Multivariate store can demand increases increasingly appear on the market the company cleans out true gold to fill short board

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China store can net dispatch: On April 1, accompanying the banging song of machine agitate, hunan of network new source makes the same score the country harbour of river pump water can site of power station construction begins to prevent ooze concrete irrigates wall head storehouse build, indicating Hunan is the biggest pump water harbour can large dams of the reservoir below the power station enters main body construction. " negotiable securities daily " the reporter understands in the spot, in recent years, generate electricity as the increment of new energy resources such as report of smooth hot season, wind merge into electrified wire netting, to accept of disappear of increment of electrified wire netting, put the quantity is optimized and move the peak filled cereal to raise taller requirement, right diversity, mutiple level advanced store can demand for service grows increasingly, appear on the market the company already was in dig golden pump water actively store can, compress air store can, reclaim dynamical cellStore can wait for a domain, ability of accept of disappear of electrified wire netting of compensatory each district is short board.

Pump water of dominant of large center look forward to store can project

Harbour of smooth river pump water can the power station is Hunan body measures the pump water with the largest scale of the biggest, investment store can project, this project is located in Yue Yang city to make the same score river county Fu Shoushan to press down, total investment amounts to 8.8 billion yuan, general assembly machine 1.4 million kilowatt; Main by go up the structure composition such as workshop of next reservoir, reservoir, system is defeated by water, underground and switch station, design year of electricenergy production 1.009 billion kilowatt hour, smoke water and electricity to measure 1.453 billion kilowatt hour, plan go into operation of first unit end 2025 to generate electricity.

Spot staff member to " negotiable securities daily " plan of reporter introduction project and social benefit: "Hunan of network new source makes the same score the country harbour of river pump water can project of power station main body on August 28, 2019 start working is built. Up to now project already accumulative total completes investment 2.158 billion yuan, predict achievable this year investment 930 million yuan. Harbour of smooth river pump water can after power station building, can save standard coal every year 82 thousand tons, reduce carbon dioxide to discharge 150 thousand tons, pull move Hunan GDP to grow more than 11 billion yuan, create profit tax every year 140 million yuan. In addition, the project still will bring education of travel sightseeing, scientific research, obtain employment to achieve receive the social benefit that waits for a domain " .

Hunan university is electric as assistant as information project institute dean Professor Li Fuhai analyses afore-mentioned case to the reporter: "In recent years, encourage wind-force to generate electricity as the country, be born of policy of Guang Fufa report, electrified wire netting adds electricenergy production newly to grow apparently. Because the element such as seasonal, climate, geography is affected, afore-mentioned new energy resources generate electricity existence is apparent seasonal differ with peak cereal, raised taller requirement to increment of accept of disappear of electrified wire netting. Smooth river pump water store can the electrified wire netting in project Ke Weihua moves the peak fills accept of disappear of cereal, increment, put a quantity to optimize offer help strength certainly. "

He complements further, "Current, daytime exists with report with report and night overt value is poor, as pump water store can project, it is nightly only the pump water that use phone, turn on the water by day generate electricity to be able to gain certain benefit. But, pump water store can tall to geological requirement requirement, project measures cycle of bigger, construction investment of longer, early days is larger, do not suit a place state-owend enterprise, medium dominant of small small company is begun. If the enterprise wants deep ploughing advanced store can domain, solid fill for electrified wire netting on disappear accept is short board, still need to combine respective characteristic, adjust measures to local conditions to explore scientific way. "

Appear on the market the company begins gas neatly store can

On March 31, east is electric release year reported 2021, for advanced store can explore gave out the answer. East is electric express, 2021, this company development is finished compress air store can generate electricity turbine of air of systematic nation demonstrative project, already advanced first new-style carbon dioxide of construction home store can project of test and verify, the acupuncture point of golden altar salt that offers air turbine unit compresses air store can national demonstrative project succeeds and net.

Saline acupuncture point is the mine hole that after salt mine extracts, leaves, volume is huge and sealed and good. In ask about whether use salt acupuncture point undertakes compression gas store can when, liu Shaohua of Dong Bi of snow day salt industry expresses to the reporter: "Use Shui Rong to extract means is in underground's larger salt deposit or saline Qiuzhong can form subterranean burrow after mining, the salt below high temperature high pressure has the characteristic of automatic heal break, acupuncture point of salt of the underground after period of time can be formed sealed store library, theoretic can use at memory to compress gas to come true store can move a peak. Going up early century 60 time, the United States, Canada, France, Germany develop test of gas storage of saline acupuncture point, prove memory of use salt acupuncture point compresses gas to have ideal effect. "

Snow day salt industry also in a planned way begins saline acupuncture point to compress gas store can business, liu Shaohua is compensatory: "The saline acupuncture point that the salt below our banner turns a company is resourceful. We value the development perspective that resource of saline acupuncture point uses integratedly very, already began to consider and plan relevant job. We pay close attention to particularly capture use at compressing air after carbon dioxide store can condition of this one burgeoning industry, while the carbon that finish decreases platoon, carbon to capture, can march again advanced store can domain. "

Except afore-mentioned companies, china can be built, on the company such as investment of can electric, Lu Yin, Jin Panke ability also expresses to be compress air store can business supplies relevant equipment, or plan to exhibit relevant project.

Professor Li Fuhai analyses afore-mentioned case to express, "Compress gas store can the project has adjust measures to local conditions, but can little merit, still can use saline acupuncture point, mine to wait to already had resource neatly, suit local state-owend enterprise to take the lead more. Small small company also can combine oneself advantage to take an active part in in among them, provide relevant form a complete set and service. "

Small small company recovers batteries is cleaned out " true gold "

In small small company how is sortie advanced store can domain? Hunan gave out " hold a group in the arms to enter the market " experience. In Changsha case Lin Xiangshan public transportation station, a sousaphone " treasure of the sources of energy " charging to dynamoelectric bus, this is the motivation after retiring batteries classics reclaims the ladder that builds after reconditioning second light store charge unifinication commerce item.

As our country accumulator of motivation of car of the first batch of new energy resources is entered retire fastigium, many research organization is forecasted, to 2030 material of our country batteries reclaims market space will exceed 100 billion yuan / year. Company of Hunan much home and scientific research orgnaization aimed at dynamical cell to reclaim use this one property, initiative formed dynamical cell to reclaim industrial catenary, made annual produce exceed 15 billion yuan good result.

New energy resources of courtyard of Changsha mine smelt metal uses Xiong Wei of career ministry minister to introduce to the reporter circularly: "Retire to be equal to discard as useless, reclaim however the beginning that use. Retire the batteries capacity that dynamical accumulator still has 80% commonly, the course detects, safeguard, recombine wait for link, can apply afresh store can, report, family uses distributed Guang Fufa the domain such as motor-car of report, low speed report. What every link needs corresponding special skill is medium small small company produces an advantage, reclaiming, sorting, detect, disassemble, assemble, the respect such as joining together, installation contributes force. "

In retire dynamical cell ladder second store can generate electricity besides, triumphant ground is numerous can, in waiting circularly, small small company takes an active part in general of state of course of study of suitable Hua Li, Hunan, Jin Yuanxin material, Jin Kai not to have harm manage, resource to reclaim to dynamical cell the domain such as second birth. Reclaim in tripartite service platform " lithium is collected " on, ex-service dynamical cell receives new student trip. Since the line on March 2020, "Lithium is collected " reclaim retire dynamical cell amounts to many tons 10 thousand, service client 2972, trade the forehead makes an appointment with 150 million yuan.

Professor Li Fuhai analyses afore-mentioned case to express, "The country is released ' 945 ' program of system of contemporary the sources of energy, advanced store can put in quite important locally, special put forward to want focusing to drive compose to build new-style power system, accelerate new-style store can technical dimensions turns application, urge the user side such as electric car, UPS store can participate in a system to move peak frequency modulation. This shows, advanced store can business should grow, need large center look forward to not only ought to play of come out boldly takes on, take the lead develop oversize project, also need adjust measures to local conditions of local state-owend enterprise, dominant body measures the argumentation maturity project that fit, in needing more, small small company and even consumer answer an appeal to take an active part in, what form mutiple level, diversity jointly is advanced store can social system, make power system has tenacity and flexibility more. The process is here medium, I suggest decision-making layer is summed up in time already some mature mode, successful case and advanced experience, accelerate on the foundation here publish a certain number of standardization to consult plan offers each district reference to carry out, drive system of contemporary the sources of energy to build be born at an early date. "

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