Hundred made of baked clay form of Shandong is new the sources of energy store can set an example the project is finished and the net checks

  Industry news     |      2023-02-02 16:52

China store can net dispatch: Recently, by Guangzhou wisdom light store can limited company of science and technology (the following abbreviation " Zhi Guang store can " ) the 35kV/8MVA movable type of development store can and test facilities is in the net heat and power plant of some new energy resources finished Shandong hundred made of baked clay class store can set an example of the project and the net checks.

This test device is OK imitate electrified wire netting appears in moving actually all sorts of disturbing and breakdown, have detect new energy resources store can adaptability of electrified wire netting and breakdown pass through ability.

Zhi Guangyi uses formula store can and cent of look of test facilities and traditional impedance, block presses the net to be compared, have an operation precision of simple, output exercise efficiency is tall, tall; Can output Gao Cixie wave to be able to satisfy adaptability of harmonic of electric energy quality to test requirement; But round-the-clock move not to get the good point such as influence of pluvial snow weather.

This purpose succeeds and the net checks, indicate move wisdom is smooth store can technology of commutation of power source of electron of high-power electric power is more mature and stable, consolidate further Zhi Guang store can be in movable type store can reach new energy resources and net the industry position of test facilities.

Reach as more and more new energy resources store can system and the net safe stability to electrified wire netting moves cause an effect, use Zhi Guangyi to use formula store can and test facilities is opposite the net large store can the system undertakes and the net detects reach moving opinion, make sure new energy resources is reached thereby store can the requirement that the system satisfies electrified wire netting, great the dependability that raises electrified wire netting to move and security.

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