Why to say insurance is to reduce store can the foundation stone that the system throws financing risk?

  Industry news     |      2023-02-02 16:52

China store can net dispatch: Company of Altelium of professional insurance device combines an article that father Charley Grimston published a few days ago to point out, those who analyse drive is decision-making apply to batteries not only store can of the system move and optimize, and to consolidating batteries store can the long-term success of the industry is crucial also. Altelium company is enterprise of an insurance science and technology, and Grimsto is British standard association (BSI) committee member, this committee was the safety of British batteries group and module and environmental protection processing to establish occupation standard.

Insurance is affected almost store can each respects of the market

Insurance is the cornerstone that ensures growth of business of each industry market all the time. And batteries of the ion that it is lithium store can the system provides insurance, it is its can get the support, understanding, mark that assesses a risk.  

Lithium ion batteries store can besides the period of efficacy that the system offers the time limits of insurance service to be able to exceed primitive manufacturer to claim, will give batteries product to offer quality to assure to assure with the bank, make batteries store the market can grow and can mature. Accordingly, it is in batteries store there can be crucial effect in market development.  

Besides fund is obtained in the help or deduct risk and finance from inside company balance sheet outside this one action of indebted respect, insurance also is helping implementation environment, society and processing (ESG) target respect produces crucial effect. In this one process, it still conduces to a few crucial challenges that solve and overcome this industry, mix to the confidence of batteries lifecycle namely risk of fire control safety.  

Because new climate change code also asks to acquire the information that insurance place wants and technology,this is, if the risk fulfils his duty,investigation and risk alleviate. This flow still is building the optimal practice procedure related to spot program, design and operation to produce main effect in order to reduce fire hazard respect, be in especially for store can the system buys operation all risks (OAR) below safe circumstance.

The global standard of financial report is climate related business climate relevant finance affairs shows a working group (the frame of TCFD) . Below G7 and the support that G20 country organizes, exceed 2, 200 organizations support working group of as financial related to climate exposure formally (TCFD) the report that keeps consistent.  

Understanding gets the risk of redound

Same, must be in store can every level that the system develops (the first level that produces from the product arrives discard as useless the last phase) the lifecycle analysis that carbon discharges, so that to carbon output has consideration, because this must be in every level understands and quantify a risk, make process and batteries chemistry part from understanding namely, to understanding store can plan of optimal practice operation and program.

The insurance company that this pursues battery business technically namely is right store can the reason with market future so main development, because very few somebody is capable to understand these batteries technology knowledge, capable perhaps to process the batteries data that requires with application, in order to understand, reduce and price risk, offer the insurance cost of real value and significant item thereby.

Although store can develop business to hope for its interest relative, investor and client ensure good ESG grade, but involves target and flow are reducing a risk, improve operation security and raise gain ability respect to produce main effect.  

And insurance company still will investigate design plan, include to offer warmth ventilated, gas is explored and infra-red heat explores a system like the fire such as appearance, and management of water natural resources, unit span and explosion proof wall, these will make the one part that good risk alleviates and plans.  

Begin collaboration with insurance provider

Of course, usurer and borrower are in ensure lest suffer relevant risk respect to exist,the project is protected appropriately common interest. Batteries store the system is designed and can move weller, clauses is more advantageous, say normally, this kind of asset will carry out on any ESG frame but durative jump over with the rank tall.  

Insurance company is the keep person that uses batteries knowledge and experience extensively, concern through building good job with them and share knowledge, store can the market through improving insurance cost and service benefit from benefit from this is planted professional knowledge.  

Insurance company is two with the flow cent at assessing a risk. Examine the referenced data that involves batteries above all, in order to understand batteries store can the electrochemistry inside the system and electric framework. The 2nd is the operation data that examines the site, the design with knowing asset and make means and administrative way -- check and safeguard a system to reach the designated position.  

Artificial intelligence and advanced science replaced historical reference point. For example university and button block the Lankaisite of Altelium company and England Si Er university cooperates, researcher is the expert of domain of lithium ion batteries. And associated author Professor Harry Hoster of Altelium company is German Du Yi Si Bao - dust dark university hydrogen and director of center of fuel cell technology.  

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