101MW/202MWh! National report casts Hai Yang store can spot market of the power station power that finish trades

  Industry news     |      2023-02-02 16:52

China store can net dispatch: On Feburary 27, trade as Shandong electric power platform is played piece " refer a success " mark, National report casts Hai Yang 101 million are made of baked clay / 202 million watt-hour store can spot market of power of the Shandong of power station success that finish traded a few days ago, become the throughout the country first independence that shares power spot market store can power station.

In the light of this second trade, national report sends Shandong sea this world store can the power station uses own development store can merchandise on hand assists decision-making system, fill discharge strategy through forecasting electrovalency to make the next day, spend mode to share spot market through self-regulated. Independent store can participating in over-the-counter trading is to pass commercialized means to promote store can develop, promote offer of disappear of new energy resources effectively thereby, to give priority to the new-style power system of body with new energy resources construction is offerred strong prop up.

The home appliance that divide a country sends Shandong sea this world store can outside the power station, still have limited company of pyroelectricity of new source of Hua Dianteng city Teng Yuanhua report store can power station and 3 gorge new energy resources (Qing Yun) Guan Jiasan gorge store can the power station also is brought into spot market of Shandong province power.

Hai Yang store can the power station is registered make public show information

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National report casts Hai Yang 101 million are made of baked clay / 202 million watt-hour store can power station project saves first tone peak as Shandong kind store can set an example one of projects, start working was built on August 25, 2021, of the same age on December 27 and the net joins movement, the independence that at was being become on Feburary 24, 2022 Shandong registers first times through the market store can power station, odd second charge can store the clean electric energy of 202 million watt-hour, can satisfy 1000 families a month uses phone, year but n of the sources of energy of disappear take in the fresh-take in new Party members 100 million kilowatt hour, promote new energy resources effectively integrated utilization rate, make " field of new energy resources stands + store can power station " complementary win-win new pattern.

Popularize application with pilot hurried, with setting an example hurried deepens development. Company general with first this participation of spot market store can the power station is chance, depth is advanced new-style store can technical new breakthrough, press " new energy resources + store can " quicken key, for Shandong electric power the market is built and report of state of contribution of target of implementation double carbon joins force.

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