Happy drive the sources of energy to finish A annulus financing, through AI algorithm + store can systematic unifinication consign offers solution of wisdom the sources of energy for the user

  Industry news     |      2023-02-02 16:52

China store can net dispatch: Shanghai is happy recently drive limited company of wisdom energy science and technology (the following abbreviation " happy draw the sources of energy " ) the A that announces to finish 10 thousand yuan thousands of annulus financing, epicycle financing is gotten by fresh capital cast, capital of green phoenix tree and tung tree holds the position of financial adviser. Happy drive Pan Duozhao of CEO of the sources of energy to express, epicycle financing financing will be used at the business side such as product research and development and market dilate.

Happy drive the sources of energy to held water 2015, it is one is based on AI algorithm and store can the system is compositive technology, the service business of the construction of capital of lifecycle of lithium report Chu Nengquan that offers soft hard an organic whole for the client and safe and efficient operation.

Happy drive solution of the sources of energy

Carry in AI algorithm, happy drive energy group to have core of lithium report report to class is evaluated and choose battery of technology, lithium to heat up out of control to forecast algorithm and the intelligence that are based on SoH battery life to fill discharge technology. In the past in 5 years, happy drive the sources of energy to drip for boreal steam, one steam, drop, abstruse use the lithium report capital fund that waits for a client to offer 10GWh+ safe canal dominates a service, algorithmic accuracy rate > 95% .

Be in store can hardware end, happy those who drive the sources of energy to grind to be produced oneself oneself is modular large and medium-sized store can system already be born is domestic and international project of 30+ million made of baked clay class, solution is sought in cooperative control of the sources of energy implement algorithm is added hold below, chu Nengping of industry and commerce all IRR achieves ~8-12% , already formed plant of center of technical research and development, production and the overall arrangement of production base at present.

At present our country has the electricenergy production of 70% to come from firepower to generate electricity about, but as our country " carbolic Da Feng, carbon is counteracted " the program of strategic goal and carry out, the significant progress line that the clean the sources of energy such as wind report, smooth hot season had made transition of our country the sources of energy. Generate electricity to stablize new energy resources and use fluctuation feature of report, store can the industry balances infrastructure as indispensable electric power, also welcomed development opportunity.

National hair changes appoint express clearly with bureau of national energy resources, to 2025 our country store can install machine dimensions to want to achieve above of 30 million kilowatt. At present our country electrochemistry store can have developed piece " generate electricity side of side, electrified wire netting, user side " store can configure pattern, use a side among them store can develop rapid.

Happy drive Pan Duozhao of CEO of the sources of energy to express, at present user side store can demand is exuberant, and commercialize degree taller, had not appeared temporarily very bibcock company, happy drive the sources of energy to be able to depend on the actual strength of technology of soft hardware unifinication that gathers for a long time to be user side store can the market is brought high-powered and efficient solution. Pan Duozhao has degree of MBA of college of industry of grain of Singapore southern Asia, join department of facilities of new energy resources of culmination science and technology since 2013, be in dominant of and other places of Beijing, Jiangsu, Shanxi, Xinjiang, Tibet is smooth store the development of the project, operation, accumulated rich smooth Chu Xinneng source industry experience.

Happy drive the sources of energy to think, store can the system is compositive the technology is a foundation, and long-term safety, efficient operation is in dispersedly of each district store can asset, the systematic platform that needs to rely on intelligence to change and top-ranking AI are algorithmic. And happy drive batteries of not only AI to forecast accuse algorithm with the canal, the wisdom the sources of energy that still has proper motion research and development digitlizes platform, can laden to the user energy undertakes real time is monitored, imitate, forecast and control, the highest effect of management of implementation requirement side and energy assets is used. It is reported, happy drive have nearly 20 relevant patent, application new-style patent and computer software copyright.

Happy drive Chang Wei of CTO of the sources of energy to express store can the system is a firm accepts kind of product substantially, and batteries health and safety factor will be affected directly store can equipment whether the 10-15 after be born year stability moves, bring economic benefits for the client. Chang Wei ever held the post of chief of branch of net of couplet of duty Microsoft content early or late, dust dark sagacious the sources of energy and chief inspector of Electricity Department door, come for years the research and development of algorithmic respect reachs application related dedicated new energy resources, at present algorithm of decathlon of know exactly about sth invents patent and relevant paper.

Happy drive the sources of energy to serve a framework

Chang Wei expresses happy drive the sources of energy to have the 4 class safety that is based on AI algorithm to forecast, include " lunar level forecasts " , " week class forecasts " , " hour class forecasts " and " minute class forecasts " :

"Lunar level is forecasted " basically pass algorithmic monitoring store can of core of equipment batteries report fill discharge consistency circumstance to undertake drift analysis, the attenuation that judges batteries is characteristic.

"Week class is forecasted " criterion around store can systematic interior and character of batteries interior a collection of illustrative plates, analyse batteries small effect or invalidation characteristic, guide administrative system to undertake carrying peace keeping is in charge of accusing.

"Hour class is forecasted " and " minute class is forecasted " basically heat up out of control to undertake shifting to an earlier date forecasting in the light of batteries, meet linkage store can the fire control device in the system undertakes dealing with, in order to reduce the probability of batteries on fire and the harm that its bring.

Safe operation is store can equipment and even store can the key topic of the industry, beijing is bright red in April 2021 the door store reason of what one is particularly good at more let government and enterprise increase to be opposite store can the attention that equipment safety manages. Chang Wei expresses, happy the AI canal that draws the sources of energy accuses algorithmic framework to had been in look forward to of car of many new energy resources, exchange a power station, store can stand and ladder second in using a product, last operation is counted year, accumulated much actual combat experience, its " hour class is forecasted " algorithm of hot out of control is accurate was on guard many cases incident of station class hot out of control.

In the meantime, user side store can one of main purposes are to use electrovalency difference to reduce oneself to use electric cost, produce economic benefits then, happy for this drive the sources of energy to still faced a client to make platform of energy government income, can realize economic benefits through systematic linkage the biggest change, at present this platform already was in ground of many projects decline to use. Its are new the cooperative control of the sources of energy of generation seeks solution implement, union " data - mechanism " the batteries function of double drive and safety forecast platform, already used experience through 4 years of much fall to the ground, the ability that the capital fund of AI new energy resources that had large-scale, high density, strong canal to accuse runs.

Current, happy the technology of soft hardware unifinication that drives the sources of energy can offer whole source web to carry on one's shoulder or back store unifinication solution. Be aimed at different application setting, happy those who draw the sources of energy " AI+ store can " can realize light store through traffic, store fill through traffic, store can wait for cooperative control with through traffic of electrified wire netting.

Happy those who draw the sources of energy store can the system is used modular design, the smallest report store can unit for 150 degrees of report and 200 degrees of report, corresponding system power is 0.5C and 1C. Pass free combination, happy those who draw the sources of energy store can unit can finish from indoor and small-sized store can the system arrives outdoor container class store can systematic construction. Current, happy the construction that drove the sources of energy to had completed project of made of baked clay class of 30+ global million and operation, include to install rich China content to shed electrified wire netting of islands of Malta of computer room of IDC of mobile Chengdu of garden area, China, Europe store can wait, achieve the average IRR yield of ~8-12% of asset of side of industry and commerce.

Happy drive equipment of hardware of the sources of energy

Pan Duozhao expresses, happy drawing the sources of energy is not simple store can equipment is compositive business, however with store can equipment is base, receive multivariate the platform of operation of wisdom energy assets of AI algorithmic module. Happy drive the sources of energy to grind oneself " 3S+AI Yun Rong and system " , safe canal accuses operation of algorithmic, equipment to manage platform of system and energy government income, the purpose is offer efficient energy management to serve to the client, create value of persistent wisdom the sources of energy for its.

Sell a field, at present happy draw the sources of energy with modular the form of product and be born of project of energy of platform service wisdom is given priority to, also exploring delivery actively at the same time " software + service " new pattern. Personnel respect, happy drive the sources of energy to have stuff at present 80 people left and right sides, among them personnel of research and development is occupied than exceeding 60% . Happy drive the sources of energy to be in Dongguan, Nantong at present the manufacturing base of layout of and other places has 1.5GWh to produce can, this second financing will be used at store can mass production and consign.

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