abroad Yong Shengyi that hold a post in place of physics of Chinese Academy of Sciences together are pondering continuously, what can develop resource of mouth of a kind of Lai Jin notting comply is new-style 2 batteries. The reserve of Chinese natrium is substantial, widespread, became best option.

Still should be inside course of study when batteries of focusing lithium ion, they deliver the view to the technology of sodium ion batteries of opposite an unexpected winner.

May 2015, premier Li Kejiang emphasizes in place of physics of Chinese Academy of Sciences, innovation of science and technology should face innovation of people poineering millions of people, be in " heroic " fluctuation kongfu. Alleged " top day " , namely with technology of high-grade of primitive innovation research and development, drive " double achieve " jump to higher administrative levels litre; "Establish the ground " , rely on namely " double achieve " , drive productivity of reality of translate into of achievement of science and technology.

Be in this year, " achievement of stimulative science and technology changes a way " edit and carry out, requirement extraction technology transfers taking net income, or the technology becomes a shareholder of evaluate not under 50% will reward a researcher.

2016, batteries finishs the sodium ion of place of physics of Chinese Academy of Sciences in try an experiment, the product commercializes the level that had reached to face an one foot it seems that.

Poineering opportunity came.

Country division fine mixing is medium the angel of division sea natrium annulus investor, be subordinate to belongs to system of Chinese Academy of Sciences, to the actor defect know sth like the palm of one's hand that the scientist does poineering work. The premise condition of natrium of sea of the division in their investment is, the person that must seek to have industrial background is full-time do company CEO.

When those, chen Liquan academician, introduced from the northern and western nationalities or from abroad Yongsheng and Li Hong 3 average per capita hold a post in place of physics of Chinese Academy of Sciences, cannot full-time go doing a business, the decision after they discuss, in the student that graduates in place of physics of Chinese Academy of Sciences, search a degree of belief tall, and the CEO of natrium of sea of the division in having the person of business management experience to hold the position of.

Chen Liquan academician took the lead in thinking of the student Tang Kun in his task group. Look in them, go searching inside the graduate of place of physics of Chinese Academy of Sciences more rely on chart, the degree of belief of scientist poineering early days is very important, the group should unite a thought, recumbent a trustful feeling and cohesive affinity rush forth, fight the feeling of arms of father and son of full brother, go into battle is attached most importance to especially should.

A day that of 2016, make the important transition of Tang Kun life.

The one electrify word of Chen Liquan academician broke his quiet life, he is taking introduced from the northern and western nationalities or from abroad Yongsheng and Li Hong to asked Tang Kun to eat a meal designedly.

Face what teacher joins poineering group to its to invite about, tang Kun expresses to be willing to consider.

To already 30 and for the Tang Kun that stand, abandon be in the center look forward to of divine China academy stabilizes the job, turn and set foot on be full of sealed poineering road, it is an extremely hard decision.

Chen Liquan academician a word later gave up Tang Kun's apprehension. "You need not worry, physical place hatch 34 poineering companies, although you are in in poineering failure of division sea natrium, still can go to other company continueing to do poineering work. "

Tang Kun thinks to do poineering work is life really a tremendous opportunity, natrium of sea of the division in deciding finally to join holds the position of CEO.

The scientist does poineering work the most difficult partner that can find each other to trust in industrial group namely holds the position of CEO, such group mode is thought by investor successful rate is higher.

Tang Kun expresses, poineering group of current not little scientist uses a teacher to become president, its student holds the position of the mode of CEO. Under photograph comparing, in the mode that division sea natrium holds the position of president and CEO respectively by younger brother of senior fellow apprentice more ground connection is angry. Whole group staff can have a word to say continuously, mutual between the relation that is equal copartner.

President introduced from the northern and western nationalities or from abroad brave gets the better of the strategic direction that basically is in charge of a company, include the layout direction of the collaboration between the enterprise, business,

CEO Tang Kun is in charge of the operation details with particular industry, include human affairs, product to wait.

Chen Liquan academician holds the position of chief adviser, it is the banner sex character of the company.

Li Hong holds the position of company inspect thing. Of batteries of the ongoing ion that send sodium, he still made the research and development of negative pole of silicon of solid state batteries, carbon at the same time, go earlier in industrialization respect.

Having the poineering company of scientist idealism temperament as, in division sea natrium is inchoate also had taken roundabout way. The scientist's thinking, total hope makes a product very perfect, just take the market to go test and verify. The fact proves, the product is fast the core that iteration just is whole business logic.

"We also are being done adjust, a lot of contest taste 60 minutes, dare push 70 minutes to the market, later iteration of a month, can fill the mark that falls very quickly through fast iteration on. " Tang Kun says.

In fact, scientist and entrepreneur are in an enterprise the circumstance with occurrence skimble-scamble opinion of the meeting when real operation.

Before this, beijing University Founder and the incident of contend for two big delegates that associating is scientist and entrepreneur. Former win with the scientist and end, and latter is the victory with entrepreneur is ending.

How should be the company that the scientist does poineering work balanced?

In Tang Kun eye, in business side, entrepreneur and scientist need a kind of balance. The scientist has flashy place, while entrepreneur understands scientist success essential factor from the heart, also want acknowledge if these element are without reservation to change operation business side, can encounter a problem.

Poineering mode wants ideal scientist to produce the scientist's advantage in operation level, because excessive attention detail creates the effect of didymous company,reduce a scientist, everybody should know what his ability border is, make collective judgement finally with collective acknowledge, is not those who invite entrepreneur is decision-making conflict with decision-making generation of the scientist.

Poineering initial stage, tang Kun ever discussed with introduced from the northern and western nationalities or from abroad Yong Sheng, two people must have a person do on crucial item advocate. Accordingly, although particular operation is not participated in when introduced from the northern and western nationalities or from abroad Yong Shengping, but go up in direction of company whole strategy or give priority to with him. The group meets Tang Kun enough much information gives introduced from the northern and western nationalities or from abroad Yong Sheng,

How to pass through periodic:

How does prospective lithium price drop to do?

"We are not to should replace lithium battery, do the beneficial complement of lithium battery however. " Tang Kun expresses.

As a result of density of energy of sodium ion batteries under lithium battery, accordingly, the course of development of car add boat of batteries of embarking natrium ion the car under embarking lithium battery.

Sodium ion batteries is a kind of 2 second batteries (charge batteries) , ion of main support natrium is mobile between positive electrode and negative pole will work, principle of job of as ionic as lithium batteries is similar. Sodium ion batteries basically applies in motor-car of low speed report, dynamoelectric forklift, 5G radical to stand store can, family store can reach large-scale store can wait for a domain.

China develops sodium ion batteries to have 3 large dominant positions: The reserve that is sodium is substantial, do not accept the restriction of resource and district, have very large resource dominant position than lithium ion batteries. 2 it is security tall. In the test link can be accomplished not on fire does not explode, in carriage annulus the section can reduce the safe risk that batteries carries. 3 it is function of high low temperature exceedingly good. Data shows, in 0 the environment of low temperature of 20 ° C falls, the discharge that sodium ion batteries still has 90% above maintains rate.

As CEO, dot of the fluctuation of the feasibility that Tang Kun pays close attention to course of technology of sodium ion batteries more, future, risk and whether the solution answers a risk.

Especially at present price of carbonic acid lithium is in historical perch, market information comes out, the merchandise on hand of carbonic acid lithium is serious already and in short supply, "Do not have redundant inventory at all, relative do not take money " .

However, if price of carbonic acid lithium falls low when, in division sea natrium advocate is competition ability of core of low cost of batteries of the ion that hit sodium still in? How to pass through periodic?

Carbonic acid lithium is in the middle reaches of catenary of lithium cable industry, basically use at producing the positive electrode material in lithium of phosphoric acid iron and 3 yuan of material. The price of lithium of 1 ton of carbonic acid is at present top achieved 500 thousand yuan, make lithium battery cost very high; And regard sodium ion as batteries anode material, the price of 1 ton of sodium carbonate has 2000 yuan only - 3000 yuan.

That is to say, sodium ion batteries and photograph of lithium ion batteries are compared, technology is same, but have use cheap cost advantage of the element.

Low cost, also be medium the core competition ability of division sea natrium.

Dan Tangkun is analysed, price of carbonic acid lithium is in perch is not a thing that can last, need passes through periodic. Although the price of carbonic acid lithium is top,achieved 500 thousand yuan, but early social evening falls 100 thousand yuan, to in those days, in whether is the product side of division sea natrium returned competitive, whether the price war that fights carbonic acid lithium will become Chongzhongzhi to weigh.

As to how to pass through periodic, the answer that Tang Kun gives out is to make rock-bottom ability, make very patent layout and the development of next generation material, use the new material system that the group accumulates more than 10 years, make a next generation products as soon as possible, when price of carbonic acid lithium is in low when, the competition ability that assures batteries of next generation natrium ion is stronger than this generation.

If say low cost is medium the killer mace of division sea natrium and lithium battery fight hand-to-hand, so, dynamoelectric market of two rounds of cars is medium the main setting of mace of killer of put to good use of division sea natrium.

Home is at present dynamoelectric two rounds of cars are given priority to generally with plumbic acerbity batteries, new GB sets clearly truckload weight must not exceed 55kg, and truckload decrease weighing the most immediate step is a plumbic acid batteries replaces Cheng Li batteries. New GB to truckload the requirement of weight, quickening plumbic acid batteries to wait to lithium battery store can of batteries replace, and replace plumbic acerbity batteries to mean tremendous market opportunity.

Nevertheless, plumbic acerbity batteries replaces the market to take low cost seriously very much, current dynamoelectric if two rounds of cars, tricycle does what batteries lithium report changes to replace, the price will be expensive 500-1000 yuan, the person that buys electric car however is very sensitive to the price, if the country does not have compulsive requirement, two rounds, 3 rounds of electric cars want to realize batteries lithium report to change it is more difficult to replace.

Of sodium ion batteries appear greatly give attention to two or morethings the energy density with more acerbity than lead higher batteries and better than lithium battery security, fill neat lithium battery photograph relatively the cost of plumbic acerbity batteries and safety two big short board.

In 1/3 of the plumbic acerbity batteries that the bulk of sodium ion batteries of division sea natrium and weight are less than coequal capacity, energy density already achieved 145Wh/kg, be plumbic acerbity batteries 3 times the left and right sides, cycling life is plumbic acerbity batteries is decuple, have 5-10 at the same time minute those who charge is fast fill capacity.

Tang Kun introduces, in division sea natrium is theoretic can accomplish sodium ion batteries not only low cost, still can achieve the performance of the price that has plumbic acerbity battery and lithium battery, strive the market of plumbic acerbity batteries is crowded before occupy.

Two hundred and seventy-six million four hundred and forty-seven thousand two hundred and thirty-two class store can the market just is to be killed greatly implement

Be in in the sodium ion batteries that division sea natrium plans is large-scale in commercializing application, besides plumbic acid batteries is replaced, chu Nengcai is greater market opportunity.

Energy shortage and environmental pollution already became global issue, especially China consumes a country as the greatest energy resources on the world, increasing to the demand of new energy resources.

Store the mainest tool that can be considered as to solve new energy resources to generate electricity to be not stabilized, can come true cut a peak to fill cereal.

Store can the technology can be divided for electrochemistry store can, mechanical store can mix electromagnetism store can 3 kinds big. Electrochemistry store can the technology does not accept geographical environment restriction, can undertake store and be releasinged directly to electric energy, because its technology maturity, cost is low, commercialize application range is wide wait for a characteristic, use generally at the domain such as product of system of aerospace, power, electric car, portable electron.

Since 2020, china " double carbon " strategic goal puts forward, drove the compose of new-style power system that gives priority to body with new energy resources to build, compose proposes one of important way of new-style power system, it is have the aid of store can wait for exterior adjustment the method stablizes supply and demand to fluctuate.

Academy of net the sources of energy predicts the country, china is new-style store can meet after 2030 welcome rapid growth, outfit machine dimensions will amount to 420 million kilowatt 2060 (420GW) the left and right sides, new-style store can install machine dimensions to rise violent wind nearly 200 times.

"Future, the electricity that we need to have 50% comes from new energy resources, electrified wire netting must the installed capacity form a complete set according to 10%-20% store can establishment, numerate of this digital plan is very terrible, it is a market of two hundred and seventy-six million four hundred and forty-seven thousand two hundred and thirty-two. " Tang Kun says.

Tang Kun expresses, current, store can the market is bigger than electric car market, cost demand is lower than electric car demand, but density of energy of sodium ion batteries is inferior, bulk wants big 20%-30% than lithium battery, so mobile phone, the high end such as notebook computer applies setting is not sodium ion batteries to stand for war.

And new energy resources receives the market to ask to bulk not sensitive, stand for war those who make sodium ion battery, in the imaginary space of division sea natrium also depends on this. Large-scale store can system (ESS) , 5G radical station, door with store can, smooth hot season, wind energy will be sodium ion batteries stand for war.

For example ESS domain, stone the sources of energy is spent in the whole world in short supply, below the circumstance with not steady supply of wind energy, solar energy, ESS cooperates intelligent electrified wire netting, not will stable the sources of energy stores rise the power supply demand that matchs different period of time and area, made the most feasible plan. Sodium ion batteries has sexual price to compare tall, high power, big temperature can work inside limits and green environmental protection can last wait for an advantage, it is the batteries that suits to be used at ESS most.

In March 2019, in division sea natrium is own the whole world of research and development batteries of ion of first 100kWh natrium store can the power station saves Li this world in Jiangsu investment moves.

In April 2021, national hair changes appoint release with bureau of the sources of energy " drive about accelerating new-style store the directive opinion that can develop " , the test that puts forward clearly to accelerate the technology such as sodium ion batteries to begin dimensions to change sets an example.

"Build what new-style power system asks to put forward as the country, store can meet become a strong demand. This also is capital attention store can the main reason of the market. " Tang Kun says.

Can foreknow, 2022 will be batteries of Chinese natrium ion of large-scale industrialization germinant. Before this, division sea natrium announces to cooperate to building the whole world with 3 gorge the sources of energy in dimensions of batteries of first natrium ion changes a quantity to produce a line, the program is produced can 5GWh, first phase 1GWh will at formal 2022 put into production.

Go in industrialization of sodium ion batteries foremost as China the poineering company of the edge, tang Kun and his group whether make a next batteries empire?

The reporter gains latest news from place of personage of know the inside story, division sea natrium will be in in the near future undertakes the framework is adjusted constituent, involve tall canal human affairs to change, at present the high level still is discussing in the center.

The test that attributes the person that do poineering work just just begins.

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