England and auction of Italian capacity market have 2GW above battery store can the system wins a contract

  Industry news     |      2023-02-02 16:52

China store can net dispatch: The sources of energy seeks advice from orgnaization EnAppSys company to claimed a few days ago, what hold recently in England is new in auction of market of round of capacity, award 1GW above batteries the contract store can the news that the system is an attention making a person.

Industry media reported result of on sale of market of British T-4 capacity a few days ago, these projects will from 2025/2026 year begin delivery. These store can system with record-breaking 30.59 pound (41.03 dollars) / KW/ year settle accounts of historical maximum price, because fuel of a few fossil generates electricity,basically be of establishment retire and higher capacity demand.  

Paul Verrill of chief inspector of EnAppSys company business expresses, although natural gas power plant is the biggest,win the home, from 42, obtained in the total installed capacity of 364MW 27, the contract of 632MW, it is the net interrelates implement obtained be less than 7GW capacity, pump water harbour can establishment obtained 2.5GW, but what should pay close attention to most is batteries store can obtain 1, 093MW contract.

The Gateway batteries of the 320MW/640MWh of deploy of InterGen company plan store can project effect graph, this project is arrange of be the lucky number of auction of T-4 capacity market 15 years period one of projects of the contract.   

Verrill says, "Batteries store can the contract that the project wins is the news that the person makes pay close attention to most in be being auctioned this, the batteries that a lot of building store can the project chose price of throughout history settle accounts one year highest to undertake T-4 is auctioned. This can win long-term contract to those store can develop business for especially drive tremendously. "

About the batteries of 8.3GW store can the system registers capacity market sale, although because carry out,fall the specified number is regular, capacity of aircraft of its general assembly is equivalent to 2.3GW. The Paul Verrill of EnAppSys company expresses, these batteries store can the contract time that the system grants varies to 15 years from 1 year. (note: British energy department falls at introducing in capacity market 2017 frontal element, right store can system age undertook limitative. According to its regulation, store can system must can answer be as long as of 4 hours cut off the power incident, and its Chu Nengrong is measured can discharge continuously according to its time and undertake falling the forehead. Its fall frontal element is worn in the token on certain level store can the capacity that the system interrupts the contribution in incident in power system, this will immediate impact store can the system is in the accrual in capacity market) .

Systems analysis of another industry expert, the sources of energy and Chris Matson of partner of firm of LCP of the group that build a model express, to 2025, england plans to retire 5 nuclear power plant and retire all coal fired in its power system generate electricity establishment, this will cause electric power to supply breach, and of new deploy but second birth the sources of energy needs fill this breach.  

Become watershed

Matson weighs to this one result is " watershed " , before was being broken because of settle accounts price 22.5 pound / KW/ year record. He says, as a result of batteries store can the system is occupied award a contract (3.3GW of add up to, fall the forehead is 1GW) major new capacity, this the auction represented the transition of British power network.

Company of Aurora Energy Research of another research organization shows, auction of T-4 capacity market is medium this year batteries store can systematic installed capacity makes an appointment with 800MW than increasing last year. The batteries of more than 60% store can systematic duration is two hours.  

In the development business that wins contract of 15 years of deadline, include what headquarters is located in Singapore to get the better of division industry group (Sembcorp) British branch and business of British energy development Intergen company. Intergen company this is relative to newer market entrant, up to now, this company is in respect of report of zephyr of traditional firepower power plant is more famous.

The batteries that got the better of family company to obtain 150MW/300MWh store can deploy contract of the system, predict to will throw operation 2023, the 360MW batteries that is plan deploy store can system (the one part of BESS) project, this project will be in England with this company the batteries of another 120MWh store can project in all location deploy is together.  

Meanwhile, the contract of InterGen company is England awards up to now the biggest batteries store can project contract, plan to be near British London namely the Gateway batteries of the 360MW/640MWh of deploy store can project. This company shows, capacity market contract will consolidate the development of this project and deploy, this project restricts the cost 200 million pound, will begin to build at next year.  

According to divulging, store can the batteries that company of technical business Fluence is this project store can technical supplier, interGen company shows, may expand after the dimensions of this project 450MW/900MWh. This company still shows, this company is developing a few projects, include to plan to be in England among them upper Lincolnshire deploy a 550MW/1, 100MWh batteries store can system.  

Jim Lighfoot of InterGen company presiding apparitor expresses: "We feel glad to result of capacity market on sale, the Gateway batteries that this is representing us store can store of project and this country clean 0 targets strode one stride ahead. Our mission is the quick electric power solution that offers everybody to be able to be depended on in low carbon world, and batteries store can the system can be helped accomplish this. And batteries store can the system can be helped accomplish this..  

T-4 on sale wins the bid project installed capacity slightly under 43.6GW target capacity. The total investment that the contract grants is 1.3 billion pound.  

385MW batteries store can the system wins a contract in T-1 auction

This month some earlier moment, auction of T-1 capacity market is in unit of 226 capacities market (obtained in all in CMU) 4, 996.224MW falls frontal capacity.  

These projects with 75 pound / KW / year maximum price settle accounts, this is the maximum price of the throughout history in British capacity market, the battery that includes 385MW among them store can system and harbour of 85MW pump water can generate electricity establishment.  

About lasting in what sponsorred by Current ± company a few days ago energy crisis is opposite on the network seminar that capacity market trends affects, the Paul Verill of EnAppSys company expresses, the supply of the crisis is constrictive bring about rise in price, but conversely the design of capacity market can be considered as aggravate nervous yield can profit margin.  

1.1GW batteries store can the system wins Italian contract

And in the auction in Italy, company of Terna of business of operation of electrified wire netting awards existing energy resources capital fund the capacity market contract of 34.1GW, 3.8GW grants new capital fund, in award build store can in the contract of the project, have 1.1GW battery store can system, among them 500MW store can the system is scattering deploy of Ding Dao south.

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