When growing store can Eos Energy of company of cell of zinc of ability in swimming obtains order of record-breaking of on 100 million dollars

  Industry news     |      2023-02-02 16:52

China store can net dispatch: When is the whole world long store can the Znyth of company of company of energy of board member Eos? Supportable Texas is as high as the technology of 500 MWh store can project, make order keep long in stock exceeds 200 million dollar, project capacity is close to 1 GWh.

Eos energy company (Na Sida overcomes stock code: EOSE) it is safe, but patulous, efficient with the zinc that can last base store can banner supplier of the system. The company announced recently, it and Bridgelink Commodities company reached a total supply agreement with respect to the memory project of Texas draw up. Is Bridgelink affirmatory already buy by the Znyth of Eos? The 240 MWh that zincic radical technology offers store can capacity, optional choose is bought defend a service for a long time, and the likelihood expands total capacity inside 3 years 500 MWh, total order value is as high as 150 million dollar. Bridgelink has more than 8 auspicious to cover with tiles but second birth the sources of energy generates electricity the project is in development, it comes to support Eos technology support the sources of energy to cut a peak to fill cereal.

"We continue to be offerred to the market for us agile store can the ability of the solution feels excited, " Joe Mastrangelo of Eos presiding apparitor says. "We are very proud can cooperate with Bridgelink, the help builds energy infrastructure of future, the agreement that believes us will become future to make what the partner that is full of achievement for years concerns begin. "

Bridgelink president William Flaherty expresses: "ERCOT is a red-blooded market, when need is long store the success can be gained in the environment that technical talent changes ceaselessly in this kind. The zinc of Eos base the perfect solution that batteries is Bridgelink, this should be attributed to its United States to make as characteristic as safety. "

"Through this kind collaboration concerns, order of our keep long in stock rises more than 200 million dollar, and be close to 1 GWh quickly. " Balki Iyer of official of Eos presiding business affairs expresses: "We continue forward 2022 of 400 million dollar book order target to obtain real progress, market dimensions predicts to exceed 4 billion dollar. "

Does EOS announce to will be before the end of the year recently does its the crop of Pittsburgh production factory enlarge double above to 800 MWh in order to satisfy its Znyth? The manufacturing demand of batteries of water system zinc, extend predicts to exceed creation station of 125 green work, increase establishment to nearly 100, 000 square foot.

About Eos

Eos Energy Enterprises, inc. Accelerating the change to clean the sources of energy through active and clever solution, these solutions changed the world to store the means of electric power. Revolutionary Znyth? Batteries of zinc of ability in swimming aims to overcome the limitation of technology of traditional lithium ion. Safe, but patulous, efficient, can last, and make in the United States. It is we are public utility, industry and commercial client to offer a course today test and verify, reliable store can the core of the innovation system of replacement scheme. Eos held water 2008, headquarters is located in new jersey edison. Concerned Eos (Na Sida overcomes stock code: EOSE) more information, visit Eose.com please.

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