Family and outdoors store can provider " colorful promote peaceful " the B that finish annulus financing, before competence of sea mother fund, Zhuo Yuan endowment is cast

  Industry news     |      2023-02-02 16:52

China store can net dispatch: On April 7 message, home's banner family and outdoors store can technical provider " colorful promote peaceful " the B that finish annulus financing, before competence of sea mother fund, Zhuo Yuan endowment is cast. Epicycle financing will rise to be offerred for client of its whole world further one-stop from electric core, inverter, BMS excellent front courtyard is reached outdoors store can overall the technology of the product serves ability. Before this, " colorful promote peaceful " the A of the orgnaization such as capital of Ceng Huozhuo source, immediate sth used to one's own advantage, Gao Yun capital annulus financing.

Colorful Xing Taicheng stands 2009, it is home's banner family store can, outdoors store can, mobile store can product of product major ODM/OEM and technical provider; The company is in battery of battery of 3 yuan of lithium, lithium of phosphoric acid iron and store can the respect of technical research and development such as BMS of inverter, batteries has very powerful technology to accumulate, and was built reach report of lithium of phosphoric acid iron to supply catenary thoroughly core, BMS, inverter to make a system from 3 yuan, can offer for global client from store can catenary of entire industry of product definition, products plan and research and development and product production delivery serves; At present brand and the shopkeeper such as company and HomeDepot, Mophie, Belkin, Pulsar, Varta, Elecom, Yodobashi build the strategy collaboration concerns.

Current, colorful the core product that promotes peaceful is outdoors store can the product has enclothed batteries capacity to arrive from 512Wh, 1024Wh, 1530Wh, 2048Wh 4096Wh, output power arrives from 600W, 1000W, 2400W 5000W; Company 2022 3 began a company to be released in succession " 1 hour fill quickly " reach " apply to 30 degrees of low temperature 0 times " innovation sex is outdoors store can product; Will roll out 8kWh-16kWh-24kWh light in April 2022 store the family of an organic whole store can product; Type of outdoors fold of the 120W that uses monocrystalline silicon face plate, 200W, 300W is portable solar energy board already big batch appears on the market.

The colorful author that promote peaceful holds refer of CEO Yang Changjun concurrently this second financing expresses: "At present the family is reached outdoors store can be hotter circuit, only those master technology of all fronts core and have the company of perfect industry catenary, just win out in competition likely and grow for industry leader. This second financing is colorful the research and development that promotes peaceful to will strengthen core technology further is devoted, extend the market position of America, Europe, Japan. "

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