Lithium price violent wind rises will affect cell store can project deploy defer or cancel

  Industry news     |      2023-02-02 16:52

China store can net dispatch: The intermediary outside occupying reports, have and manage Australia the batteries with two the largest scale store can of the system but the warning said company of Neoen of business of development of second birth energy a few days ago, lithium price violent wind rises recently may bring about this country to cancel or defer a few large batteries store can project deploy.  

The Australian the sources of energy that Louis De Sambucy of Neoen company controller held in Sydney a few days ago and batteries store can point out on the conference, lithium price rose in nearly a few months sixfold.

Neoen company is developed and the batteries of Victoria Big Battery of operation store can system 

Sambucy says, "Batteries of our program deploy store can the dimensions of the project is very giant. Meanwhile, see the thing of market happening when us, especially when lithium price rises quickly, we think batteries of wh some of which store can the project will cancel deploy to perhaps defer deploy, because of lithium price since had risen since last year September sixfold.  

This will bring huge impact and influence, this makes any batteries store can the project can face huge additional cost. Accordingly, only extremely dovish the commercializing that has support of different income source store can deploy of project ability success. So we predict batteries store can the deploy of the project is in short-term inside can appear a few put delay. So we predict batteries store can the deploy of the project is in short-term inside can appear a few put delay..  

Sambucy expresses, the batteries of company of his predicting Neoen store can project program won't be affected, because the market is right batteries store can systematic demand is very driving.  

He says, "We have more and more clients to have fun at purchase but second birth the sources of energy and store can the electric power of the project. Without doubt, appeared at present inflation, must try to manage, but growth is clearly. But growth is clearly..  

The batteries of Neoen company deploy store can the Bulgana batteries of the 20MW/34MWh that the project still includes Victoria administrative division store can system, the Capital batteries that and this company still is earthed up in can pulls deploy 100MW/200MWh store can system, after Neoen company signs a contract with ACT company recently, this is carried out.  

This company is other planning the batteries of deploy store can the battery that the project includes send deploy of electric field form a complete set with the Western Downs solar energy of 420MW store can project, south Australian city Goyder South can area of garden of second birth the sources of energy (this garden area batteries of 900MW/1800MWh of deploy of form a complete set store can system) , and deploy is in the GreatWestern batteries of the 500MW/1000 MWh near Lithgow store can system.

Sambucy expresses, batteries store can the project cannot rely on single income source to live apparently, need gains many income source or market opportunity.  

He says, "If see it only from the angle of pure the sources of energy, or if isolate ground look upon among them an income flows, that is insufficient, because do not have more redound. Accordingly, batteries store can the operation need union of the project and cooperation. Local government had produced main effect, and need continues produce effect. And need continues produce effect..  

Neoen company benefit from benefit from these governmental contracts, among them one comes from south the batteries of Huo Ensi acting Er that Australian state government supports store can project (present dimensions is 150MW/194MWh) , and the batteries of Victorian Big Battery that Victoria state government is 300MW/450MWh for dimensions store can the system is offerred aid financially.  

He expresses, batteries of Huo Ensi acting Er store can the project still is checking to provide inertial capability to electrified wire netting, this will solve the serious problem such as mains frequency change. And this year later on, as the one part of the experiment, the batteries of Huo Ensi acting Er after extend store can the project will be contented south Australia the power system of 1/3 is inertial demand.  

Sambucy says, "When user demand is inferior, batteries store can the system can offer new electric power to serve (for example inertial the service with these types) , but we need signal of a few active markets, and these batteries store can the support that the project needs to win some kind of form. And these batteries store can the support that the project needs to win some kind of form..  

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