Newest quote 1.2 yuan / Wh? Rely on allowance to won't do only, store can you fall this 30% should a few paces goes?

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China store can net dispatch: Recently, hua Nengxing Ze Xianning five-leafed chaste tree, 1.2 yuan / of Wh store can monovalent in the friend group blast opened boiler. The personage inside course of study begins to raise doubt, whether to put in roily market? Also inferior perhaps store can? Have above 5000 times to fill discharge life?

Do not cross Polaris store can the net also understands, in bidding the price is not eye of a lot of people this " not awful play a way " , the personage inside course of study thinks this price is " normal " , although under last year store can the average invite public bidding of systematic EPC is monovalent 1.722 yuan / Wh, but also be hasten of general trends place.

Store can falling have particular risk originally apparently, if do not have production,the canal accuses or of corresponding actual strength in small manufacturer also is entered store in the price war that can depreciate, cause inferior product likely to enter the market, roily market. For instance, if station of field of new energy resources is to satisfy only store the requirement that can configure, low of possible choose and buy is inferior store can product, cannot develop truly on one hand store can adjust action, also have safe hidden trouble on the other hand. From store can in light of many safe accident that the industry produced in the past, security is the main factor that affects industry development all the time, use cheap and inferior product to just can bring serious and safe hidden trouble to the project, once send unripe accident,can be opposite industry whole development causes abominable effect.

01, Policy is added hold store can the industry is entered fall this passageway

In market of current electric power still diseased circumstance falls, although of in quick succession roll out store good policy of can relevant interest, but cost of high specified number makes a lot of enterprises are in wait-and-see condition as before.

Recently, hair of bureau of national energy resources changes appoint formal print and distribute " " 945 " new-style store can develop executive plan " , make clear in the file put forward, to 2025, new-style store can by commercialize initial stage to enter dimensions to change development level, have large-scale commercialize applied condition. Among them, electrochemistry store can specifications promotes further, systematic cost reduces 30% above.

With last year store can the system is average and monovalent 1.49 yuan / Wh is exemple, systematic cost falls this 30% above, criterion store can systematic unit price should be 1.043 yuan / Wh.

Before this in September 2021, du Xiangwan of former assistant dean expresses academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering, Chinese Academy of Engineering, according to estimation, electrochemistry Chu Nengcheng has broken through economy abduct originally, he predicts future 5 years, chu Nengcheng still will reduce 1/3 again originally, did not come 10 years, chu Nengcheng will reduce 66-80% again originally. Store the cost of the economic electric energy that can bring, will quits store can the cost of equipment, will make the point of growth with new economy of the sources of energy. And estimate according to Du Xiangwan, to 2025, "+ of new energy resources store can " the market will step one billion two hundred and fifteen million seven hundred and fifty-two thousand one hundred and ninety-two level.

There already was the 20 provinces city such as Jiangsu, Shaanxi, Qinghai, Guangdong to put forward clearly to give before this store can allowance, store can " allowance " promotion be regardinged as store the important step that can invest enthusiasm, covert thereby promote store can the project develops construction.

Store can the project begins blossom everywhere, but can not achieve fall this purpose, restrict store can the main factor that the power station develops has a lot of, those who include system of market of cost factor, power is perfect wait. Profitability difference becomes a worry store can the crucial point that the industry grows, use blindly unreasonable fall this method is gone against store can development, get income only through commercial pattern, what innovate through the technology and supply chain is reasonable fall this, just be store can healthy development route.

02, Technical progress is store can fall this key

Through Polaris store can the statistical analysis of net above can see, 2021, store case can mark a price to show downtrend in EPC, store case can mark a price to show ascendant trend in the system, store can invest or contract pressure of enterprise susceptive profit increases. Store can the industry still is in development in the process, the company that has advanced technique and mature trade pattern is not much, in growing process store can the industry needs capital support, but also cannot place completely go up in allowance. Future wants to receive large-scale application, still remain from time of energy density, circulation at the technology many respects reform progress, the cost that brings thereby drops further and quality rises further.

On Feburary 19, tesla announces 4680 batteries begin go into operation, this kind of batteries relatively before 21700 batteries photograph raises 5 times than monomer energy, truckload add boat course of development increases 16% , electric power photograph is compared have extremely ear batteries promoted 6 times, power output promoted 6 times. Its can make not only add boat course of development rises 16% , still can save the cost of 86% .

Peaceful heart times put forward sodium ionic batteries on July 29, 2021, times of peaceful this year in Feburary heart interacts in investor platform expresses, the company already started layout of industrialization of sodium ion batteries, predict to will form basic industry chain 2023. The technology is newer and of industrialization speed let person exclaim quickly. Times of prospective peaceful heart still rolls out the plan M3P of 3 yuan of of system of the phosphate that be called new products, according to Ning Deshi era represents M3P cost relatively 3 yuan of batteries drop further.

On Feburary 6, sea time new the sources of energy expresses to win the bid China can store can electric core is purchased, this store can electric core 280Ah, cycling life is amounted to 10000 times, reach an industry advanced level, the addition of circular time can reduce the cost of cycle of Chu Nengquan life effectively.

Besides batteries main body later, store can systematic core cost drops to also be worth to pay close attention to, for example distant view the sources of energy arrives from germinant design later period operation is comprehensive and cut cost. Liquid cooling of distant view wisdom store can the dc system of the product, cover an area of an area to decrease 50% , the BOP cost that reduces an item 5% , (note: BOP namely beyond power plant whole set of equipment auxiliary set establishment) reduce spot wiring in great quantities, shorten spot construction time limit for a project. And liquid cooling product still reduced wind the whirl of 95% decreases in cold product component, be equal to be nodded at reducing rife breakdown. In respect of workload of dimension of later period carry, specific power consumption of system of whole of liquid cooling product is reduced 20% , reduce the charge of electricity that charges among whole operation process.

03, Solve material to carry cost control from fountainhead

Data shows, on Feburary 24, integrated quote is in market of lithium of batteries class carbonic acid 450 thousand - 490 thousand yuan / ton, and before this price of lithium of batteries class carbonic acid just just broke through 300 thousand yuan January / ton. Exuberant price takes demand of current lithium resource all the way tall, downstream although have store can allowance, if store can the industry does not rise in price to fall instead this, store can the gain of equipment company will be smaller and smaller, brought management pressure to the enterprise. Offer goods stability for significant cushion cost, safeguard, upper reaches of catenary of industry of tendercy of miller of batteries of much home country is outspread, domain of layout lithium resource.

In July 2021, course of study of lithium of sharp edge of another name for Jiangxi Province announces course of study reachs the quote with 353 million dollar and millennium lithium to buy an agreement completely. On September 28, peaceful heart times succeeds with high price course of study squeezes a lithium of sharp edge of another name for Jiangxi Province to give bureau hind and help millennium lithium industry estate of Xiang Ganfeng lithium pays cancel a contract of 10 million dollar fee, finally by however by America lithium course of study " cut is introduced from the northern and western nationalities or from abroad " . the supply and demand that reflects resource giving lithium to be highlighted increasingly rear is contradictory.

On January 29, 2022, ning Deshi takes the place of or its are wholy-owned subsidiary and Tian Huachao are clean save investment of appropriate spring city to create finite liability company in Jiangxi with cash jointly, cast jointly build smelt of lithium of 100 thousand tons of carbonic acid to produce can project.

On January 12, 2022, lithium of 100 million abb can promote China lithium salt with be being taken 200 million yuan 49% equity, saline of raise the quota carries lithium item. With the month, lithium of 100 million abb can be signed make an appointment with blue dawn science and technology, bilateral collaboration takes an active part in Tibet to written guarantee the development of a resource of lithium of tea card saline is used, provisional collaboration deadline is the agreement 15 years. Lithium of 100 million abb can interact in investor platform expresses, lithium of 100 million abb can 2021 catenary of industry of key position advanced position, had waited for the resource end such as raw material end and nickel, cobaltic, lithium and relevant and high grade company to form collaboration in positive electrode, negative pole, diaphragmatic, electrolyte, complete overall arrangement of entire industry catenary basically already, predict from 2022 second half of the year begins collaboration to produce can meet in succession put into production.

On Feburary 16, 2022, tesla and Liontown Resources Limited of supplier of Australian lithium mine signed 5 years of agreements with respect to the supply of lithium picrite concentrate.

As store can technical progress and cost drop, "Store can + " applied domain is opened, store can commercialize hopeful to quicken arrival.

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