1.3 billion dollar! The whole world is the greatest batteries leaving a network store can the project finishs financial financing

  Industry news     |      2023-02-02 16:52

China store can net dispatch: The intermediary outside occupying reports, a financial group that forms by development business finished the financing to infrastructure of public utility of project of the Red Sea with financing of debt of 1.3 billion dollar, this project is to be in a of sand spy coast large go vacationing village construction, the batteries leaving a network with the largest scale of plan deploy whole world store can system (BESS) , its store can total capacity is 1, 200 ~ 1, 300MWh.  

Electric power of sand spy international and water Wu company (ACWA) announced on Feburary 24, report of state of company of power of sand spy ACWA, China casts water and electricity of upper reaches of group Yellow River to develop company and Shatetaibulide cooling company already acquired 1.302 billion dollar preferential debt financing.  

ACWA power company already was developed by the Red Sea of project development business company (TRSDC) accredit, project of responsible the Red Sea is public the design of facilities infrastructure, build, operation and make over. Last month, the Red Sea develops a company (the project debt financing that TRSDC) is its oneself, add up to 3.76 billion dollar.

According to the report of industry media, china will offer batteries for this project for the company store can system, its Chu Nengrong measures a likelihood to be in 1, 200 ~ 1, 300MWh, and this will be up to now the biggest batteries leaving a network on dimensions store can system.  

Its are preferential the financing combination that debt is the dollar that offers by sand spy and international bank financial group and Liyaer, include AlRajhi bank, APICORP, Shatefulangxi among them bank, Liyade is bank of bank, sand spy England, sanded special state bank and broken bits make a bank.  

ACWA company shows, the Red Sea goes vacationing the village will be relied on completely but second birth the sources of energy will generate electricity, make water, useless water treatment and area offer cold. This company shows, public facilities infrastructure will include item of the Red Sea an installed capacity is deploy 340MW solar energy generates electricity project, the first phase of this project will 2022 the bottom opens operation.  

Paddy Padmanathan of presiding apparitor of ACWA power company judges exposition and argumentation: "The project of development of the Red Sea with special sand is in wish scene, great ambition, dimensions and limits respect are an extraordinary item, it initiated the second birth tourism that bear the blame, protect the earth for the descendants, enhance the tourist's experience at the same time. Enhance the tourist's experience at the same time..  

The Red Sea develops a company (the integral development business that TRSDC) is this project and purchase business, the basis onefold bear buy an agreement to purchase all and public facilities, include to offer among them but refrigeration of area of second birth the sources of energy, drinking water, useless water treatment and solid trash processing.

It is · of Mohammed of sand spy crown prince of Ben Saleman wished 2030 the one part of scene plan, this plan aims to achieve this nation economic modernization and increase but combination of second birth the sources of energy.  

Be in especially dene the Red Sea is coastal build a brand-new urban NEOM, this city will be used 100% but second birth the sources of energy, include large-scale green hydric.

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