Qinghai is shared store can the power station participates in the market to trade add n of hair new energy resources to exceed 100 million kilowatt hour

  Industry news     |      2023-02-02 16:52

China store can net dispatch: Reporter from the country company of power of net Qinghai province will learn on March 11, qinghai is shared store can the power station trades through commercializing accumulative total adds n of hair new energy resources to exceed 100 million kilowatt hour.

Qinghai is province of clean energy rich market, develop store can the industry is the sources of energy of the cleanness that prop up one of important steps of extensive development. In recent years, country net Qinghai electric power takes the lead in putting forward " share store can " concept, innovation is begun share store can apply research conformity power source, user and tripartite of electrified wire netting store can resource, undertake optimizing configuration for centre platform with electrified wire netting, providing a service for power source, user while, adjust control pattern neatly, implementation store can resource entire network is shared, realize source net to carry on one's shoulder or back thereby each store can ability is released in the round. This company is in home first will store can the power station brings into electric power to assist service market as independent main body, put forward bilateral talk things over, bilateral contest price is commercialized trade mode and unilateral are called trade mode, obtain northwest of bureau of national energy resources to superintend bureau approval, for store can the enterprise participates in auxiliary service market to trade next dozen of foundations.

Up to by Feburary, qinghai electrified wire netting and Chu Nengrong measures net electrochemistry for 363 thousand kilowatt / 498 thousand kilowatt hour, participate in among them share store can the power station has 2, total capacity is 82 thousand kilowatt / 164 thousand kilowatt hour, share 366 new energy resources to generate electricity the enterprise is participated in share store can trade, accumulative total clinchs a deal 3533, always fill n 99.03 million kilowatt hour, total discharge measures 81.34 million kilowatt hour, accumulative total adds n of hair new energy resources one hundred and one million two hundred and seventy thousand kilowatt hour, realized new energy resources enterprise and store can win-win of enterprise mutual benefit, alleviated pressure of peak of attune of electrified wire netting.

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