When growing store can develop business ESS company 2021 deficit 477 million dollar

  Industry news     |      2023-02-02 16:52

China store can net dispatch: The intermediary outside occupying reports, company of ESS Inc of supplier of batteries of current of American complete iron announced announcement of year outstanding achievement a few days ago, this company is only 2021 deficit 477 million dollar, this is this company becomes new York stock exchange (NYSE) appears on the market the year outstanding achievement that releases first since the company.  

The loss of this company is major (87% ) come avowed equity card, derive taste the loss that is in debt with gain, these losses and will incorporate through SPAC last year in October appear on the market about. The amount of deficit of ESS company operation is 6, 900 thousand dollar, up to by 2021, the asset of this company is 250 million dollar, among them 95% for cash.

ESS company is flowing in deploy iron fluid batteries store can system

ESS company main design, make and batteries of current of deploy complete iron, use at needing compose to construct the commerce when 4 ~ grow duration 12 hours and public utility scale store can system. This company claims, of this kind of batteries fill discharge can circulate indefinitely and do not have capacity loss, and of lithium ion batteries fill discharge time on average for 6, 000.  

Win the way of near future income

Be in in network conference, amir Moftakhar of presiding and financial officer represents ESS company, this company is in the current battery that second half of the year marketted dimensions of 5 public utility 2021 store can system. But, because have not get the client is approbated, this company has not affirm this company is in the income of this quarter.

Eric Dresselhuys of this company presiding apparitor expresses, this company is ensuring project of client of new contract, consign is mixed enlarge operation respect to gain headway. What had won a client in a project of installation now is comprehensive approbate. This shows this company can be in 2022 affirm income first quarter.  

His complement says, predict to sold the lot 40 ~ about 2022 batteries of current of 50 complete iron store can system. Although ESS company did not give out these store can systematic order, but express to predict to will begin to deliver goods this year.  

According to the report of industry media, this company begins to trade in new York stock exchange after will incorporate with company of ACON S2 Acquisition last year in October. Share price was this company a few days ago 4.5 dollars, market prise is 650 million dollar.

When growing store can conduit and growth target

After appear on the market, this company was the promotion of its product and sale to strive for opportunity of 8 billion dollar. Two clients that deserve attention are Santiago natural gas and power company (SDG&E) and Portland General Electric Company (PGE) . These two companies ordered batteries of current of 3MWh complete iron store can system, these store can the system will be in respectively 2022 mix first quarter line operation went up in year 2022.  

Was ESS company still obtained come from Enel Green Power Espa? Order of A company 8.5MWh, signed with SB Energy company to 2026 agreement of framework of batteries of deploy 2GWh current.  

This company still announced its ambitious growth is forecasted. In speech last year October, predict income was 37 million dollar 2021, subsequently 5 years average and compound year of increase rate for 150% , the income to 2027 will reach 3.5 billion dollar. The major income during predicting this spreads cell from fluid in the future store can systematic sale.  

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