Alcemi company and business of Danish energy development begin collaboration to plan to be in England deploy 4GW batteries store can asset

  Industry news     |      2023-02-02 16:52

China store can net dispatch: The intermediary outside occupying reports, england store can develop business Alcemi company and business of Danish energy development firm of Copenhagen infrastructure partner (CIP) expressed a few days ago, both sides is in coact England development, construction and operation 4GW batteries store can asset combination.  

These batteries store can the project is in later period to develop level now, the installed capacity of every project arrives in 300MW between 500MW, duration is the longest can amount to 4 hours. These two companies show, this makes Chu Nengcheng is these batteries European scale is the largest store can one of projects.  

These batteries store can the project is being developed in the strategic position of system of British transmit electricity, will provide support for electrified wire netting, use better through ensuring thereby but second birth the sources of energy will help the cost of total the sources of energy that reduces consumer, reduce the carbon of Electricity Department door to discharge, final limitation generates electricity to fossil fuel during power demand peak value demand.  

Alcemi company planned these batteries store can project, will support next continueing that develop these projects in Susgen company. And batteries store can the system purchases an activity to basically will be carried out by CIP company, and this year later on start working builds the first batteries store can project, this project plans to opened operation 2023.  

These two companies show, predict more batteries store can the project is in in the near future start working is built.  

Christian Skakkeb of CIP firm senior partner? K expresses: "We hope these projects can be mixed to British low carbon with having the kind of cost effectiveness tall flexibility generates electricity industry transition.  

CIP company manages nine foundation project, management is as high as about 16 billion euro (13.5 billion pound) asset, dedicated invest at energy infrastructure, its are to include maritime wind report, onshore wind report, solar energy to generate electricity, raw material can be mixed garbage power, be defeated by distribution, store can system and assets of other energy resources.  

England is in the other and large batteries of deploy store can two when the project includes Amp Energy company to be being developed total dimensions are 400MW/800MWh batteries store can the batteries of Sembcorp Energy UK of project, 360MW store can project, and the Capenhurst batteries of the 100MW/107MWh in Zenob ē deploy store can the project.

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